25 days ago

You knows those days when you’re just feeling yourself...well today’s that day 😊

1045k 12k
1 month ago

When daddy dresses me like him 💕

1179k 20k
2 months ago

Just trying to live the best life that God has blessed me with 🌷

950k 11k
2 months ago

Thinking about how I’m going to be the best big sister to my lil sister 💕

1134k 19k
2 months ago

Just call me the Ellester bunny 🐰

932k 16k
2 months ago

I love you 💕

904k 17k
2 months ago


813k 14k
2 months ago

Maybe I’ll get what I want if I give them puppy eyes

817k 15k
4 months ago

Thinking about me being a big sister 👼🏼❤️

959k 21k
4 months ago

Even though I can’t read yet, all of your guys love never goes unnoticed ❤️

660k 13k
4 months ago

Hi guys 🐻

734k 17k
4 months ago

I’m blessed to have the best dadda in the world, I love you Dadda 😊

672k 9k