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@fotosbystefania  where we come together to break bread 🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖

19 hours ago

ME GUSTA some fresh pressed blue corn tortilla #🌮

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5 days ago

Moroccan Crema

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11 days ago

Introducing to the world: my beautiful babies

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20 days ago

Waffle King.

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24 days ago

Connecting with our elders. Respect, appreciation and understanding. They’ve overcome extreme difficult times that we today could not imagine. They are wise beyond belief and hold many secrets to life. Recipes included (😉), like that banitsa in the photo. If that itself is not enough of a reason, the sparkle and smile they get after (we) the younger generation shows interest ... is priceless. Our last fragile link to deeper history— My relatives Vladimir and Nelly living in what used to be a communist country, Bulgaria. Honoring their vows, and still meaning them. at Varna, Bulgaria

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26 days ago

Country wide limit: only 1 baguette per household at Paris, France

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29 days ago

Cherry Drop

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1 month ago

Himalayan Pink

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1 month ago

Down kitty, no I didn’t eat you for lunch everyday. No no no, that was a veggie burger... don’t listen to them at Yellowstone National Park

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2 months ago

NOW, this is how you spend Christmas. 📷 thanks to my brother @alxpalumbo 🤙🏻 at Montana

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2 months ago

Dip me and twist me

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2 months ago

A couple weeks ago we hosted a memorial fundraiser in honor of my father, Tony Palumbo. He loved being out on the water, fishing - in fact when he began treatment it was one of the things he missed doing most. We would like to thank all our gracious friends and family who joined us, and those who could not, your contribution was equally as appreciated. Thank you for helping us make something good out of a situation that easily could have been very far from that. We plan to make this an annual occurrence, but during a warmer month. If you didn’t have the chance to sink some lines with us, we’ll see you next year! Another perk? The joke of the day was “Plot twist: the Palumbo’s invited us here on the Buffet Boat, not Fishing Boat”. Food was good. We like it a lot. Thank you again to everyone and to @joe_leahy + @robb_leahy for this fabulous video! 🎣 💙🐟 at Captree State Park

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3 months ago

Crème Brûlée

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