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@eco_reefer  New challenge: build an sustainable eco reef

8 months ago

It’s already a couple of month ago when we spend this amazing day at the #GreatBarrierReefeef in Oz 🐠 🐟 🐡 but it doesn’t look good. The diversity is huge, much bigger than expected, but the corals stocks that we could see in Ningaloo Reef where up to five metres big while they are almost tiny at the Great Barrier Reef. That’s because the last coral bleaching was just last year and another one just in 2016. A Reef needs about five years to recover. The corals are very young - while they could live for decades and longer! It doesn’t look healthy. Keep in mind: we took these videos at one of the most picturesque place at the Reef - the guides know the good spots. It’s not just climate change it’s also everything that ends up in the ocean: plastic, toxic sunscreen, pesticides, fertiliser and so much more that doesn’t belong anywhere else than the bin. The time for change is now. Corals aren’t plants, they are living animals like you and me. And we all depend on them. #savethereef #reef #adventure #travel #australia #fish #coral #savetheoceans #ocean #workingholiday #backpacking #dive #snorkeling #turningthetide #meerwasseraquarium #riff #koralle Literally: #breathtaking #gorpro #goproquik at The Great Barrier Reef

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