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@esmerlin_hd_mb  Philippians 4:13 πŸŒƒβ›… #Happy2019 πŸ’‘

10 days ago

2019! Other, hope all ur wishes come true πŸŽ‡

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1 year ago

#HappyNewYear2018 I hope that y'all have a wonderful year full the blessings. Espero que tengan un grandioso aΓ±o de lleno de abundantes bendiciones. πŸ’‘ #Happy2018

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1 year ago

Merry Christmas everyone ⛄❄❄

18 1
1 year ago

I say Hello December! I hope this Christmas is a reflection and share with family and friends and above all enjoy it. πŸŽ…

17 1
1 year ago

best of all is to share with your family 🎈

17 5
1 year ago

I'm so happy because is my 14th birthday πŸŽˆπŸŽ‚ I hope that I'm good and I only want health and life.

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1 year ago

the two phrases I love it, ☁ transmit the very different but very certain messages.

21 2
1 year ago

#TBT's in the DiversiΓ³n Park’’ the largest kanchimania park in the caribbean, this was in 2015 and I was very inspired πŸ’š

31 8
1 year ago

one of the best weeks of Instagram, with him #KindComments has all the opinions you want about this topic that goes around the world, #wwim16πŸ’Œ...

35 1
1 year ago

I'm broken, I'm so sorry for this I just passed, πŸŒ€βš‘God free ''Caribbean'' of this malevolent phenomenon. at Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

18 3
1 year ago

TBT's in the river πŸ’§

37 0
1 year ago

'Your happiness just depends on you !

39 2
1 year ago

#DayOfTBT πŸ”'s They're the best.

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