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@francisco_peral_photography  London and Everywhere Street and Documentary Sony a72/ Fuji x100f/ Canon AE1

1 month ago

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.11/06/2015. ‘Portrait of a family through a bullet hole’. Sony a72 + Zeiss 55mm Sarajevo has made a lot of progress since the Bosnian war but if you look close enough, you’ll see scars from of the war throughout the city in the shape of bullet holes and small potholes in the pavement, marking bomb craters where people were killed during the conflict. One day I spotted a bullet hole through the door of the hotel I was staying in and waited for someone or something to appear through the hole, almost instantly a family appeared on the other side of my bullet hole frame, after taking the photo I followed them around the corner and spotted them digging through a rubbish skip at the back of a restaurant... Twenty years after the end of the war,Bosnia and Herzegovina still faces serious social and economic challenges. While many of its people left the country and often succeeded in other parts of Europe, many of those that stayed still struggle to make a basic living. I was only in Sarajevo for two weeks but no other city (of the 200 plus city’s,towns and villages I’ve visited over the years) has had a deeper impact on my way of thinking.always in my heart. . . . . . #documentaryphotography #visitsarajevo #streetphotographyhub #bosnia #photojournalism #photojournalist #reportage #everydayeverywhere #sarajevo #sarajevobosnia #srebrenica #in_public_collective at Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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6 months ago

Porto, Portugal. Sony a72 + Canon FD 1.2/55m

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6 months ago

Cape Town, South Africa. Sony a72 + Canon FD 1.2/55m. From the series ‘Esantini yaye ulwandle’ No 7/50 at Cape Town, Western Cape

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