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11 hours ago

โ˜ OBSCURED lured by the crowd with sparkling eyes obsured by the clouds of darkening skies the voices too loud to decipher the lies it wasn't the sky that was angry it was just me for the heavens are too far for a blind man to see and the sun to bright a star the forest hides behind it's tree a tear drop in a jar kept away from the sea #obsured #visionary #photo #poem #imagesandwords #fullmoonfever #nyc at Bronx, New York

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1 day ago

STRANGE AND BEAUTIFUL THING how does such a thing exist so eerily precious so wicked in its whimsy spine tingling and suspicious to relish in its rancor such ridiculous splendor shimmering and shamed this precariously placed imperfection a mild mannered masterpiece of mistaken beauty molded by the awkward thumbs of a mad god from muddy earth and bone from the babies bad dream that the new king longs to possess to cherish its lonely lanky lovely in the shadow of its sorrow it speaks of something that no longer dwells here among men but like deja vu...familiar to a mind not entirely our own the visitor so strange and beautiful #strangeandbeautiful #imagesandwords #visitor #midnightmoan #art #photo artist: unknown at Earth

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2 days ago

๐ŸŽต CITY SONG along broadway and just below you hear the piano play and the trumpets blow the strings strum and sway and the tempo strains to slow the hectic day the train traffic flow the rappers rhyme and the mariachis croon the drummers keep time and the dancers know the tune a chorus sublime carries the afternoon yet the encore came too soon we make way for the night where the amps buzz and the bands get tight the mike is hot as we glow with the spotlight the music makers show how to snuff out the stage fright how my city sings with all it's might #citysong #musicmakers #imagesandwords #photo #lyrical #nyc at Times Sq/42nd St Subway Station 1/2/3/7/N/Q/R/Shuttle

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2 days ago

DEEPER SHADE slow down before we are lowered underground seep in deeper feelings steeped in sound teeter on the brink in a dark part of town have a seat speak what you think let's invite the truth around I don't care what you do just share what is true tell me of your madness of long buried sadness for this shade of blue looks good on you too #deeper #speaktruth #shadesofblue #photo #write #nyc #wordsandimages at New York, New York

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3 days ago

A CONVERSATION speak with me humming like a heartbeat deep frequency keep the faith with me deep sleep wake to walk the streets and see what it takes to run wild and free like a dark lit soul awaiting trial I enter the fray with a smile for the green in her eyes brings my blood red to rise and we may not be back for a while carry on your conversation we have traveled many a mile #speaktome #spirits #sleepers #imagesandwords #photo #poetry #nyc at Manhattan, New York

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3 days ago

HOMESICK here I stand native son in a strange land gave the golden one to a cold black hand until heat runs dry and sweet tastes bland visiting hours draw to a close strange flowers from the gutter he grows and steam rises where the underground flows by any other name a rose is a rose smoke signals never sent the lost tribe came and went I am homesick for a lifetime misspent to the sewers to the stars and the sinners who refuse to repent #homesick #nativeson #rise #unrepentant #stranger #photo #darkpoetry #nyc #wordsandimages #midnight at Lower Manhattan

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5 days ago

SAINT OF HEARTS to romance at it's essence a pretty playful dance found in adolescence a boy crushes a young girl swoons a poem gushes from stolen tunes blood rushes but only time heals wounds and cupid trades his bow for a gun saving bullets for the lost I know...for I am one who has paid double the cost fickle fancy one and done tempted teased and tossed the queen of hearts and her broken parts never planned to stay the ace of spades and his dark escapades has had his wicked way and words we speak have no room for the weak said in a single breath we will love you we will love you to death #eros #notalovepoem #stvalentinesmassacre #saintofhearts #brokenart #loveanddeath #lighthearted artwork: @adamdare at Bronx, New York

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5 days ago

โ„ MELT I am changing again to liquid to evaporate and rise I am freezing again too heavy this day to stay up in the skies I am melting at my core white hot and craving more I am drifting like an echo of a dying tigers roar I am a shredded overcoat a languid summers breeze I am beheaded at the throat a condemned man's pleas I am a vision of tomorrow in yesterday's mistake I have made this toast to sorrow and gave myself a break it is always the dreamers that can't help but stay awake #changling #melted #dream #imagesandwords #photo #poetry #nyc at New York, New York

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6 days ago

๐Ÿšน CITIZEN listen in take note average citizen with your right to vote what laws begin with what you wrote what book what rules what instructions we took when given no tools this world got shook like a ship of fools the rebels copped out the radicals bought in the madman stopped to shout and the flying monkeys win where one thing is for certain we pay no attention to the man behind the curtain #citizen #wizardry #madhouse #photo #poem #midnightmoan #wordsandimages at Bronx, New York

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7 days ago

___EDGE dance with me on the edge of town where paper thin patience is finally worn down and memories awaken tinged in sepia tones of brown where the fool is revered and the wise men act the clown dream with me where the few have fled to escape the crushing crowd and the noise in our head to a gathering cloud where the horizon has bled live with me here a decision clear...please forego the fear give me vision through the tears I shed breathe with me my dear as I may once more deny the dead #edgeoftown #breathewithme #snapshot #memory #midnightmoan #alive #imagesandwords #poem at New York

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7 days ago

SURRENDERED deadeyed and dusted brain bent and damn near busted the train went down to where no one is trusted the holy rollers can try but the angels fly by this part of town where the wishing well ran dry the devils lurk where the drugs don't work and the desperate stop asking why cloak my eyes with a blood soaked rag look to bleak skies stagger half in the bag my city dies as we wave a white flag #dust #deadeyed #darkpoetry #nyc #imagesandwords at Times Square, New York City

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8 days ago

๐Ÿข FOUNDATION as we build to new heights dreams fulfilled we hold more in our sights let us not make a new floor if we run low on creation we can't build more from the bricks of this foundation if we take from the ground and place it in the sky we are left floating around wondering how...and why so we will make our city solid and sound against the pretty sky a new part of town close by #solidfoundation #photo #poem #sky #buildsomethingnew #imagesandwords #nyc at Lower Manhattan

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9 days ago

๐Ÿ‘ STREET WALK that midnight stroll that freezing heat that rock n roll down that sleazy street that hey Joe from crazy Mary that high heel cobblestone click that dice throw from sugar plum fairy that count off from a punk drumstick those days of angst and povertys song the stench of vice never meant to be nice but certainly doesn't say it is wrong what back street slide and dark alley deed was a red light guide to a deviant need what slithering serpent planted this seed what a pretty package we wrap the wound that won't bleed #walkonthewildside #photo #darkpoetry #nyc at Brooklyn, New York

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9 days ago

๐Ÿ’— HOME a bottomless cup of passing memories of comfort warmth tinged with longing knowing that even tattoos fade as we mark time with sleep and spend it as youthful dreamers in sweet hopes of a legacy one in which we bundle our children in the tender cloth of our company and our care Welcome home she said for I was but a stranger until now #home #photo #poem #welcome #coffee #imagesandwords #nyc at Mom's Kitchen & Bar

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