6 days ago

My entire Instagram page will tell you that I’m still 100% in denial over living so far from the majority of my people... T-God for these goons & the moments we actually get to (almost) all be in the same place at the same time at Twin Peaks (San Francisco)

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2 months ago

pictured: a happy girl experiencing the realest joy found in friendship, beautiful creation, and of course, the One who created it all - I hope 2019 is a year that teaches me to find moments each day where I get to breathe in this same sweet joy. life is miraculous

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3 months ago

These life long friends of mine are just the greatest gift! Can’t wait to keep pursuing friendship with you for forever :’) miss you both already it’s hard at Santa Cruz, California

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3 months ago

A ~neat~ picture taken while backpacking that’s really just here bc it’s beautiful & it’ll make everything look better in the long run which makes me happy :)

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4 months ago

happy birthday to my person, my best friend, to the one who has my whole heart!! You shine oh so brightly into every life that surrounds you with your loving kindness, humility, generosity, and incredible heart of justice and goodness. You’re amazing. Thanks for loving me so well and making me laugh everyday for the past year🤪We’re the same age now #congratstous at Santa Cruz, California

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5 months ago

can’t mess with forever friendship ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ily imy home won’t be the same without you this weekend

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6 months ago

sure do miss backpacking through the mountains with my guy⛰💚 Biiiiiiig ole shout out to Jesus for these amazing campsite views that made the trek so incredibly worth it(including the view of Micah himself duh) at Thornton Lakes

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9 months ago

okay but like how could you not leave your heart in San Francisco tho... look @ her at San Francisco, California

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9 months ago

Oh my goodness JZ is 20?! What a blessing it is to have laughed with you and loved you every day for 13 of those amazing years!!! Love these ladies tooooo much. Always the sweetest time with them. Middle school forever(?) at Santa Cruz, California

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10 months ago

Retro Funky Festival Love: a(phat) series //ft. Tyler the Creator, Bon Iver, Vince Staples, Hippo Campus, and Micah’s v cool friends at Sasquatch! Music Festival

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12 months ago

west coast kidz🤤 You are my glory days.. // what I wouldn’t give to be back in the bay running through wildflower fields with you. Issa love that isn’t fleeting yo🤘🏼 at The Coit Tower

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12 months ago

MacKenzie Paige Barden is 19 years old today. Y’all this is huge news. My sweet friend is growing up, I’m in tears. I love you pal. I am too too grateful to have someone like you in my life and by my side. I love you for your huge and honest heart. I love you for your fiery and passionate spirit. Thanks for being crazy and weird with me always. Love you Kenzie💕

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1 year ago

Captions are hard but ya know what isn’t?! Being in one of my favorite places with my bestest friend... mhm mhm we starting off ‘18 so good at Truckee, California

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1 year ago

Festive & extra jolly because of these women who I am the most blessed to get to love. Grateful to have spent a summer with you in the redwoods, and even more grateful that I get to do life with you now. at Santa Cruz, California

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1 year ago

My perfect life would consist of waking up to mountain sunrises with a mug of cider in hand every dang day ... God thank you for my perfect moments. // Oh oh OH and cheers to best friend @em_lillian_ cuz she’s coming home tomorroowwwww #heckya at Minaret Summit

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1 year ago

Wow, this girl. Nel thank you for loving me so well. Thank you for showing me who Jesus is through who you are. I am insanely lucky to call you one of my best friends. I miss you so very much, can’t WAIT to laugh with you again super soon😊💛 at Rattlesnake Ridge Hiking Trail

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