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@drkeekabanana  nothing to be gained here ➖ heart as arena

8 days ago

my parents gave me this gorgeous peony for mother’s day and if you’re considering taking a selfie with a peony you should know they’re incredibly sticky, their sap or whatever will definitely end up in your hair on your clothes and somehow all over the dog, in fact i think they basically sweat simple syrup so just fyi for the peony selfie taking 💋

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8 days ago

that’s a serious sniff, girl

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13 days ago

cuddling or exhaustion?

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14 days ago

we tried. not hard, but we tried. (her face in the last one🤦🏻‍♀️) at White River Gardens

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14 days ago

so. many. butterflies. .....none in this photo, but just off screen. trust me at White River Gardens

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16 days ago

blue steele #tbt

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18 days ago

this hasn’t happened in a minute 🖤

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20 days ago

beautiful lil rainbow face

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20 days ago

today she chose every single color available 💅🏼

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21 days ago

b a b y

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24 days ago

#tbt to this bath because today’s weather sure af calls for a repeat but i’m all outta milk + roses • 📸 by @framedinvelvet

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24 days ago

she wanted to show off her shirt and shake her butt. not gonna argue with that

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25 days ago

cool kids know cheap giant tj maxx headphones > airpods duh

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26 days ago

just doin what the beat tells her to

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27 days ago


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