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15 days ago

Feeling very internal/irl focused as I transition into this new phase of life after leaving the home I lived with for ♾EIGHT♾ years and moving to this magical back yard with two sweet friends for the summer!! After that WHO KNOWS. In the mean time, here I am hanging out with this song introduced to me in Dublin by @catalystcommunityherbals , singing to this gorgeous Rowan that lives here. I was thrilled to learn that despite what most think (that it was written by Robert Burns, a Scottish folksong collector, who popularized it in 1794) it was ACTUALLY most likely written by Isabel Pagan aka Tibbie, a disabled, working class, never married single mom who ran a meeting house where she would sing her songs and perform scathing satires when people pissed her off. I’ll post the whole song in my stories, even though I messed up some words pretty bad. This is a version from Landless, an Irish group who sing in 4 part harmony. There are many versions, if you want to ask Grandma Google. Thanks for the introduction, Tara! Edit: will try to post the whole song later, having technical difficulties 🙄

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1 month ago

🌸IT’S HAPPENING🌸 I didn’t think I was going to get to see (or smell 🤤💦) the Hawthorn bloom on this trip, but today they started opening up!!! Last full day in Glastonbury before I make my way back to the Dublin airport tomorrow. This place is a trip! So much spiritual tourism/consumerism/appropriation 😬. I love supporting small makers when I travel, but most of what I see here is mass produced and imported. But the Hawthorn is blooming, and I can feel the pulse of the land beneath all the plastic dream catchers. Thankful to be here amongst it all. ❤️🔥❤️ [both images of Hawthorn branches leafed out and starting to bloom. Second photo is a zoom in on the flowers]

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1 month ago

Stayed inside all day trying to finish my Bealtaine class with my distractible, easily overwhelmed brain. There is so much to say, and often the words don’t come easy!! Here are some pictures of my circuitous route up the Tor yesterday ❤️🔥❤️ [picture 1. A narrow dirt track winding up through green grass and bushes with my shadow stretching in front of me 2. A dirt hillside with nettles growing on it and borrows dug into it (Fox, I’m guessing) 3. The green mound of the Tor with the tower visible on top 4. View from the Avalon orchard, an elder apple tree to the right, in full bloom. A rich green lawn and the gate and archway entrance in the background. And a glimpse of the patchwork of the lands stretching into the distance 5. Blue sky and blooming apple bows seen from below 6. The view from the top of the Tor! The green slope down to land divided by hedges, stretching into the distance] at Glastonbury, Somerset, United Kingdom

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1 month ago

The summer between my 11th and 12 year, I read the Mists of Avalon and it changed my life. I woke up wanting to find a blue crescent on my forehead, some undeniable and tangible sign that I was called to the Goddess’s service. It was 1991 and blue eyeliner was the thing, so I made my own blue crescent, read every witch book I could get my hands on, and kept waiting for that strong sign that I was chosen. 🔥 For those of you who haven’t read the book, Glastonbury is the site of a mystery school to train Priestesses in the Old Ways, which at the time of the story are being threatened by encroaching Christianity. There is a powerful scene that I still remember almost 30 years later where Morgaine, as an initiate, is lead on her first ritual procession up the Tor. I kept picturing that scene yesterday when I walked up myself. I sat up there for a couple hours, waiting for the moon to rise. I wanted to do some ritual practices, but it was a busy night up there, so I just grounded deep into the Tor and poured my love out to the land, and my immense gratitude for the opportunity to be there and witness this gorgeous pink moon in Scorpio (they move out of Libra earlier in the day) rise above the horizon. This pic obvi does not portray even a fraction of the beauty. Hope wherever you are in the world, you got to witness the moon and feel a thrill in your precious body, even just for a second, that we get to be alive. And if you are vision impaired, or needed to be in doors, I hope some of the magic made itself known to you in some other way. ❤️🔥❤️🔥❤️ [picture is of the view from the top of Glastonbury Tor facing east at dusk. The ground is a patchwork of dark green fields and the hills and sky are blue, with the moon rising pink over the horizon]

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1 month ago

🔥❤️Pollinating A Dream Of A Healed World❤️🐝 I’ve never engaged with work that has such a strong magical/protective container around it, so forgive me when I don’t talk explicitly about my experience with the Path of Pollen training. If you feel the pull and are curious, contact me directly. I will say that my heart is so tender for everyone involved, that land, the teachers, the hive. That I got to experience group work like never before, still so different from my hive sisters in many ways, but not alienated because of it. That I got to fall in love with a group even in the moments when I was also rubbed the wrong way. That I was able to show up to really deep and powerful work and be visible in it, be witnessed in it. That I cried leaving. That I’m scared to be a lone bee/lone wolf/isolated in the work after getting a taste of group practice. And at the same time I know these connective threads can stretch, and that there’s importance in pollinating fields spread all over our world. I’ll say that I’m so pleased with all the conversations about nb/trans inclusion in this gynocentric work that I had during the training, not all of the convos started by me, as well as the response of the teachers when I asked about it in closing circle. There’s definitely work that would need to be done to make it a safer space for nb/trans folks to attend trainings, but I feel committed to helping with that as long as I’m able to engage with this work. The queer and trancestral mothers of this lineage were strong in there with me and I’m so here to be their tool of service in this work! ❤️🔥❤️ So, so tender, babies. The magical protections translated to photos being blurry or incredibly lack luster, so here are two pics of parts of the AMAZING Yew I met at Glastonbury Abbey, who only consented to photos if they were usies, so... we compromised. Sending out love to all of you from my very open tender heart. [first pic is some of my red curly hair and gorgeous branches of yew tree above me. Second pic is some of my belly and legs clad in a blue denim jumpsuit and my hiking boots next to the intertwining roots of the same yew tree]

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1 month ago

Such a sweet morning in Brighton with Orlando and @yarrowmagdalena !! Here’s a public thank you for hosting me, even though you are right next to me 😜 [picture off Yarrow’ porch with Orlando, a small dog with white curly hair, and the beautiful back yard]

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1 month ago

Ynys Môn/Anglesey/Mona from the train yesterday. This island in the Northwest of Cymru/Wales was were one of the last battles between the indigenous folks of southern Alba and the invading/occupying Roman army mid first century CE. They destroyed a famous mystery school, murdering all the holy people. One day I’ll spend some time here, I’ve had a feeling that I need to do something here/something needs to be resolved. Was good to pass through and see the land, even briefly. [video of the landscape from the train, green fields and yellow gorse and stone walls]

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2 months ago

I found out during the tour at Newgrange that the many many tons of quartz used on the facade was quarried in the Wicklow mountains 5,000 years ago, the area that I’m staying in right now. To my untrained eye I’m guessing this rock person to be a sibling to those at Newgrange and Knowth. The quartz chucks are thought to have been transported by boat the 80 some km during a time when Ireland was still heavily forested and before the wolves were hunted into extinction. [image one is a quartz rock in the grass, two is the side of Newgrange, showing the wall that wraps around the mound covered in pieces of quartz]

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2 months ago

Totally enamored with all the blooming Gorse 😍😍

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2 months ago

New friends ❤️🔥❤️ [image description 1&2 of Shetland ponies post feeding them veggie snacks, 3rd is my hand holding a frond from a cedar type tree who I just met who taste more like pine than cedars from Turtle Island, 4th is my hand petting Bob, the dog who lives here, as he leans against my leg]

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2 months ago

Brigid protecting this establishment from fire ❤️🔥❤️. At Lus Mor, which is how you call Foxglove in Gaeilge, and the main reason I chose to stay in this place. Look forward to pics of tiny ponies and baby lambs, after I take a morning nap 😳😴. Turns out I don’t sleep well in rooms full of people 😐. [image description: a light turquoise wall above a dark mottled blue fire place with a small cast iron stove in it and a Brigid’s cross made from reeds hanging above]

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2 months ago

Also met this Neolithic stone dildo from Knowth 😜🔥❤️🔥🌑

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2 months ago

🔥🌑\\SHEELA//🌑🔥 spent a sweet day in Dublin/ Baile Átha Cliath, got to meet ultra babe Tara of @catalystcommunityherbals 🥰 and visit this beautiful Sheela na gig at the National Museum, along with some bog body remains and many other wonders. Also one of my hardest pain days, and feeling demoralized that I can’t walk around the way I used to. Made it to my next stop in the Wicklow area and ready to crash out and rest my aching bones. Happy ♈️🌑🐐🔥 to you all!

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2 months ago

Saying goodbye to the Boyne before I head south tomorrow morning. What a sweet week it’s been here! Going to miss this tiny Shepherd’s hut... until I go home and move into a tiny house of the same dimensions for the summer 😹❤️❤️❤️

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2 months ago

REMINDER: Applications for the Summer Solstice Western Mass Queer Market are due May 1st! Link in @wmqueermakers bio! 🌑❤️🔥❤️🌑 [image is a cloth dyed with eucalyptus, laid over a cloth of white lace. There is a small enameled pot with handles filled with burning verdant and juniper. Around this is the first line of text in this post]

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2 months ago

Seemed weird at first to climb up on Knowth, but apparently folks did all types of stuff up there, even building houses at certain points in history. It was very windy up there! [photo of my face with my hair blowing in the wind]

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2 months ago

⚡️KNOWTH’S WESTERN ENTRANCE🔥 if you look, you can see the shadow cast by the standing stone off to the left. On Fall Equinox this shadow is cast directly onto a central incision in the carved kerbstones blocking the western entrance. The stone closest in this picture was carved out by ocean waves, and transported to Knowth. As the tour guide here and at Newgrange both pointed out, we can only guess the significance of Neolithic monuments of how the ancestors interacted with these places. Patricia, who was leading this tour, said that some speculate that the officiate of ritual would stand in that carved out spot, like standing at an altar. 🔥🌑🔥

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2 months ago

\\🔥KNOWTH⚡️// post 1- Knowth is the largest of the 40 passage tombs in Boyne Valley. They are surrounded by 124 (originally 127) kerbstones, many of them carved and making them one of the largest concentrations of Neolithic art in Western Europe. They are MASSIVE, and so powerful. They are surrounded by 18 satellite mounds, all reconstructed after collapse. They have 2 entrances, to the East and West, most likely with an alignment to the Equinox sun, but the entrances were obliterated during the Middle Ages when trenches and tunnels were dug around the mound. [First picture is the larger mound with two smaller mounds, all covered in bright green grass, and a path leading up to them. The other pictures are some of the kerbstones that resonated deepest, carved with circle, spiral, snake, and horseshoe designs common in Western European Neolithic art.]

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