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@eklectopia  Interesting things are everywhere. Filling my pockets with rainy day inspiration that sometimes turns into illustrations & designs @eknopf_design


2 months ago

40+ mile bike ride today. Looking for calmness from the chaos - found it in open spaces with farmland and glimpses of Mt. Rainier, alongside the ever underestimated Green river. at Green River Trail

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3 months ago

Hey folks, Loki Fish in South Park will be open today (Saturday 7/20) from 4-5 for fresh salmon purchasing! Located in the South Park business Park. @lokifish at South Park, Seattle

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3 months ago

Ping pong bathtubs might just be the next spa craze. at SPIN

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3 months ago

Sometimes you get stuck on the wrong side of the bridge cause a mega yacht needs to come through. Just another South Park ‘pause’. #drawbridgelife at South Park, Seattle

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4 months ago

Drying flowers, storing up some summer

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4 months ago

2001 - proof of a wonderful and long friendship! @jenbetterley ❤️

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4 months ago

Being a good designer - gardening with a grid and practicing the principal of repetition. at South Park, Seattle

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4 months ago

The view from the South Park bridge never seems to get old. at South Park, Seattle

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5 months ago

I feel like it’s going to be an epic strawberry season! at South Park, Seattle

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6 months ago

Sometimes you have to go through it to come out on the other side at South Park, Seattle

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