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@djtmaro  DJ & PRODUCER📍 [Ing, 🇩🇪] URBAN • LATIN • AFROBEATS • EDM FOUNDER @kabaya_music 💫

2 months ago

🕊 peace And positivity ..

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2 months ago

Gangsters don’t die , they get chubby and then they move to Munich 🧸. Shot by @ogidikakelvin at Addis Ababa

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2 months ago

In two weeks , we did 12 gigs in 6 states here in Nigeria 🇳🇬 / from 14th - 31st December, 2018 - using steady Flights , Trains , Cars. ,, Moving when tired AF From my team member shutting down and refusing to move anymore due to stress 😁to the New traditions and new people with different mindsets and music tastes , Trust me it wasn’t easy #isitjustmetour #djtmaro . Lots of New experiences I am thankful for ! 🙏🏽 stronger and better I would be back to work from the 3week of January 2019. #wiederindeutschland chilling now so bad energy stay far away ✌️. at Calabar

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3 months ago

I spent my 15th Decemeber turning up at The main spot in Kaduna @club_jodeci . I couldn’t be at the Croc City Meet and Eat because of the organizers mistakes which have been apologized for . at Jodeci_club

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4 months ago

we hit Ola Hit 100k Plus on spotify . Quater Mill+ on Souncloud and 100k on YouTube . This one is For God 🙏🏽. 🎉 at Dj Tmaro

4 months ago

Amazon Prime vibes straight from Kingston Jamaica 🇯🇲 💥💥🔥 at Konstablerwache

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5 months ago

To whom it may concern . I add pink to my outfit sometimes to raise awareness of breast cancer . It’s an issue which by the grace of God doesn’t hit home and Bless all the ladies in my fam 🙏🏽 and beyond . But it’s a real thing and to all the victims (friend , friends mom , Nigerian Definition aunts , etc ) i really share your pain when you have unprecedented and intractable issues and you have to lose your beautiful (.)(.) . Sad stuff 😪 but we @kabaya_music when we make money 💰 would donate to Breast cancer research . Pretty soon anyways 💯 By The way the 138k bmw i8 behind me totally spoilt my picture 😒. Shot by @matthiaslivaras 💥 at Ravensburg, Germany

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