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5 days ago

This weekend was the most EPIC weekend of golf⛳️⛳️⛳️. I have always said he’d make an incredible comeback and he did 🐯🐯🐯. All the feels 😭😭. Never give up on your #dreams #masters2019 #pga . . @svggolf: outfit. @prescoapp: best photo editor app I’ve used! at Goose Creek Golf Club

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9 days ago

🚨 Golf tip 🚨 are you playing into the wind and need to hit the ball low? Simple way to flight the ball down is to feel lower through your finish! . . @rukket_sports click the link in my bio to win your own!! at Beverly Hills, California

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10 days ago

Grateful for the evolution of women’s golf clothes. If I play poorly, at least I still looked good 😅😜 @inos.official

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12 days ago

When you lip out from a bunker 40yards away and the camera misses it 😜 at Moorpark, California

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18 days ago

“Quick, take a pic... My outfit is cute and there’s a pretty waterfall.” 🤦🏽‍♀️ I’m so guilty of being such a girl 😂. at The Crossings At Carlsbad Golf Course

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24 days ago

Who dis? After being in competition mode the last 5 weeks, I barely recognized myself all cleaned up 😅. at Beverly Hills, California

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25 days ago

Australia > LAX ... slept 14 hours and feel like a new woman 😅. ❗️Golf tip: P A T I E N C E ❗️ working on being a bit more patient from the top of my swing! (Generally we all are too excited to hit the ball and we are too quick from the top with u hands) ⛳️💪🏽 at Rancho Park Golf Course

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1 month ago

Workouts are so limited when I am on the road that naturally I had to document it 😜💪🏽.

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1 month ago

Fore right! ⛳️ 😅 ... when you don’t know what to do with your hands, feet, arms... you go into the most natural pose you know 😜 at The Opera Bar, Circular Quay

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1 month ago

Nothing better than an empty driving range 😍

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2 months ago

🚨 DRILL 🚨. An actual one... . I use my @rukket_sports chipping net to practice visualizing different trajectories and hitting to different targets. Easiest way to change trajectories: use higher lofted clubs for a higher shot and to keep it lower use something like an 8i. Second option without changing your swing would be to place the ball more back in your stance for a lower shot and further up would yield a higher shot. These are two of the most basic ways to change the trajectory! . 🎉🎉Get your own to do this drill, use the link in my bio for a discount on your own. Also, enter to win a prize!!🎉🎉

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