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@foxandpip  I run on coffee & bad puns planner girl & snail mail enthusiast Original hand drawn art 👇🏻Links to Etsy and FB group

5 days ago

You are enough book marks coming to the shop Thursday 2.21 at 5 pm pst. As well as a small restock of bow vellum and some new releases. Make sure you are in the FB group to find out the pipsqueak extra freebie! (An announcement post at top of the feed usually made around 10am pst)

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10 days ago

In keeping with this weeks “hey girl” theme in my posts haha... I saw this at target yesterday and had to get it. But only for the pic because I’m a chocolate snob 😬 All about the Sees Candy. Anyone else picky with their treats? Or do you love it all?

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12 days ago

Hey girl. It’s valentines week 😏

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17 days ago

Working on digitals this morning ☕️👀

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18 days ago

New planner who dis... the softest most beautiful pink ever.

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21 days ago

Loving my bracelet stack today. That top one is Morse code for bestie. I love how dainty it is.

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22 days ago

Haiii February

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23 days ago

There’s something very comforting about routine. I’m a creature of habit. I like knowing... I come home from school drop off and the baby will nap. Kaylee will play, and I can have a cup of coffee while checking emails. Then I can prep all the items for the day’s orders. I love seeing them all laid out like this. I also love knowing that when I wake up, I’ll have texts from my friends. What are some of those consistencies in your life that you love that you can count on? Taking a moment to appreciate those things this morning.

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24 days ago

Back pocket action. Starting to get the itch to change my set up. I’ve had a valentines set up since right after Christmas 😂

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25 days ago

Planner on my counter and stickers on the machines. First 120 orders from Friday have gone out. Working on another 60 right now.

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26 days ago

On the go. Monday is my busiest day between shop stuff, ballet for my middle, and school pick up. Today we have to go run to get a new pair of tights before dance because Miss Thing ripped all hers.

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27 days ago

Just livin our best VB pen life

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1 month ago

For #washiwednesday I’m sharing one of my top 3 fave washi.... that floral from a waaaaaay back @theplannersociety kit. I use it, but sparingly. And of course what’s a washi Wednesday with out some classic pastel bow @simplygilded 🎀

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1 month ago

Doesn’t everyone wear donut ears while eating donuts? Been while since my girl and I had a donut date so we fixed that today 🎀🍩

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1 month ago

Before the pen. Pen sleeve arriving at @pigtailsandpockets this Saturday 1/26 at noon pst

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1 month ago

Living my best pink life. Got my new collab @typeaforalexa dividers ready to go in. 🎀

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