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28 days ago

More squats : 185 x 10 x 5sets Contacts always get jacked up and want to fall out and get blurry on high rep sets. Couldn’t figure out why until @bonschro said something about not blinking when she squats. I apparently go about 5 reps at a time without blinking. #staringcontest #stareandwave at St. Louis

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29 days ago

205kg/10. This was 15kg over my previous best 10. I don’t get along well with high reps, still feel like I’m going to puke afterwards, and takes forever to recover. But it’s been a nice change of pace and a needed break from the heavier stuff. Definitely ready for it to end though at St. Louis

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30 days ago

225kg x 11. Was supposed to be 10, lost count somewhere around 7. @paulixavier lied to me and said I was at 8 when I was at 9. 🤷‍♂️ @mgrantom probably told me what number I was really on but she’s too quiet and I couldn’t hear her. Cool story, huh? at St. Louis

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1 month ago

The secret to how I stole @rosedoesrows heart... My sweet dance moves. Monkey arm grandpa slouch. at The Dance Lab

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1 month ago

Not gonna lie, this last training cycle was not very fun for me. • I was not motivated at all for the majority of my training. However, motivation has never been something I need to do the work. I still went through the motions, I still got stronger, I still didn’t miss a training session. But there is ALWAYS room to try harder. • I used excuses like pain and time to reason with not doing some of the things that have always worked for me in the past. But, my numbers were still improving so I let myself cut back on the amount of work I was doing. • This training cycle I’m not going to let that happen. I’ve added back in all the accessory work I used to do, along with more corrective exercise that I make everyone else do. The pains have been drastically improved and I feel better and more excited to train with every session. • Here is one of the many 265kg singles I hit last training cycle. Now as Britney Spears once said, “Gimme more. gimme gimme, more” at The Lab Gym

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1 month ago

160 fo fives. Lots of fun Trying not to puke on every rep after doing more than 5 squats for the first time in over a year Bw: all the Girl Scout cookies #CrossFit at The Lab Gym

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2 months ago

235kg pause squat. Haven’t really done any pauses in a long time. This is probably the most I’ve ever done. Working on changing my focal point slightly so lights stop bothering me at meets. Atticus peed on my foot last night at The Lab Gym

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2 months ago

Deadlifts. 3/3 285kg This was a 12.5 kg PR over my previous meet best and gave me a 720kg total for a 2.5kg PR total. Overall I was happy with deadlifts. I’ve pulled more, and I’ve pulled this easier. But, this was what I was planning on hitting and can’t complain about finishing a day that didn’t go as well was expected with a PR. As always, I enjoyed competing, I enjoyed coaching even more, and I learned from my mistakes. Back to work, hungry for more. at The Lab Gym

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2 months ago

Bench: 180kg opener 185kg 2nd 190kg 3rd miss 190kg 4th miss Bench was feeling pretty good. 180kg moved well had no problems. 185kg had a really hard time on the unrack for some reason. Still not sure exactly what was going on, but felt like I couldn’t pull the right side out of the rack. Made the attempt, felt good about 190kg as a safe 3rd. Tried getting under the bar a little further with 190kg, still a little trouble coming out on right side, but better than second attempt. Head judge accidentally gave me a “rack” command instead of a “press” command. This sent a million different thoughts through my head as I’m tying to grind out the rep while wondering if I am just wasting energy. Almost locked it out, but couldn’t quite finish the rep. Got a retake a couple min later after a lot of confusion on when I was supposed to be up and rack height being set wrong. Hands were numb from having wrist wraps on too long and just didn’t have it.

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2 months ago

Here’s my only squat make from the Arnold. 250kg opener. Squat just wasn’t there that day. All my warmups felt normal and strong. First attempt the weight felt fine but balance was way off and I almost fell backwards. Still felt like I could make the planned jump to 260kg no problem as that weight has been and should have been routine. Missed it on my 2nd and 3rd attempts. 2nd attempt I just got a little complacent and assumed I would make it no problem and was honestly a little shocked when I missed. Weight felt good on my back, felt strong coming out of the bottom, but got stuck in a higher sticking point than normal and balance felt off again. Let off the gas pedal just slightly. Will never make that mistake again. 3rd attempt I got in my head. Not something I usually do. Changed my approach, tried to change my bottom position, missed again. Will never make those mistakes again. at Greater Columbus Convention Center

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