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Barrett-Jackson Car Pack Trailer! 1963 Shelby Monaco King Cobra 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle Super Sport Barrett-Jackson Edition 1975 Ford Bronco Barrett-Jackson Edition 1932 Ford Custom Double Down 1932 Ford Roadster Hula Girl 1959 Plymouth Atomic Punk Bubbletop 1970 Plymouth Hemi Cuda Convertible The new Barrett-Jackson Car Pack is available for separate purchase and is included as a free add-on for players who own the Forza Motorsport 7 Car Pass!

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Mitsubishi is finally coming to Forza Horizon 4!

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Two classic cars are now available in Forza Horizon 4 for all car pass owners and here's some Information and history about them. There are loads of history behind Volkswagen’s very first models, especially the Type 2 model, that is also known as the “camper” and the “hippie van”. The van was designed by the Dutch businessman Ben Pon, who first visited Wolfsburg in 1946 where he got the inspiration to create something better, practical and more comfortable by using Type 1's pan. Unfortunately, a lot of problems arose while designing the van. Volkswagen realized that Type 1's pan was eventually too weak for the car, so they were forced to bring a new ladder chassis. They reused the same old four-cylinder boxer engine with 25hp, although this vehicle was more heavier than a beetle, an approximate weight of 1500KG (a 700 KG payload) and aerodynamics had to be improved due to its size and shape. The production had to be delayed because Volkswagen was at capacity producing the Type 1, however, the van finally went into production 1949. The Type 2 quickly became popular as an efficient way to transport packages, thus Type 2 further evolved into other variants, Including the pickup truck! The MG TA Midget is coming to Forza Horizon 4, the TA is quite a nice car when it debuted back in 1936. It had a revolutionary overhead cam inline 4 engine in it which was rather unique for its day. With the SU Carburettors, revolutionary camshaft and the other trickery under the hood, it came in at just 1292cc and a power output of 50 horsepower at 4,500 rpm. The MG Midget also came with a 4-speed manual gearbox and hydraulic brakes, which was rather top of the line back in the day. This car is all yours in Forza Horizon 4’s British terrain where this unique car is from!

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The next update (January 15th) will add a brand new way to play Online Adventure, where players compete individually. Available in both Ranked and Unranked modes, this new game mode can be found in the Online Adventure tab, replacing Anything Goes. Patch notes Added Racing Series, Creator and Title filters to Event Blueprint searching. Added the ability to view all the eligible cars for a Trial or Seasonal Championship. Resolved issue where Drivatar names could be duplicated in events. Fixed issue where a certain tune on the Forza Edition Caterham would cause graphical issues. Fixed a bug where changing units to metric caused issues with the route length indicator during route creation. Fixed an issue where turning off rewind in difficulty menu would prevent users from being able to rewind during route creation. Fixed an issue where disabling car lights would not also disable the reverse lights. Fixed an issue where flipped or snapped elements on an imported livery would unflip if ungrouped. Fixed visual issues caused by Santa outfit and Reindeer nose. Prevented damage being applied to player car when restarting British Racing Green: Chapter 10. Improved visibility of Street Race event finish lines. Fixed issue where downloading your own design via Creative Hub or the curated designs menu would not allow you to edit it. Fixed an issue where leaving and rejoining a convoy during a #Forzathon Live event would allow users to collide with each other when they shouldn’t. Fixed an issue where passing through a Danger Sign twice in quick succession would cause all other PR stunts to stop working. Fixed an issue where Drivatars could win a co-op Seasonal Championship, despite scoring fewer points. Fixed an issue where the Speed Trap near the train bridge could be exploited. Fixed an issue where invalid performance ranges could be displayed on event flyers. Fixed an issue where player prestige level would not be shown in pre-race leaderboards in Online Adventure. Improvements to stutters. Various stability improvements. Photo: @forzawerke

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The new seasonal events offers two unique and fascinating cars and here’s some interesting facts about them. The Hudson Hornet is out on Forza Horizon 4, in case you aren’t aware of the Hudson, it was America’s fastest production car and most Innovative car back when it debuted in 1951. The Hudson was also the car of the year and the first car to sponsor stock car racing when it debuted. The Hudson was also a rather wonderful handling car thanks to its step down design is used where the floor was 3 inches lower than the frame and the roof was also lower which gave it a lower centre of gravity for better handling, which is where the Hudson dominated in stock car racing. The Hudson was also a very aerodynamic car for the time it came out at the time. The Hudson was offered in a unibody construction with a 6 cylinder engine under the hood with two one barrelled carburettors which for the time was a huge deal. After years of success in the WRC, Citroën decided to create a sport version of their DS3 model, with 50 extra horsepower, 15 mm lower ride, 20mm wider track and larger brakes (four-piston Brembo calipers and upgraded discs at the front) making it a beast on the track. It is the very first road car ever to be developed by Citroën Racing, which is the same people that built Sébastien Loeb's rally car. Unfortunately, many people underrate Citroën since they're famous for creating funky-looking family hatchbacks and being french. That may be one of the reason why this car never became famous as the Renault Megane RS. Stability is the car's weapon, and it has set an Impressive time of 8 minutes and 31 seconds on the Nürburgring which is faster than a Mini John Cooper Works and Honda S2000, thanks to its Citroën tuned Mini Cooper S engine and the superb brakes.

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Hello, my name is Logan, I live in Melbourne Australia but am originally from America, I am one of the official owners of @forzahorizon4news. I am a big member of the car community, I have done some work for Porsche, and BMW working on cars mechanically, and I like to do car photography in my free time as well. If you are interested in checking it out my Instagram is @loganthecarguy. I also do a lot of racing/off-roading in my free time. I first gained interest in Forza, when Motorsport 4 came out and I was a lot younger. Seeing car racing and actually racing myself left a big impact on me and actually made me get into cars in the first place. Without Forza, I don’t think I would be into cars. Currently, I still play Forza Motorsport 7 and I enjoy making awesome builds and fast cars for fun, with my Logitech G29 steering wheel with a manual gear shifter of course. Forza has really taught me a lot about how cars work over the years and have made me very mechanically minded. Hello, I'm Mikael (as some of you may already know), the founder of @forzahorizon4news. I am a Sweden who's absolutely obsessed with racing, and I've been active in the Forza community for many years. I'm a busy person who works hard 5 days a week, but somehow still find plenty of time to write texts for this account and do some racing as well. First time playing Forza was a shock to me due to its amazing graphics and smooth physics, but also speed is something I really love.

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This year has been a big year, we had noticeable movements like Forza Horizon 4 which became a stellar hit among fans, and has hit critical success. There were many improvements like the use of climate in a more monumental way and the vast improvement of engine notes across all types of cars in the ever improving selection that Horizon 4 has to offer. This was a big year for Forza and is something that we are truly proud of in our large community. Happy new year everyone!

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Players have experienced multiple crashes and bugs since the Fortune Island Expansion came out. Turn 10 Studios and Playground games are constantly working to Improve the experience in Forza Horizon 4 and bring new content every month, though it's not always easy to release content that are free from bugs. Yesterday's update addressed some stability Issues on Xbox caused by the prior content update (160mb) Christmas day is just around the corner and therefore, we'll not be very active over the next few days. May joy and peace be yours during this happy season of Christmas. Merry Christmas! Photo: @forzahubgallery

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Fortune Island has finally released! The new Expansion is allowing players to explore a brand-new Island location full of danger, treasure, and epic driving adventures. Alongside the launch of Fortune Island, @weareplaygroundgames has also released the fourth update for Forza Horizon 4. This update is bringing new content and experiences to Forza Horizon 4, along with lots of fixes and improvements to the game overall. Here’s a look at the new December Car Pass Cars Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 LE Morgan Aero GT Triumph TR6 PI Ferrari GTC4 Lusso Lamborghini Jarama S VW Double CAB Pick-up MG TA Midget @weareplaygroundgames @forzamotorsportofficial

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SPOILER ALERT New cars were shown during @weareplaygroundgames Update 4 Livestream. Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 LE DSA DS3 Racing Ferrari GTC4 Lusso Hoonigan Ford RS200 Evolution Hudson Hornet Lamborghini Jarama S MG TA Midget Morgan Aero GT Mosler MT-900S There were plenty of Mitsubishis in the video. However, they were playing on the dev version so these cars may not be added in this update but they're hopefully coming soon.

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FH4 patch notes - December 13 Update When you create a Multiplayer Event, you can post it to the Activity Panel and return to Freeroam while you wait for players to sign up and join. The previous 40-second limit has been removed, and now you can wait for as long as you like for players to join before you start the session. Added more freedom to how you can move and pan the camera, along with bokeh effects and the ability to toggle headlights, drivers, wildlife and crowd characters! Emotes can now occasionally be found for purchase in the #Forzathon shop. Improved visibility of driving line on mini-map in various colorblind modes. Added messaging to inform players that Cars and Credits must be claimed from the Auction House within 60 days. Added an LSP error message to make users aware they need an update to the game. Seasonal Event names are now shown on the map, making them easier to find. Made a change to allow users who use manual gears to view the map during Route Creation. Fixed an exploit in Route Creator which allowed players to create routes to easily gain a large number of skill points. Fixed an exploit in Rivals which allowed players to use cars that did not meet the event restrictions. Fixed an issue where players who flipped cars, or missed checkpoints were not being reset in Ranked Adventure. Fixed an issue where players could not remove glasses in the Character Customizer. Fixed an issue where players could sometimes get stuck in a Car Mastery Tree, and be unable to navigate from their current tile. Fixed an issue where players were occasionally being teleported to their last created Route Blueprint after a Seasonal Championship. Fixed an issue where the Distance Driven stat was not updating correctly if the player changed their car via the Pause Menu. Various stability improvements. Fixed extreme sudden movements to wheels during initialization. Fixed the grinding noise in cockpit view when shifting with the Logitech G920. Fixed the deadzones settings functionality for Throttle, Brake, Clutch and Steering. Added UI to make it clearer which way to turn the wheel when mapping a Steering Wheel.

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The Full Achievement List for Forza Horizon 4 Fortune Island Expansion have been reveled, which contains 24 Achievements for 500 Gamerscore! Set up the Horizon Festival on Fortune Island: 10G Reach Round Two of the Island Conqueror: 20G Reach Round Five of the Island Conqueror: 20G Reach Round Ten of the Island Conqueror: 30G Come First in the Fortune Island Finale Races - The Leviathan and The Kraken: 50G Find/Smash your first Treasure Chest: 10G Find/Smash 5 Treasure Chests: 20G Find/Smash all 10 Treasure Chests: 30G Drive every Road in Fortune Island: 20G Complete Round 3 of a #Forzathon Live Event on Fortune Island: 20G Complete a Seasonal Championship on Fortune Island: 20G Earn 21 Stars in Drift Club on Fortune Island: 20G Earn at least 1 star at a Trailblazer Gate: 10G Get 3 Stars on every Drift Zone on Fortune Island: 20G Get 3 Stars on every Trailblazer Gate on Fortune Island: 20G Get 3 Stars on every Speed Zone on Fortune Island: 20G Get 3 Stars on every Speed Trap on Fortune Island: 20G Get 3 Stars on every Danger Sign on Fortune Island: 20G Complete The Kraken in less than 6 minutes in the Saleen S5S Raptor: 20G Get 3 stars on the Needle Fall Danger Sign in the Morris Minor Traveller: 20G 3 Star the The Forest Run Trailblazer Gate in the Peel P50: 20G Complete The Leviathan in less than 8 minutes in the Ford Fiesta ST RX43: 20G Get over 180mph in the Koenigsegg CC8S at the Lady On The Lake Speed Trap: 20G Get a time of 40 seconds or better in the Exomotive Exocet at the Halcyon Point Trailblazer Gate: 20G

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You’ll find new challenges and new events to take part in and the “fortune” in Fortune Island is a very real thing. As soon as you arrive on the island, you’ll be immersed in a quest to search down treasure chests scattered across the expanse of the island. Solve the riddles and locate the treasure chests to add millions of credits to your bank account. Along the way you’ll take part in dozens of new events, including the brand-new Trailblazer PR Stunts, where your goal will be to find the quickest route between two points. With huge elevation changes, and tricky terrain at every turn, Trailblazer events are a test of route planning, split-second reactions, and driving skill all at once. Cars: 2019 Lamborghini Urus 2018 BMW M5 2017 Ram 1500 Rebel TRX Concept 2002 Koenigsegg CC8S 2018 Exomotive Exocet Off-Road 2012 Lamborghini Aventador J 2010 Saleen S5S Raptor 1953 Morris Minor Series II Traveler 2018 Funco Motorsports F9 2015 Hoonigan GYMKHANA 8 Ford Fiesta ST RX43 @forzamotorsportofficial @weareplaygroundgames

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The next episode of Forza Monthly will be broadcast live on Thursday, December 13, the same day as the launch of the Fortune Island Expansion for Forza Horizon 4. Turn 10 Studios will be diving deep into the upcoming Forza Race Regulations system in Forza Motorsport 7 with the developers. They'll be looking at the December update for Forza Motorsport 7 as well and have a few surprises and special guests along the way. You can find the show on the Forza Mixer and Twitch channels, don’t miss it! @forzamotorsportofficial @weareplaygroundgames Photo: CARRYTHXD (forzamotorsport.net)

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Season 3 Content Update - Horizon Service Check: Xbox Download Size - 1.8GB PC Download Size - 2.2GB December Car Pass Cars: 2018 Aston Martin Vantage 2014 McLaren 650s Spider 2005 Ferrari FXX 1953 Jaguar C-Type 2018 Chevrolet Silverado Deberti Design Drift Truck 1965 Peel Trident 2003 Honda S2000 1974 Honda Civic RS Patch notes New Features: Implemented multi-material color selection for a number of cars and rims, as well as adding in a number of new-to-Horizon rims. Added the ability to bulk add DLC cars to the player garage. Cross Platform Fixes: Fixed an issue where Xbox Game Pass holders were not entitled to the Formula Drift pack. Fixed an issue where players would not receive rewards for completing a seasonal PR stunt they already completed. Fixed an issue where some players were not receiving double #Forzathon points after re-purchasing Lake Lodge. Improved UI to make it clearer when players are earning double #Forzathon points. Fixed an issue to keep players grouped together after finishing a #Forzathon Live Event. Fixed an issue with Route Blueprint where the player was placed at the incorrect finish point after completing a custom route. Fixed the camera issues caused by rewinding after placing a checkpoint in Route Blueprint. Fixed an issue in Route Blueprint where players could run out of checkpoints preventing them from being able to finish route creation. Added information to the Route Blueprint UI to show how many checkpoints have been placed, and how many are left to be placed. Fixed an exploit in Route Blueprint for farming Pass Skills from AI cars. Fixed an exploit that allowed players to enter Rivals events in cars which did not match the restrictions. Fixed an issue where players in Private Adventures were able to select cars which did not meet the restrictions. Fixed an issue where players would sometimes be unable to navigate up and down on the vinyl select screen in the Livery Editor. Reduced the cost of some engine swap upgrades. Fixed an exploit to extend the length of Skill Songs. Fixed an issue where Car Pass 'New Cars' game alert would appear too early. Various stability fixes. Photo: @forzataken

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It's Friday again and we have new Items to buy in the #Forzathon shop, as well as two new DLC cars for Car Pass owners, Vauxhall XV220 and Vauxhall Insignia. Not only is it just Friday, but it's also 27 days left until the release of Fortune Island (December 13th) We all know the production version of the Urus is coming since it's on the cover and the rest of the cars are yet to be confirmed. In case you don't remember, there was a leak regarding @braddeberti's drift truck coming to Forza Horizon 4 and he also mentioned the release, December 17. That means we'll eventually see his truck right after the release, perhaps even Included with the Expansion if @weareplaygroundgames decides to release the car earlier. Meanwhile everyone's talking about the upcoming expansion, @guntherwerks claimed, three days ago, that his Porsche 993 is "actually coming soon" on his Instagram page. No further Information on that. Monday next week, @weareplaygroundgames will be live streaming at 6 pm GMT. They will be deep diving into the new Horizon Service Check update and talk about Fortune Island so make sure you don't miss that out! Photo: @forzawerke

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Forza Horizon 4 Expansion 1: Fortune Island!

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Season 3 Update: Service Check Includes a several improvements for the game and they're also based on community feedback. It could be anything from minor bug fixes to engine sound improvements. Painting And Updagrade Options will offer you new advanced painting options for a number of cars and you will also be able to paint subsections of wheel rims. 41 wheels from 21 different brands will be added. Horizon Racing CUP challenges you to race 12 seasonal championships, with a prize pool of up to 3.6 million credits! Make sure you win all Championships!

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