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@fitbit  Behind every goal, there is a reason. Share the inspiration behind your 2019 journey by posting a photo or video using #MyReasonIs.

1 day ago

Get in the zone and train your ❤️ Reach 50% of your maximum heart rate with each workout to reap the heart healthy benefits 💪 #HeartHealthMonth

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7 days ago

Wishing you a Valentine's Day full of things that make your heart happy ♥️

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8 days ago

Meet #FitbitFriend @avocatiewellness and her new best friend #FitbitCharge3. She loves tracking her 😴, ❤️, getting 📱notifications and 🌤 updates right on her wrist. What do you love most about your Fitbit?

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9 days ago

#FitbitCharge3 tracks more than just steps—set a calorie burn goal and watch in real time as you get closer and closer to your goal 🔥

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10 days ago

Who will be the champ this week? Challenge your friends in the Fitbit app and tag them below.

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13 days ago

There are no weekends off when there are challengers to beat. Will you be a Weekend Warrior? Tag a #FitbitFriend below and step up to the challenge 👊🏼

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14 days ago

So long winter hibernation, motivation is officially in bloom! 📸& 🌼from our girl @kimmyshields

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15 days ago

Did you know? 15-20 min of physical activity per day will do wonders for your ❤️ What gets your heart pumping? #HeartHealthMonth

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16 days ago

#TFW you’ve done everything on your to-do list, *and* find time for guided breathing 🙌🏼

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17 days ago

It’s time to get that workweek hustle on between you and your step frenemies 👭👊👬Check out the Fitbit app to step up to the challenge!

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17 days ago

Our Valentine’s Day Sale is here But not much longer Don’t miss your chance to save And make your love stronger Link in bio to shop the sale ❤️

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20 days ago

Your heart is truly amazing and powers everything from your brain to your pinky toe. Stay tuned this month as we check the pulse of what keeps it healthy & happy ❤️ #HeartHealthMonth

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