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@emma_gibson29  Wifey 💍12/30/17 Mateos mommy 11/22/18

20 hours ago

Not always posting baby pictures ☀️ moms can have fun too 🍑

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9 days ago

Mateo turned five months old today! He loves playing peek a boo, singing songs, and cuddling with mama. He is defiantly a mommy’s boy 💙 Time needs to slow down.

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12 days ago

Play time with mommy is always fun

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1 month ago

Been mommy’s good luck charm for 4 months now 🍀

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1 month ago

Babbby boy 💙

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2 months ago

Blessed to be your mommy 💙

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2 months ago

Arm rolls for days 🐵

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2 months ago

My little valentine is 12 weeks old today. You have grown so much in such a short period of time. You can roll over, smile, play with toys, and you love to talk. We love you so much monkey 🐒

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2 months ago

Happy Valentine’s Day to my lovely baby daddy and husband. Mateo and I can’t wait to see you and celebrate ❤️

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2 months ago

“What did you say about my momma?” 🐵👶🏽 #11weeks #babyboy

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2 months ago

Best friend 💙

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3 months ago

So chunky 🐵😫💙

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3 months ago

Mateo is 8 weeks old today and we had to do a little photo shoot. He smiles so much now and even try’s to talk. Mateo can hold his head up and even try’s sitting up on his own. Our hearts keep growing for the love that we have for him. We spend hours just staring at him. We cannot believe two months have passed already. We love you Mateo 👶🏽❤️🤱🏻 #honestcompany #2months #mamasboy #newborn

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3 months ago

6 weeks and growing way too quickly. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Mateo can now hold his head up, make eye contact, smile at you, roll over belly to back, hold his chest and head up while laying on belly and recognize mommy and daddy. •••••••• I am so happy I can stay at home with Mateo because every day he continues to grow and do something new. He just needs to slow down because time is moving too quickly.

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