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@farawaybaycamp  Exclusive retreat perched on the edge of Australia's far north Kimberley coastline. A natural wonder. You've never been this far away...


1 day ago

Untouched Shell Beach on the Kimberley Coast and one of only 2 of these beaches in WA. How lucky are our guests that Kevin includes this destination in your itinerary and the beautiful shells 🐚 that you can take as souvenirs are amazing. πŸ“·@noella57 as my post and this day of the beach and fishing 🎣 for mangrove jack makes for a very memorable day especially if you caught the keeper and Kevin worked his magic for the jack for entree! #justanotherdayinwa #thekimberleyaustralia #thisiswa #naturephotography #thisisourbackyard #westernaustralia

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4 days ago

Hi from @noella57 for my 3rd post. The external shower in a taylor made water tank with the softest of soft crystal-clear spring fed water where you will be equally revived by its 360 degree view of the spectacular coastline and ranges or at night under the clearest of clear view of the Milky Way with a million stars where you feel so close you could reach up and touch them. A truly amazing experience and one with nature #justanotherdayinwa #naturesphotography #seeaustralia #thisiswa #australiasnorthwest #australia

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5 days ago

Hi everyone @noella57 here for my 2nd post. So as we all know, Faraway Bay has jaw dropping scenery, but it's the shots behind the scene that mean the most to me. Imagine a drive from Eagle Lodge of 45 minutes to be told you are going to the billabong for a canoe, but this is the first sight you are greeted with! THE MOST REMOTE PUB IN THE SCRUB! Cost is a huge component of living at FAB and there is no way to return the empty kegs, so solution, turn the kegs into a bar, and what a helluva bar! Recycled boat seats complete the picture with a local timber bar honed by Kev. Sadly no beer on tap πŸ˜‰ but bottles and cans are aplenty and @larrycherubino wines compliment the setting #justanotherdayinwa #farawaybay #seeaustralia #thisiswa #pub #keg #australiasnorthwest

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6 days ago

Good morning everyone @noella57 here and I will be taking over this fabulous page for the next week or so πŸ˜‰. I'm stoked to have been asked to do this and post pics that I have taken to try and show you this truly special, remote and heart stopping place called Faraway Bay. Imagine stepping of the plane and into the "air conditioned" chariot to drive you to Eagle Lodge. After 4 years of visiting this place, you can never get enough of the view, welcome, hospitality, generosity and knowledge of all things FAB from Kevin. Then there is Kev's cooking skills that rival a 5 star restaurant. #justanotherdayinwa #seeaustralia #thisiswa #australiasnorthwest

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21 days ago

Our little visitor tonight #gheko love these little guys they feed on all the bugs - food for them and saves us so win - win. Just need to make sure your bags are kept zipped up or you will have extra luggage on glight home. #thekimberley #littlecreatures

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2 months ago

Beautiful #pinkflower we came across on one of our bushwalks. Bright pink with small yellow tips - so perfect and delicate - stunning against the landscape #wildflowers

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2 months ago

Guillotine Rock - zoom in towards top of πŸ“· and you can see the "guillotine" lodged in. This is on the King George river on our tour up to the King George Falls. As always the color in the rocks, cliffs stunning and the pancake formation of the rocks stacked on each other defies gravity. #thekimberley

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2 months ago

"Arthur" our resident #brahminykite calls in each day to the lodge. Lives at the bay and you can sit and watch this majestic bird fly around the Bay. No better feeling than viewing nature at its best - remote and natural environment. #naturephotography

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3 months ago

How spectacular is this fella? Our resident #bluewingedkookaburra "bluey" just hanging out at the lodge. He calls in most days and his colour is electric. #australianbirds thanks to guest Tim Hamilton for sharing his photos - #nofilterneeded photo as taken

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3 months ago

#winterescape in the #kimberley On day tour last week - swimming in June at secluded swimming hole. We love winter at Faraway Bay - so much warmth and sunshine. No better time to escape the big chill in the south and head to the Kimberley. You could be doing this. πŸ“· sent Tim Hamilton

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3 months ago

Champagne Rock - worth the climb - the view over the lodge , cabins and out over the bay is pure magic. To sit back , sip on a champagne and take it all in is the perfect way to end a day. #justanotherdayinwa #kimberleyexperience

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3 months ago

This was our view to the start of the day - what was yours ? On our way down the beach to head out on the boat for a day touring. Best place to be - warmth and sunshine #justanotherdayinwa #kimberleyescape

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