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@fosterwhitegallery  CAMERON ANNE MASON | Fields | Opening March 7, 6 - 8 pm

3 days ago

Happy sunny Friday! Featured here are works by Julia Lambright and Eva Isaksen, currently on view in the Gallery. Foster/White is proud to represent an amazing group of female artists, during women's history month and all year round.

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4 days ago

Drop-dead gorgeous works by renowned glass artist John de Wit, currently on view at the Gallery. A master of his craft, John's work is a favorite among glassblowers, evidence of his incredible technical skill and ability to expand the vernacular of glass through experimentation, boldness, and the raw elegance woven into each moment of his sculptures. Says John "I seek relationships between objects, the tactile and the unrequited symbol. While Nature inspires me, I choose not to mimic, choosing instead to construct the jumble and tumult into the rigor of meaning." #glassart #glassofig #glassblowing #pioneersquare #glasssculpture #seattleglass at Foster/White Gallery

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4 days ago

Evan Blackwell, Blue Depths, wood, 37 x 20 x 4.5 inches, please contact the gallery for more information. at Foster/White Gallery

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9 days ago

Can't resist capturing the effects of the late afternoon light. at Foster/White Gallery

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11 days ago

OPENING TONIGHT! Cameron Anne Mason's newest works in her stunning solo show, "Fields" And, John de Wit, with a new presentation of his gorgeous glass sculptures. Join us for First Thursday Art Walk from 6 - 8 pm to meet the artists, or stop by today if you prefer to beat the crowds. See you soon!

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12 days ago

Join us for First Thursday tomorrow evening, 6 - 8 pm, for the opening of Fields, the newest body of work by Cameron Anne Mason.

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17 days ago

Artist John de Wit installed this stunning body of work here at Foster/White this morning. Please join us on First Thursday, March 7 from 6-8 pm, to see these gorgeous pieces in the beautiful environment John created with specialty display shelving - and have a chance to hear directly from him the inspirations behind some of his work. #fosterwhitegallery

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25 days ago

Visit our friends of Elandan Garden at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show, running now through Sunday. Their award-winning booth was designed by artist Will Robinson.

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26 days ago

Cameron Anne Mason in action in the studio, grass printing in preparation for her upcoming show Fields - opening at Foster/White on March 7.

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1 month ago

Dramatic shadows and brilliant afternoon light cast across Benedictine by Will Robinson and Transition to Calm 2 by Steven Nederveen. #fosterwhitegallery

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1 month ago

Congratulations to artist Cameron Anne Mason, who's work is featured at the Contemporâneo Exposição Internacionalde Arte Têxtil opening today in São Paulo Brazil! Cameron Anne Mason is also our featured artist in March, with a new body of work opening here at Foster/White on March 7. Says Mason, "Like a tree, a sewn and woven object is formed by repeating a simple process, building on what has come before, each stitch self-similar." A beautiful and meditative approach to the creative process. Turning Point, textile, 30 x 30 inches.

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1 month ago

We are open! You still have a few days to shop for your sweetie. Amaze your valentine by giving the gift of art. Detail captions: 1. Allegory Ano, Bratsa Bonifacho. 2. Gin and Soda, Janna Watson. 3. Tamopata Tango, Alden Mason. 4. Miramar Beach, Chase Langford. 5. Whales and Ocean Liner, Casey McGlynn. at Foster/White Gallery

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1 month ago

Tonight: Riding the Moon Train with James Martin. We know it's chilly, but we'd love to see you between 6 and 8 pm! #fosterwhitegallery #jamesmartin

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1 month ago

We're still hanging work for First Thursday, but stop by, stay a while. Art + shadows on view now. at Foster/White Gallery

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1 month ago

The James Martin exhibition is going up. Join us this Thursday from 6 - 8 pm to enjoy a dazzling array of works by this fascinating artist. We'll see you then.

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