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We just heard that it's National Garfield the Cat Day. Yes, that's a real day, and yes, we're craving a big piece of cheesy, baked pasta in the middle of June. Tap the link in our bio for some of our favorite lasagna recipes, and for @groundbeeflady's story about eating at the new @garfield-themed restaurant in Toronto—@garfieldeatsapp. 📷: @quentinbaconphoto

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File under: this weekend’s farmers market inspiration. What will you pick up? Tag all your summer treats and eats with #howisummer, and we’ll regram our favorites! 📷: @bakersroyale_naomi

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Proving that chutney is so much more than a condiment reserved for the edge of a plate, @abrowntable's chile-spiked, herb-packed version pulls double duty as a marinade and dipping sauce for chicken. Tap the link in our bio for Nik's recipe. #FWCooks 📷: @jencausey

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It's summertime and the livin' is easy. We gave classic key lime pie a fun twist, thanks to a chocolate graham cracker crust and a tangy whipped cream topping. Grab the recipe link in our profile. 📷: @johnkernickphotography

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@justinchapple's riff on the classic Italian dish vitello tonnato is fast and simple—he replaces pork loin for the standard veal, and uses mayonnaise for an easy sauce. In fact, it's so simple, that you can prepare it a day ahead of your next summer party. Recipe link in our bio. 📷: @gregdupree

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