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Sometimes we all deserve a little extra. 💁‍ Enter: the most glamorous slice of creamy mango pie we've ever seen. A thick graham cracker crust is topped with fresh mango custard filling, pillowy whipped cream and toasted coconut flakes. 🤤 What dishes are you making to treat yourself lately? Send them our way by tagging your pics with #f52extra and we'll share them throughout the week! 🗓 // 📸: @girlversusdough at Food52

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5 hours ago

It wouldn’t be a 🎉 without a killer snack table, right? (Right.) But you don’t want to spend your pre-party prep baking this or frying that—basically, making a mess in the kitchen. 😓 Enter: 3 addictive, easy-to-make dip recipes that just so happen to be 💯% vegan, meaning everyone at the party can get in on the action. 🙌 From a spicy, smoky “chorizo” spread to a tangy Buffalo “chicken” concoction, the only thing this lineup needs are @crunchmastercrackers so you can dunk, scoop, and dip alllll the way to the bottom of each bowl. #f52partner at Food52

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9 hours ago

Making raviolis at home may seem like a daunting task. 😬 Yet, for the most part, they're just egg and flour—one binds to the other to create a sticky, dense dough. Some recipes call for olive oil, others for salt, some for both—they affect texture and flavor but are by no means necessary. Start simple, learn what consistency of dough you prefer, then explore, manipulate, and taste from there. 😊 To get started on these beautiful beet raviolis 💜 (and four other knock-out ravioli recipes), tap the link in our bio! 🍝 (📷: @jamesransom_nyc) at Food52

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21 hours ago

Rhubarb jam, lemon ricotta, grapefruit, and pomegranate on, you guessed it 😉, toast. 🙌 Happy Sunday! // 📸: @carolinagelen #f52toasty at Food52

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1 day ago

The latest from @ericjoonho's #tableforone: Dolsot bibimbap is a classic Korean dish of mixed rice with vegetables, served in a sizzling hot stone bowl. 🔥 The earthenware caramelizes the rice and forms a tahdig-like crust on the bottom, which tastes fantastic against the meat, gochujang (red pepper paste), and fresh white rice. Here, Eric has replaced the stone pot with the more readily available cast-iron skillet. Everything gets cooked in this one pan, which means dishes are reduced and caramelization is heightened. There's something special✨—crunchy, spicy, savory, or sweet—in each and every bite. For the recipe, tap the link in our bio! ⭐️ (📸 : @juliagartland) at Food52

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1 day ago

Enter: A set of matching plates and bowls that are nearly unbreakable, come in a range of bright, gorgeous colors, are made of renewable bamboo (with no BPA, PVC, or phthalates)! To top it off, they're light enough to pack for a cookout or the beach but sturdy enough for everyday use. 🤓 We’re fully blissed out. Each set comes with a low-rimmed square dinner plate, a high-rimmed square pasta bowl, and large and small square bowls in our favorite colors—like petal pink, light gray, and charcoal—for mixing and matching. To snag yours, head on over to the link in our bio! 😎 (📸 : @rockyluten) at Food52

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2 days ago

@feedtheswimmers (📸!) knows just what this Saturday needs (specifically, smashed potatoes topped with yogurt and feta 😍). #f52grams at Food52

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2 days ago

@emmalaperruque's #BigLittleRecipes has the smallest-possible ingredient list and big, BIG everything else: flavor, ideas, wow factor. 💥 Now, what if eggplant parm was less like a layered casserole and more like a cheesy open-faced sandwich? You’d get this. 🤤 To make the fresh breadcrumbs, just tear any bread into small pieces by hand. For unfussy, weeknight-friendly recipe, tap the link in our bio! ✨ (📸: @juliagartland) at Food52

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2 days ago

From our Assistant Editor of Partner Content, @you_feta_believe_it: our favorite way to celebrate the Fourth of July—aka the real start of summer ☀️—is with a killer dessert table. This might mean a solid lineup of pies, ice cream, cookies, and so on. But, if you really want a holiday showstopper, you're going to need a cake. 🍰 From a classic red, white, and blue American flag cake 🇺🇸 to this grand and eye-popping strawberry shortcake, we've got 16 summer recipes that'll make the sweetest Fourth of July standouts. The best part? Just about all of them are beginner-friendly. For the recipes, tap the link in our bio! ✨ (📸: @juliagartland) at Food52

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3 days ago

Toasted sourdough with bananas x 3 different ways. Which section would you taste first? 😍 Send us your toast noms by tagging your pics with #f52toasty, and we'll share them throughout the week! 🗓 // ⁣📸: @thekissingcrust at Food52

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