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4 days ago

#Repost @sunshinestategoods ・・・These strong-willed Royal Tern chicks were photographed calling out to their parents near their sandy beach nests. Wildlife photographer @andreapicoestrada says a single egg is laid each breeding season, & both the male & the female royal tern share the incubation duties for 30 to 31 days. Check out her Instagram for more Florida wildlife pics & conservation info.☀️ #keepflwild #wildlifewednesday #sunshinestate #keepfloridawild #sunshinestategoods #florida #getsomesunshine #wildlife

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16 days ago

#Repost @carltonward ・・・For the past two years I have been pursuing Florida panthers with camera traps — the only reliable method for photographing them. But two weeks ago, at Audubon's @CorkscrewSwamp, I had an encounter that I'll be talking about the rest of my life. I was driving into the backcountry and rounded a corner to see a panther sitting in the dirt road. I grabbed a telephoto lens and nervously snapped a few distant frames through the windshield before rolling a little closer and pulling off to the side. The panther was still 150 yards away in harsh 3 PM light. I was just watching when filmmaker Eric Bendick called. I whispered that I was staring at a real-life panther; the conference about our panther film would have to wait. Eric told me to take some video, and with the panther still sitting in the road in bad light, I complied, not realizing how jacked up I was until trying to hold my iPhone steady. After a few seconds of jittery self-narration, the panther started walking right towards me. When it sat back down in the road I resumed my video, but the panther started walking toward me again! I switched back to my main camera, put it in silent mode and held my breath. The panther kept coming, skirting the edge of the swamp behind grass and low palms. I let the shutter rip every time it revealed itself, coming closer with every step. Then it walked within 20 yards of my truck and sat down in an island of palms directly out my window! I filled the frame with its body and looked straight into its piercing eyes! I had mistaken it for a young male by its height, but was corrected when a ruffling in the palms transformed into a kitten. When the little guy got closer, its mother stood and continued down the road. Then they vanished into a thick hammock leaving me alone with my thoughts. When I went to change the batteries in my nearby camera trap, the process felt mechanical and empty. Remote cameras are invaluable, but it’s a whole different experience when the panther is looking right back at you. I am thankful @audubonsociety for protecting this place and giving me access their land. Please join me in following the #PathofthePanther for @natgeo. #flor

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17 days ago

Hangin’ high in an old cypress down in @corkscrewswamp! #hailtothecypress #wildFL 🙌🏽 #Repost @carltonward・・・Conservation photographers @peter_houlihan (top) and @macstonephoto explore an old growth cypress tree at @corkscrewswamp. Peter is completing his PhD on South Florida orchids — one of the species he and Mac were documenting in the canopy 70 feet above the swamp. Most large cypress were harvested for lumber throughout the southeast. Thankfully the @audubonsociety intervened to protect Corkscrew Swamp which is a rare sanctuary for ancient trees. A beautiful 2.5 mile long boardwalk makes it easy for visitors to walk in the shade of these giants. @fl_wildcorridor @ilcp_photographers #floridawild #keepflwild #cypress #tree #climb

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19 days ago

Happy Independence Day! 🇺🇸 #Repost photo by @paulmarcellini @conserveflorida ・・・Happy Independence Day! 🇺🇸 🦅 This holiday, get outdoors and enjoy Florida’s beauty- you may even spot our national bird! Blue Cypress Conservation Area is home to a diverse group of birds, including the bald eagle. 🦅 #BlueCypress #July4th 📷 by Paul Marcellini

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20 days ago

#Repost @macstonephoto ・・・After a number of heartbreaking strikeouts, it feels good to have a few good looks at a beautiful Florida panther. When I set out to photograph these endangered cats as part of my ongoing work in the Everglades and southern swamps, I knew it’d be a tall order. They occupy and require a massive range, averaging 200 square miles, which is becoming further fragmented as south Florida booms. Refuges like @corkscrewswamp offer essential habitat for these apex predators but the pressures of development are constant on the periphery. We need to protect the lands and corridors these animals inhabit if we want a chance at saving this species. If you want to see and learn more about these gorgeous animals, check out @ilcp_photographers fellow and good friend @carltonward who has been working for several years to illustrate the secretive and tenuous life of Florida’s panthers. Camera trap support by @fstopfoundation #everglades #florida #bigcats #bigcat #panther #endangeredspecies #swamp #oldgrowth #roamflorida

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29 days ago

Check out @carltonward’s editorial and photo essay in today’s @tampabaytimes! (LINK IN BIO!) #Repost @carltonward・・・Please check out my editorial and photo essay in today’s @tampabaytimes (link in my profile) about what we need to do to save wild Florida. This photo shows Eglin Air Force Base in the panhandle which the centerpiece of the largest connected corridor of longleaf forests left on the planet. We need to invest in buying conservation easements and selective public acquisitions if there is any hope to keep North Florida’s wilderness areas connected to the Everglades in the south. Some of America’s most rapidly sprawling development in between threatens to sever the Florida Wildlife Corridor that still keeps wild Florida connected. @fl_wildcorridor #pathofthepanther #floridawild #keepflwild #forest #sunrise #conservation

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