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5 days ago

Good Morning 💚💚 - - I’m trying harder and harder these days to let Life just happen. Trying not to focus too much on one thing, except for my future. Trying to not force things into existence that might otherwise not be there. Waiting patiently for the great things I feel are going to happen, but not idly waiting, rather making sure I take the steps necessary to make them come true. Often times I find myself wanting and longing for things or people that might not ever come true. In saying that, I’m trying to be more aware of who I am, what I like and desire, and what’s going to be great or necessary for me. - - They say freedom is a lonely road, and I would have to agree. I get lonely, a lot, but I stay positive and maintain the course knowing the hard work and loneliness isn’t for nothing, or at least I’d love to think so. Happy Friday world 🌎 🌍 - - - - - #nature #lake #calmness #sunset #peaceful #intune #lakelife #backyard #thankful #texas #eaglemountainlake #fortworth #home #lovemyplace

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8 days ago

This IS how I woke up today.💪🏼💪🏼 - - I’ve been pretty proud of myself recently for sticking to the diet as meticulously as I have. When I used to compete in bodybuilding there was only bodybuilding, there wasn’t classic physique, physique, model or beach body back then. I used to lift to just get big. Now, I lift so that I can still maintain a look, but my look has evolved into one that’s well rounded. I enjoy yoga, riding bikes, climbing things, skateboarding, lifting weights, trail running, and pretty much anything physical. I’m going for this natural use of muscle, or functional look as I call it. Sort of an Arnold @schwarzenegger physique, but that can do pretty much anything physical that’s put in front of me. I enjoy the freedom that comes with knowing I can go do whatever I want, or whatever anyone asks me to do and feel good knowing it will be done, it will be fun because it’s easy to some degree, and I’ll have the confidence of looking good doing it. 😎 - - If this doesn’t motivate you, find something that does and get out there and get physical. - - How do you look when you wake up, are you proud of what you see? - #nofilter - - - - - - - - #beard #military #airforce #veteran #gingerbeard #gingermuscle #fitness #bodybuilder #healthylifestyles #freckles #fitlife #loveyourself #bekindalways #givealot #eatclean #trainhard #quads #booty🍑 #healthy #motivateyourself #motivation #cleaneating

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10 days ago

Happy Mother’s Day to my mom, the sweetest, fair, most intelligent, kind hearted woman that I’ve ever known. I love you with all my heart. ❤️

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14 days ago

Putting my focus back onto myself, my gains, my goals, my future. I’m not going to invest time in anyone or anything that can’t add value to my life. It’s easy these days to get sucked into things and ultimately pulled in many directions. What I’m realizing is that not everyone is pulling me in the right direction, or better yet, the direction I’m wanting to go. There’s a lot of people out there that talk a lot, say all the right things, and try to lure you in, lure you in to their negative world, where they have nothing to offer you, nothing real or tangent. For once in my life, I’m going to be picky and selfish. I bring nothing to the table but positivity. I have no kids, no debt, no crazy ex’s, no drama. Just me and my heart which I plan to guard and hold sacred from now on. No more letting people pull me into the direction they see fit. If you can’t add value to my life, you probably won’t be in it. 👊🏼 - - - #realtalk #forwardthinking

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24 days ago

I really love making fresh bouquets of roses from my rose bush. Very calming and peaceful, especially when done at sunset. 🌅 🌹

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24 days ago

Good Morning world!! I woke up early today with the sun in order to capture the beautiful sky. This is over an hours worth of video😎. Sharing this magnificent world through my eyes with all of you brings me so much joy! - - I want to make you all aware of something...........Everything in life is a choice. - - Let that sink in!!! Every single thing you do is a choice. You can choose to be lazy, or you can choose to be active. You can choose to tell the truth, or you can choose to lie. You can choose to live a hateful life, or you can choose to be loving. As many of you know, I choose to build and sculpt my body, but what you may not know is that I’ve chosen to sculpt my mind as well. I’ve conditioned my brain to see the beauty in things, I’ve conditioned myself to love and to love hard. I’ve conditioned myself to be sweet to people no matter how they are to me. You see, it’s a choice. I choose to be better, I choose to treat people better than they treat me. I choose to be vulnerable at times with my life and my love, because someone out there is going to choose my love over everyone else’s. Someone else will make a choice to share life with me, and share their love with me. Choices people. - - In my opinion, us humans have it better than most other living things because we have the mental capacity to make choices, instead of everything being instinctual. So get up, and make some amazing choices today!!! - Happy Sunday ❤️ Dustie - - - - - #nature #lake #calmness #sunset #peaceful #intune #lakelife #backyard #thankful #texas #eaglemountainlake #fortworth #home #lovemyplace #sunrise #choices #clouds #waves

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26 days ago

🍑🍑FLEX FRIDAY🍑🍑 - - “No matter what kind of challenges or difficulties or painful situations you go through in your life, we all have something deep within us that we can reach down and find the inner strength to get through them.” ―Alana Stewart - - I’ve been asked a lot recently why or how is it possible that I’m single, so I’m going to open up and be real with you IG fam. I’m single because I went through a divorce. I’m single because for once in my life I’m putting me first. I’ve been taking the time I’ve needed to heal from that failed relationship, to clear my mind, to honor my strengths, and get myself on the path I’ve wanted to be taking. I want to be living my best life and making sure my thoughts, my wants/needs, and overall quality of life is not just good, but solid and consistent. When the time comes to invite a woman into my world, to share experiences with, to explore, and to grow in harmony.......I want to make sure I’m ready for myself and for her, so that 💯 can be given without reluctance. I refuse to rush into anything anymore, and as red flags pop up they won’t be ignored. - I want to be the type of man that someone looks at and either says “I want to be like him someday” or “I would love for my children to grow up to be like him someday” - - Stay true to yourself, be real with people, be honest, and take care of yourself. - Happy Friday, ❤️ Dustie - - - - - - - #beard #military #airforce #veteran #gingerbeard #gingermuscle #fitness #bodybuilder #healthylifestyles #freckles #fitlife #loveyourself #bekindalways #givealot #eatclean #trainhard #quads #booty🍑 #healthy #shower #butt #bootybuilding #fitnessmotivation

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27 days ago

Short video, but this was my sunset last night. - - I can’t tell you how often I feel how truly lucky we are to live on this particular planet in the solar system. Not hot enough to kill everything, and not cold enough to kill everything. The perfect distance from the sun in order to make all that we know a reality. If our orbit ever shifts, we may be no more. Sounds wild to think about, but you never know. Embrace each day with love and thoughtfulness, I know I do. ❤️😘 - - - - - - - #texas #sunset #sunsets #myhome #positivevibes #goodvibes #lake #lakelife #water #calming #love #livelakelove

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1 month ago

Imperfection can be so perfect. - - Don’t be scared of how you look, or the shape of your body. Be proud of who you are, and don’t worry about being perfect. I do not consider myself to be perfect. I fuck up and make mistakes just like anyone else and my body is never exactly how I want it. - - Time and patience are some of the best things we can invest in. I’ve been working out for a long time. I used to be abnormally strong when I was younger and lifting in a manner to provide that strength. Over the years, my mindset has shifted. I honestly don’t care how much weight I lift. If I could lift minimum weights and get huge, I would!! As I age, I realize how important life is to me. I focus on my future often and with that comes the thoughts of growing old and simply being able to walk up and down stairs, or get in and out of a car, or my bed. - - So be good to your body because it’s the only one you get!!❤️ - - - - - - - - - #beard #military #airforce #veteran #gingerbeard #gingermuscle #fitness #bodybuilder #healthylifestyles #freckles #fitlife #loveyourself #bekindalways #givealot #eatclean #trainhard #quads #booty🍑 #healthy #shower #muscle #bootybuilding

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1 month ago

Rolling into this weekend with zero fucks. 😎 - Often times I find myself entering the weekend wondering what everyone else is doing. This weekend I don’t give a shit! 🤪 - This weekend is going to be all about me. Whatever I feel like doing, is what I’m going to do. If you find yourself putting your time on the back burner, I encourage you to STOP!! Do you boo, live your life, have fun, stay healthy, and stay young. 😘 - - - - - - - - #beard #military #airforce #veteran #gingerbeard #gingermuscle #fitness #bodybuilder #healthylifestyles #freckles #fitlife #loveyourself #bekindalways #givealot #eatclean #trainhard #quads #booty🍑 #healthy #bike #wheelie #zerofucksgiven

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1 month ago

I can fix anything.......even your heart. 💔+🛠= 🥰

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1 month ago

Workhorse. Ladies are you tired of being insecure?! Get with my bff. 😎

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2 months ago

This is the full video of my Friday night yoga flow. Work in progress 😎

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