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#Repost @carltonward ・・・The Saint Johns River is the longest river in Florida, flowing 310 miles from marshy headwaters southeast of Orlando northward to the Atlantic Ocean near Jacksonville. The elevation change from source to sea is only 30 feet -- an average slope of just over one inch per mile. The river swells out into several wide lakes, including Puzzle Lake, shown in this aerial photo. Florida has 12 million acres of designated wetlands, the most of any state other than Alaska. Efforts to protect wetlands, including the Everglades, St. Johns and Suwannee, have laid the foundation for the statewide Florida Wildlife Corridor. I paddled through Puzzle Lake during the 2012 Florida Wildlife Corridor Expedition working to raise awareness for importance keeping green space connected. This week's ruling by the Trump administration to role back protections of wetlands under the Clear Water Act exposes nearly 6 million acres of Florida wetlands to reclassification and potentially greater risk. Florida averages 50 inches of rainfall per year, most in the summer wet season, when much of the state's 40 million acres are acting as wetlands. When it comes to conservation in Florida, it needs to be land and water, because land and water here are so closely connected. #FloridaWildlifeCorridor #FloridaWild #KeepFLWild @natgeoimagecollection @FL_WildCorridor #pathofthepanther

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What a photo! 🙌🏽 Thanks for tagging us @thedjchillwill. #floridawildlifecorridor #Repost @thedjchillwill ・・・So stoked that @natgeo selected my photograph for their story, "Beauty of Birds." This one is especially special because the photograph almost never happened. I was on the way to work and if I stopped I knew I'd be a little late. The following conversation happened in my mind: -"Oh my _______ goodness this is incredible." -"It's nice. It's nice. But we need to go to school." -"No it's more than nice, damn it! Pull the vehicle over." -"I don't think I should." -"You must!" -"Are you sure?" -"Absolutely! ...pretty sure." -"Okay I'll do it. I'm very glad I did. I was able to see the fluctuating fog flow through the trees. As the fog relocated, I saw new objects emerging. These objects were birds (Sand Hill Cranes) and they were out looking for an early morning meal. By the time the cranes had made their presence known, the sun had begun doing the same. The Sand Hill Cranes and I both looked to the East to watch the new day begin. Then I remembered I needed to go and reluctantly left. I will treasure the time I had to enjoy this moment though. #storytelling Science: Sandhill cranes have one of the longest fossil histories of any living bird. The oldest positively identified sandhill crane fossil is 2.5 million years old, older than the earliest remnants of most living species of birds. The Florida sandhill crane (pictured) is the least common, only about 5,000 remain. They are an endangered species, mainly due to habitat destruction. The photo selected is the uncropped horizontal capture. This photo is a cropped version One more factoid: this is one of my top 5 most purchased prints. I have suspended print sales for now, but once the Big Project is revealed, print sales will begin again (and you'll see why). Thanks to those who have subscribed to the YouTube channel (link in bio). Just 4 more and the newest video will be released.

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📷by @carltonward #Repost ・・・A male Florida panther navigates a narrow trail as the sun sets over Babcock Ranch. Perhaps he’s getting an early start on the nightly hunt for deer or hogs. A panther like this can have a home ranch about to 200 mi.² making him an excellent ambassador for the importance of protecting large connected landscapes within the Florida Wildlife Corridor. #PathofthePanther #KeepFLWild @insidenatgeo @natgeocreative

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What’s up, Monday? ☝🏽 #wildflorida #floridawildlifecorridor #Repost @yoyohanos ・・・A great whooshing of wings- there he was. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Heron so high up in a tree before- usually they’re wading through the water searching for fish. Pretty nifty:) . . . . . #wildlife #wildlifephotography #conservation #nature #photography #heron #birds #standforwildlife #nikon #nikonphotography #crewbirdrookeryswamp #florida #swamp @fl_wildcorridor @audubonsociety

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#Repost @naturally_florida ・・・It is mating season for the Florida panther. A male panther searches countless hours for a mate. He will mark areas along his journey. He does this for 2 reasons: to warn other males they are in his territory, and to let females in the area know he is "on the prowl". @fwc @fakahatchee #floridapanther #swamp

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The Eastern indigo snake faces many threats — habitat destruction, fragmentation, and degradation. They’re losing more than 5% of their habitat each year, which lies within the Florida Wildlife Corridor. #floridawildlifecorridor #KeepFLwild #Repost @genesispythons ・・・This is my favorite shot I got of last week's Eastern Indigo Snake. I've been trying to use my 50mm f/1.4 lens more, and this shot makes me happy that I used it. I shot this at f/1.6. Such a huge aperture allows me to shoot with a much lower ISO to keep the image clean and also makes some incredible bokeh. Do you prefer shots like this, or the close up macros? I'm going to shoot both either way, but it's still cool to hear what everyone likes! _____________________ #herping #florida #snake #snakesofinstagram #nikonwildlife #floridaexplored #floridaphotographer #wildflorida #snakes #fieldherping #conservation

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📷 by @estarita_photography Known as the “snake bird,” anhingas ride so low in the water that only its snake-like neck, head, and long, dagger-like bill are visible above the water line. #Repost @estarita_photography ・・・Anhinga aka “snakebird” soaking up the sun #wildlifephotography #fujiwildlife #fuji #fujixt20 #fujixf100400 #birdinginflorida #birdphotography #birds #pureflorida #floridaphotographers #wildlifephotographer #natgeoyourshot #best_birds_birds_of_world #birdsextreme #nature #naturephotography #birdsofinstagram #eye_spy_birds #nuts_about_birds #wildlife_insprired

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#Repost @rmhp ・・・The Florida panther is a subspecies of Puma concolor (also known as mountain lion, cougar, or puma) Today, the panther is recognized as Florida’s official state animal and it is one the most endangered mammals on Earth. Did You Know? Proportionately, panthers have the largest hind legs of any cat, allowing them to leap up to 15 feet vertically and 45 feet horizontally #wildflorida #wildfloridaairboats #floridapanther #naturelover #nature #animal #wildlifephotography #naturephotography #wildlife #animal_captures #animals_in_world #splendid_animals #animals_captures #animal_fanatics #animalelite  #animal_sultans  #justGoShoot #InstaGood #InstaPhoto #picoftheday #photooftheday

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THANK YOU for giving during #GivingTuesday! We greatly appreciate your support. Stay tuned for updates about our upcoming film, The Last Green Thread. #KeepFLwild

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It’s officially #GivingTuesday! Please join us by making a donation that will help us release our latest film, The Last Green Thread, about the Heartland to Headwaters Expedition. Your generous donation will complete the music score for the film, support entrance fees and travel for film festivals to help take the film on the road and share it to more audiences. #KeepFLwild https://bit.ly/2OMIi0d (LINK IN BIO!) Photo by @carltonward

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Please join us for #GivingTuesday on 11.27! We want to share our latest film about the journey during the Heartland to Headwaters Expedition—but we need your help! Your tax-deductible donations can help us share this film with more people across the state: https://bit.ly/2OMIi0d (Link in bio!) Photo by @alexofthewild

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Please join us for #GivingTuesday on 11.27! This year your donations will go toward helping us release our latest film about the Heartland to Headwaters Expedition! Funds will complete the music score for the film, support entrance fees and travel for film festivals to help take the film on the road and share it to more audiences! Donations can be made at the link in our bio! Photo by @alexofthewild https://bit.ly/2OMIi0d

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If we’re being honest...nature > Black Friday shopping. 😉 Hope you take some time to explore the outdoors today! Here are some great spots to check out within the Florida Wildlife Corridor (link in bio!). #OptOutside #ExploretheCorridor 👣☀️🌿 Photo by @joeguthrie8

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