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This image from a story on Kiev’s last day of school shot for Nat Geo last May, made it into National Geographic’s Best travel photos of 2018 list. #kiev #kyiv #lastbell @natgeo

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1 month ago

Watching the results come in at the unofficial Democratic midterm election party in Astoria, Queens. For @businessweek, on newstands today. #electionday2018

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2 months ago

Members of an Anti-Trump resistance group from North Carolina photographed for a @time cover story on such grassroots ‘armies’ forming all over the country. Hundreds of thousands of volunteers go door to door mobilizing their neighbors to vote Democrat, trying to take back the Congress in the midterm elections.

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2 months ago

A cow and a camel were taken through the Cathedral of St John to be blessed for the annual celebration of the feast of St Francis, for @nytimes

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2 months ago

A horse is being led through the Cathedral of St John for the annual blessing of the animals. Photo essay out today in @nytimes Sunday Metropolitan.

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2 months ago

A camel is fed before being taken through the Cathedral of St John for the annual animal blessing. For @nytimes #animalblessing

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2 months ago

An owl on the steps of the Cathrdral of St John the Divine after the annual blessing of the animals, for @nytimes #animalblessing

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3 months ago

Joe Manchin, a controversial Democratic senator from the red West Virginia, photographed at a state fair for the October issue of @gq #joemanchin

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3 months ago

NYC rat photographed for the Sonic Voyages issue of the @nytmag. 11 world destinations with sound recordings. Did you know rats laugh? That whacky soundtrack is up at nytmag website.

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3 months ago

A curious NYC rat photographed for the sonic voyages issue of @nytmag. Apparently rats not only talk to each other but also laugh! Check out the sound of rats’ laughter and 10 other world destinations, from Hawaii’s crackling lava to a singing Chile desert at nytmag website. #rats

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