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3 months ago

Happy Valentines Day to my bestie for the restie!!! This is my favorite Jewish holiday by far, where we celebrate when Rabbi Avi Valentine Goldbergstein climbed Mount Everest on feb 14 to save the love of his life, Ester Greenberg from the evil dragon. Anyways, it’s a beautiful story of love, but not as beautiful or lovely as my @olliethecollie Every time I look at you, I fall in love all over again. at Los Angeles, California

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4 months ago

Nice little weekend with the crew. Sunsets and beach walks with @olliethecollie and Ollie the chow. Monster Jam with Preston and crew. A few waves out front with the boys....accidentally wore my wetsuit backwards. Lots of hot yoga with brownie (photos not appropriate for instagram) #jst at Carlsbad, Karlovarský Kraj, Czech Republic

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5 months ago

Had fun yesterday babysitting these two. LP was easy as, but the beast @benbagofdonuts fell down the stairs twice, drank a whole jar of pancake batter, and soiled his depends diaper 6 times. Also he made me read him Meek Mill’s arrest report as a bed time story. Also Walt caught on fire and the neighbor punched himself in the face after he called my scooter lame. at Barnstable County Fair

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6 months ago

24 hours in Geneva. No sleep straight to the local circus, into Cody’s birthday cheese fondu party. Then the pleasure of spending the day at the DuPont European Technical facility. Met some of the smartest people on the planet and gave a speech to a hundred people who don’t speak English. (Good thing because I was the dumbest one in the room by far.). And went to the United Nations HQ. Thank you @kevlarbrand @travispastrana @codystauder time to sleep here in Sweden at Geneva, Switzerland

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6 months ago

Stoked to announce that our great friends at @road2recovery have a live auction up with 1 of a kind autographed gear from the whole team. This is a once in a lifetime chance to get this stuff. Check out the link on the photos. Also a reminder that you can still get tea Puerto Rico merchandise at our website Thanks everyone for all the support, and stoked to get done to Puerto Rico and get to work on helping some people. @therickyjohnson @travispastrana @kdub_14 @cbdmd.usa @yokohamatire at Hacienda San José, Caguas Puerto Rico

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7 months ago

The time has finally come. I’m Coming out of retirement and getting back to being an athlete. I’ve always lived by 1 rule, “give the people what they want.” And the people have spoken. I will be riding in the Europe Nitro Circus Live shows this month. Riding what you ask? There is only one way to find out, and that is to come to the shows and see for yourself. To make it even more enticing I am offering an exclusive 30% discount if you use the code “DOV” when checking out on Ticketmaster. All you have to do is go to and follow the link the tickets. Hurry up because they are going fast since the big announcement. #nitrocircus #jst #livelikeroner @bilkofmx @travispastrana @brandonschmidt92 @rwillyofficial @dustywygle @adamjones760 @beaverfleming @beaubam612 @harrybink @chrishaffey @aaronwheelz @andybuckworth @ethenroberts @trevorpiranha I’m for all of you tnucs! at Europe

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7 months ago

It was a big weekend. The Red Sox won the World Series and I asked my best friend and the love of my life to marry me. (She said yes!!!). Can’t wait to become Mr Dov Williams. @olliethecollie at Top of the Mark

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7 months ago

This was one of the craziest weeks ever, and I’ve had some big ones!! Could not be more proud/happy/stoked/honored of my best buddy @nathanabrown for how hard he has been working to be the field reporter for our new show and for winning his first ever MVC!!! Welcome to the club!!!! Thanks to @jedmildon for not hurting me during the cake celebration. I am a little disturbed at how happy brownie was. @harrybink thanks for the VS. #nitrocircus #jst

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8 months ago

What an experience this weekend. So proud to be associated with Team Puerto Rico and the biggest race in the world. Early mornings, late nights, and never not answering questions is what we do. Raised a shit ton of money. Gonna help a lot of people in need. And have more respect for my team than I thought possible. I hate you trav but I love you. Thank you to everyone who worked day and night in 12 inches of mud. See y’all in Puerto Rico!! at RedBud Motocross

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