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8 hours ago

You can only control how you respond Do it in a calm, deliberate and purposeful way and thrive regardless Controlled aggression is the smartest, healthiest way to move forward after a stressor that requires aggression is introduced into your life. You can aggressively work towards a goal and make that setback a spring board forward Go forth a smarter, more capable Savage #iamabeastathlete at Cabo San Lucas Bay

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21 hours ago

My favorite player retired today. Thank you for the memories, the spiked balls and the constant entertainment on and off the field @gronk You'll be missed. #iamabeastathlete at Foxboro Stadium

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1 day ago

Dropping the weight down and hammering form like nobodies business. Haven't had working sets below 405 in a couple years. Humbled up and went to work! One of several sets of 5 focusing on keeping elbows in and my whole upper body working! #iamabeastathlete at Beast Athletes

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Check out a couple of the designs that are now available on T shirts, Tank Tops and Hoodies! Message me for more details! #iamabeastathlete at Beast Athletes

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Caught a Maco Shark do do do do do do and it tastes pretty amazing! These things are 100% predator. Very excited to be able to bring all the meat home to the 406 to have during this next cycle of training and Nutrition! #iamabeastathlete at La Marina Cabo San Lucas BCS

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7 days ago

@beastathletesuniversity is working on a project and we need YOUR help! We are going to provide at least 10 veterans or currently deployed troops with completely free training programs. We are going to donate a portion of our cost of training and nutrition programs and we are looking for people to partner with us and cover the rest! If you are interested in saying Thank You with us, please email us at Any form of donation will be accepted, but we are looking for a membership type contribution to help these people long term and give them something to cope with the stressors they have in their lives as a result of protecting our great country. #beastathletesuniversity #astrongerqualityoflife #iamabeastathlete We are officially accepting nominations for soldiers and vets who would benefit the most from this type of a thing. Please like and share so we can spread this far and wide. #iamabeastathlete #astrongerqualityoflife #beastathletesuniversity

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Build a big ass back and put something you believe in on it. #iamabeastathlete

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Save 25% off everything through @1missionnutrition with my discount code special thank you code BEAST25 Click the link in my bio Place your order Enter BEAST25 in the discount section Save!! This sale is almost over so get it before it's gone! #iamabeastathlete at Beast Athletes

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