1 day ago

+ for the clarke to my raven, my best friend emma, you are the biggest reason for my smile. you are the absolute loml, i have no idea where i’d be without you. you have been my BIGGEST support system and the greatest friend i could ask for. these past nine months have been spectacular. time zones suck, but i’d gladly stay up til 6 am on facetime with you. i love you more than words can describe! i hope you have the most splendid day :D ✨🙈💌☁️✈️🥰🌙🌻🍯 ac rvssum ib aquavirius ec aquilicy & stqrry [ #citygrp #grpsunrise #orategrp #luagrp ]

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7 days ago

+ i’m definitely comfortable :D ec starkqvill & imsarahstan text rm/ib djerholm & xmilevens for emma helen izzy rachel and jaren <3 [ #citygrp #grpsunrise #orategrp ]

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21 days ago

penis parker, i don’t appreciate you enough! for emma izzy layla justin matteo bri lexa and oliver <333 this is such a simple scrap oops :O [ ac ? ib escteria & aquilicy cc/ec djerholm ] #citygrp #mcusociety

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28 days ago

steeb really radiates big gay energy for emma izzy helen jesse alena jaren alex matteo amelia kayla lexa bri maddie and sav :^) [ ac nvctry sc escteria & ocxgy <3 ] #citygrp #soutiensoc #grpsunrise

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1 month ago

father son goals amirite for otsix izzy lexa syd and layla 🍒 this took 11 hours to render and its glitchy, proof ae hates me :’) [ ac grandify cc eunoais ec & style ib djerholm & starfleetbucky ] #grpsunrise #mcusociety

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2 months ago

marvel couldn’t last a second without his presence for hannah emma helen wes morgan taylor kayla and matteo <33 [ ac excallin cc & ec djerholm ] #soutiensoc #mcusociety

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2 months ago

mr chris evans sir pls hug me until i suffocate for izzy emma maddie vera jesse matteo hannah baris and alyssa ✨ scrap of my baby to make up for inactivity [ ac & sc lavishgilbert ib dexnost ] #agmengrp #citygrp #mcusociety

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2 months ago

she can top me any day for emma izzy matteo taylor alyssa lexa elda sav kayla and rosie :) this is my worst edit, nat i’m sorry [ ac taiviia cc & heavily ib djerholm ] #mcusociety #agmengrp

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3 months ago

breathe if you agree that tHOR IS A BISEXUAL for brady izzy emma jesse loh jupiter bri and lexa <3 [ ac sapphicity cc aethopia ib djerholm ] #agmengrp #mcusociety

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3 months ago

my favorite thor lovin baby for emma matteo hannah izzy bri lexa sarah morgan dreya cass sav kayla taylor anaya bhakti timea brayden kira diyora and anyone else who wanted a dt 💌 [ ac xgotham cc eunoais ] #mcusociety #aranhagrp

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3 months ago

thanks for rendering @escteria 🧸 for izzy averie emma matteo jesse alena bri ophelia oliver hannah layla ella brady linda morgan and naom <333 [ ac luunney ib escteria ] #assemblegrp #mcusociety

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4 months ago

time will tell how much i love you for emma ophelia jenna layla bri emma matteo liri dasha holly timea juniper madi sav and baris [ ac elvctric cc bravenry text ib aquilicy ] #illecebousgrp #citygrp #hmcu

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4 months ago

electrocute me for *breathes* maddie emma ophelia jenna asya angi dorian izzy sav eli wes jesse baris xander liri izzy emma and kayla <33 [ ac citrcs cc bravenry sc chivalryn ib aquilicy ] #ubiquitygrp #aranhagrp

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4 months ago

your bucky for emma taylor ophelia haleema alli jay oliver baris bri izzy eva sav maddie layla xander and soph :) [ ac reignalds cc arsegard sc eeri.e & chivalryn ] #aranhagrp

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4 months ago

i’m not ready to say goodbye for izzy aimee emma jen sav sani baris and megan <333 [ ib bravenry chivalryn djerholm & retrolies ] #citygrp🌙 #ubiquitygrp

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5 months ago

meet the avengers, bros! for izzy taylor emma xander maddie bri haleema emma hannah liri kira and oliver <33 [ ib aquilicy and aquavirius ] #citygrp🌙

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5 months ago

i uhh love both caps for emma maddie taylor izzy zoe ophelia kaitlyn klau emma and amelia ac catallystic ib escteria uwu cc voidlinslow mega scrap, but had to finish because @huntzbergers said so not a plot twist! #citygrp🌙

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5 months ago

raven “deserves better” reyes for emma kaitlyn haleema dorian sam mari syd and khy ac lustren cc divxnes turn up brightness yikes also ig murdered the quality- #citygrp🌙

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