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@ericparephoto  Light-painting artist As seen on CNN, BBC, MTV, TEDx 132 cameras 360° bullet-time studio at @thexangle Tube Stories™ with

5 hours ago

Suddenly today, and without thinking too much about it, we decided to go on seamless mode in our bullet-time software. That is a way of triggering camera 1 and 132 at the same time, then 2 and 131, 3 and 130, etc. This means that we always capture 2 angles at the same moment. It works quite well with light-painting as it gives us perfect symmetry in the shape and perfect endless loop with no beginning and no end. That's a bit of a tricky concept and we're still exploring with it. I'll dive into more details at some point Interval of 30ms, 3.2s, iso 400, f5.6, Holographic Peach tube from @lightpaintingtubes With the ultra talented and @thexangle team using 132 dslr cameras #lightpainting #bullettime #litbyhand #lightpaintingtubes #ericpare #kimhenry #tubetribe #ifyouhigh #cameramayhem #montreal #streetartglobe #processvideo at Montreal, Quebec

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3 days ago

Kim vs Wave 🤣 who's going to win?

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4 days ago

And here we go! My first test shot we my new toy, my biggest dslr rig ever (132 cameras). I decided to mix right away the speed-ramp, jump-and-freeze and new color grading feature in Xangle Camera Server. So much fun! :::)) version 1.10.8 is currently available as a beta download @thexangle #bullettime #montreal at Montreal, Quebec

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11 days ago

I caught the moon with my orange feather! :::)) Lit by hand using the MilkyOrange @lightpaintingtubes ... with We created this one the same night that we filmed the "light-painting shapes tutorial" (episode 117 on This shape didn't get included because it's a bit fancy and it doesn't even have a name yet. If you have an idea for the name of this shape, write it below ::) _ #lightpaintingtubes #tubetribe #lightpainting #litbyhand #nightphotography #amazing_longexpo #longexpoelite #ig_color #resourcemag #createexplore #travelawesome at Eric Paré

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13 days ago

This is only to counterbalance with my winter stories that I've been posting during the last day. Yep, we still have snow in #montreal 😆😆😆 ... with From our trip to mosquito island in February. Intentional crooked horizon 😛

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