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3 days ago

A truly elated and loving thanks goes to my great friend @vonwolfenheiserr for playing my track "90s Toxic" from my soon to be announced project at LA's premiere bdsm event, @softleatherclub! She also played two other tracks of mine that night, holy moly. Annica has always been such a kind and loving person, being supportive and meaning well since the night I met her. She will always be someone that inspires me and motivates me to be the best I can be in the music world. Much love, queen. P.S: for anyone trying to become a member of softleather, please just go online and read the instructions, you're giving @thejohnnylove a brain aneurism LMAO. #techno #tympanumrecords #losangelestechno #orangecountytechno #thekabuki #easmusicofficial #annikawolfe #softleatherclub #johnnylove #akelarecords #electronicmusic #bdsmcommunity

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3 days ago

Here is the second track @perctrax played of mine at Awakenings (not including the synth line by a track by Yan Cook at the drop)! The track is called "Cool White Powder" from the same unannounced project ;). This video was linked to me from Ali himself, otherwise, I would've never seen it. Thank you, dude! I truly appreciate the support and inspiration. #perctrax #awakeningsfestival #easmusicofficial #tympanumrecords #orangecountytechno #losangelestechno #electronicmusic #thekabuki

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8 days ago

Some absolutely gorgeous press photos, shot by @sturgesphoto. Here's one of them.

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20 days ago

Feels like I've always gotta do this, but apologies for never posting. I've been deep at work for a big project of mine coming up. But I have great news. The project is finished, and I'm so excited to show it to everyone! Easily some of my best work is finally coming into fruition. The next step, announcement time, is coming so soon...stay tuned folks. I'm very happy about this next one. #losangelestechno #andtechno #perctrax #47records #easmusicofficial #thekabuki #orangecountytechno #awakeningsfestival #ansome #tommyfourseven #cynthiaspiering #electronicmusic #mordrecords #southlondonanaloguematerial #tympanumrecords at Orange, California

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7 months ago

Don't usually feel very comfortable posting pictures of myself on my Instagram, but I just had to post this pic of @perctrax and myself after the absolute inferno of a night that was the @6amgroup show in LA. What an awesome fucking set, as always. And the opportunity to meet Ali, a huge inspiration to me, and one of my musical heroes. I can't wait until the next time he's in town. Because you can bet your ass I'll be there. But for now, holy fuck, am I exhausted. I sleep. #losangelestechno #techno #6amgroup #heroes #inspirations at Los Angeles, California

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