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@foodtographyschool  a virtual food photography school by @bromabakery. all photos shot by #foodtographyschool students!

19 hours ago

enrollment for foodtography school starts again in may! want to be the first to know about course details, master class dates, special discounts, and more? sign up by visiting the link in our bio and clicking on foodtography school waitlist. #foodtographyschool

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working in multiples creates a sense of togetherness, community, and sharing. #foodtographyschool

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3 days ago

IT’S NOW OR NEVER! as of 8pm EST enrollment for our first class of ifoodtography students will close. ✖️ this brand new course all about smartphone food photography is our lowest priced course ever at $199, designed for the beginner food photographer who wants to learn how to photograph food without spending $$$ on props, backgrounds, courses, cameras, and equipment. but to make sure that no one feels that financial barrier to entry, we’re giving it away for $99 until tonight at 8pm. link in our profile to sign up. use the code FOOD at checkout to get the 50% discount. ✖️ to date, over 2,000 people have signed up for our courses, and we are beyond proud of what everyone has accomplished thus far, from finding newfound confidence in their photog skills, to being finalists (and winning! we see you @frostingandfettuccine) @saveurmag blog awards, to getting their first restaurant shoot, to working with their dream brands! ✖️ we want to welcome everyone new around here! if you haven’t said hi 👋🏻 make sure you do! we feel so lucky to have you as a part of our community. we can’t wait to see how much you improve. #foodtographyschool

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7 days ago

one of the questions we get asked the most is: “do I need a professional camera to take great photos?” and the answer is a resounding NO. you don’t have to have a crazy expensive camera to take amazing photos with the right training! that’s why we are SO PROUD to announce that for the first time ever ifoodtography school is OFFICIALLY OPEN FOR ENROLLMENT! ✖️ this is our brand new smartphone foodtography school course that teaches you all things smartphone photography from the basics of shooting with a smartphone, to lighting and composition, food styling, smartphone editing (on all free apps!), and shooting in the wild. ✖️ in this 60+ min, info-packed course we’ll teach you: ✖️ FUNDAMENTALS OF SMARTPHONE PHOTOGRAPHY - understand the basics of shooting with an iPhone - learn the difference between smartphone lenses and other camera lenses - learn when to use the different “modes” of shooting on your smartphone - master the art of focusing your smartphone - learn how to use grid lines like a seasoned pro to enhance any photo - some of the do’s and don’t-s when shooting with a smartphone - learn the difference between iPhone and Android cameras (and why both will work for this course!) ✖️ LIGHTING & COMPOSITION - why food photography is different from any other type of photography - how to get the best light for your food photos in order to get the best shadows and contrast - master our go-to compositional principles to help you take stronger photos ✖️ LIVE STYLING SESSIONS - walk through visual examples to understand more about compositional principles, and shadows - styling in a studio session: smoothie bowl - styling in a studio session: flatlay with coffee ✖️ EDITING - learn how to edit like a pro - learn which apps to use (and more importantly, how to use them!) - start to finish editing video on a smoothie bowl - start to finish editing video on a coffee flatlay ✖️ SHOOTING IN THE WILD - finding the best lighting indoors - styling in a restaurant: brunch tablescape - styling in a restaurant: comfort food ✖️ school starts NOW, you in? sign up by visiting the link in our bio!  #foodtographyschool

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8 days ago

a BIG thank you to the over 1,400 of you who attended our FREE live master class on how to take professional food photos with your smartphone! IT WAS SERIOUSLY SO MUCH FUN. ICYMI, we’re hosting one more one today at 3 pm EST. visit the link in our bio and click on ‘free smartphone master class’ to snag your spot! #foodtographyschool

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