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11 days ago

Blurry but whatevs! Any weekend plans!? I’m taking the train to Denver tomorrow 😎

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12 days ago

What selfie do you like the most? Wanna see the NSFW version, sign up for my patreon and you can see my n00ds for as little as $5 a month! at Colorado

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20 days ago

Any Netflix suggestions!? It’s rainy here today and something new to binge on would be cool... here is image 9 from the set that’s going live on my patreon tomorrow morning (it’s the last SFW image in the set) swipe to see what happens next in image 10... Btw my patreons got to see it first and the uncensored version 😏 at Denver, Colorado

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21 days ago

What’s the weather like where you live!? It’s currently 31* and sunny in my neck of the woods! This set drops on my patreon in 2 days!!! at Denver, Colorado

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23 days ago

Do you sit in the shower ever? I do when I’m tired af.... This set is heading to patreon in a few days!!!! If you sign up for spice and you’ll be able to see this entire set when it goes live on the 7th! at Denver, Colorado

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29 days ago

What’s your passion? Mine is to consistently be creative and to inspire others around me to do the same. Shot by @darcie_rose_photography yesterday! at Colorado

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29 days ago

Did you go to college/university? What was/is your major? I went to FIT and focused on interior design before moving to Colorado and taking art classes in this very room 7 years ago haha. It was fun to sneak around the university with @darcie_rose_photography today. And thank you to @coltonkramertattoos for being a great look out!!! at Colorado

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1 month ago

what makes you smile?? I think @zephyrinewest was making me giggle in this one! This set is from my first shootfest and was like the 4th time I had ever modeled. I was such a baby then haha... this set is on @joelaphoto ‘s patreon! Go check it out! at Denver, Colorado

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1 month ago

Hey photographers!! I am currently booking March-May and I would loveee to work with all of you! I have limited availability but if you’re interested, please send me a DM, serious inquires only please!! See my bio for travel dates 😊 Also, this photoset is currently live on @joelaphoto ‘s patreon! I’ll add a little swipe up to his page in my story today 🥰🥰🥰 at Denver, Colorado

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1 month ago

Do you love peaches? How do you prefer to eat them? Peach pizza happens to be my fucking favorite way to consume a peach product!!! This set is currently on @joelaphoto ‘s patreon, subscribe and see this entire nsfw photoset! at Denver, Colorado

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1 month ago

the lightning in my living room is so pretty right now aaannnndddd I needed an excuse to show off this beautiful piece @skin_accessories sent me!! It’s an incredible Afghan piece with black onyx by @bvla I am obsessed with it to say the least!! Thank you so much @skin_accessories for getting this pretty piece to me! If you’re in Mundelein go see this woman for all your piercing needs!! • • #bvla #bvlalove #girlswithpiercings #philtrumpiercing #medusapiercing #girlswithtattoos #colorado #lakestreettattoo #lakestreettattooandpiercing at Lake Street Tattoo & Piercing

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1 month ago

Any songs that make you feel some kids way? I did my makeup all cute today but when I hopped in my car to go to work a song came on that made me cry. So I wiped it all off. Grief is so weird and hits you so fucking hard in moments. Seriously, sometimes I’ll see a rainbow, be watching a commercial, hear a song or see my brothers sweater in my drawer and just break fucking down. But, here’s a selfie from December when I got this cute new beanie. I hope it makes you smile. at Colorado

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1 month ago

Idk why but it feels like a Monday... what are your favorite emojis? Right now, mine are 😇🥰🦴 at Fruita, Colorado

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