14 hours ago

being super domestic over here. mom are your proud? at West Village

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17 hours ago

wind blown. chilly today again but have faith spring is coming soon. manifest it please.

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3 days ago

today we got a taste of summer. so rosé outside seemed appropriate. can’t wait. at Morandi Restaurant

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4 days ago

when hair and makeup happens before 10am 👆🏻 #photoshoot

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6 days ago

I got to have my morning at home today, which was so important, given from here on out the week is just a tad crazy. moderating a women in biz panel tonight, then exciting new launch for a client, a photo shoot, client event with one of my favorite brands + need to mix in that bounce. see you there #alisecollective at West Village

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8 days ago

alone time. feeling comfortable alone is so important but easier for some more than others. I can remember the exact moment I felt completely comfortable dining alone and it felt great. although I’ve neglected this practice lately, today I was able to have a late lunch with myself. try it. at The Maidstone

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12 days ago

gotta get that green juice in somewhere 🥦🍏🥬🍐🥝

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14 days ago

looking into the future...lol jk. actually taken post mini cry sesh on the phone with mom. sometimes a good cry is needed. don’t ya think? thx mama

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15 days ago

new week coming. how do we feel about sage? I like to do it because it forces me to take a moment to think about what I want for the week (or new journey) ahead. at West Village

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16 days ago

snowy saturday strolls but now back home for more tea and vitamin c ❄️🤒 at Washington Square Park

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17 days ago

friday caffeine mood. but actual mood all week. at least it’s almost the weekend? and yes still in workout clothes. at Balthazar

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19 days ago

one of those days you wear workout clothes all day hoping you have time to sweat. that is my strategy when I have back to back mtgs all over the city. full disclosure today isn’t looking too hot at SoHo, Manhattan

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20 days ago

all smiles when the sun meant warmth. less than 100 days until summer. just saying.

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