1 month ago

| keep up the good work @arisstoulil 💪 🎥💥

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1 month ago

| keep it classic ✨ our full set of @cookeoptics Panchro/i Classics ✨ after growing demand for 1920s-1960s Speed Panchros, Cooke introduced a modern redesign of the vintage classic bringing soul and beauty to today's digital sensors. It's been nearly impossible to keep these on the shelf...

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5 months ago

| more full frame glass available 👉the Angenieux EZ zooms produce beautiful images wide open at T2! Yes, unlike the Optimos these zooms are faster by an entire stop. Their speed and lightweight build (perfect for handheld, gimbal and tight spaces) gives you unmatched versatility and creative freedom 👊💥

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5 months ago

| PREP PREP PREP 💪 repost from 1st AC @acaseofnorton in our prep bay building an Alexa Mini + Cooke Anamorphic Special Flare handheld package for a Columbia spot at Atwater Village, Los Angeles

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5 months ago

| check out the newest arm to our lens arsenal – a full set of Leica Summicron-C Primes. Compact, full frame, and all T2! at Atwater Village, Los Angeles

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8 months ago

| repost from the team at @sharegrid testing the new #c700 with our lovely, full frame #k35 lenses ・・・ Big thanks to our friends at @freestylefilmworks for their amazing set of Canon K35s! They were gorgeous and exactly what we needed! Not to mention, I a pretty 🔥 combination with the Canon C700 FF! 🙌🏼 at Atwater Village, Los Angeles

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9 months ago

| A brand new set of Cooke Anamorphic Special Flares find their home at Freestyle! The SF primes have a specially manufactured coating that gives a more prominent flare, enhanced bokeh, & other beautiful aberrations. If you are looking for a deeply soulful, cinematic and original look, these are for you ⚡️ at Los Angeles, California

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9 months ago

| 💪We're pumped to share some recent shipments of fresh gear to hit our shelves this week. Arri WCU-4 + C-Force Mini pictured above 💥more to come!! at Atwater Village, Los Angeles

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