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20 hours ago

A day in The Middle Earth 🌱 Hobbiton, New Zealand. Photo by @bdorts

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1 day ago

The ultimate Pamukkale experience in Turkey 😍 These hot springs are the world's finest @nature spa. They are composed of travertine that are a @nature phenomenon. Video by

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2 days ago

πŸ–Ό Swipe left πŸ‘ˆ Which one is your favourite?😍 1, 2 or 3? Moscow, Russia. Fantastic art by @cariocastudio

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2 days ago

Mythological creature 🦌 Which one is your favourite picture? ✨ Photos by: 1. Reflection play 🌠 (@furstset) 2. Early morning winter πŸ’›(@junkyardmax) 3. We were Kings πŸ‘‘ (@chaitdeshphotography) 4. Highly above the clouds ✨ (@diegostevnson) 5. Lost in the snow ❄️ (@alftown) 6. When you’re at the right place at the right time πŸŒ… (@chaitdeshphotography) 7. Golden hour 🧑 (@pandey.vaibhav) 8. Casual encounter 🦌 (@nauteus) 9. Blooming sunrise 🌺 (@yuma_hidaka)

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3 days ago

Sunrise view goals 😍 β€œThis is one of those moments that literally take your breath away 🎈 Cappadocia, Turkey. Video by @kyrenian w/ @theblondeflamingo

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