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@desperatehousehens  Behind the facade of a postcard-perfect subdivision live 6 hens whose lives are anything but idyllic.

21 days ago

Mrs Mabel McClusky and Fluffy Solis are settling in fine in their dogs on Wisteria Lane at Ballard, Seattle

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24 days ago

Surprise plot twist on Wisteria Lane. Two new ladies joined the group! Meet Mrs. Mabel McCluksky and Fluffy Solis at Seattle, Washington

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1 month ago

Watching Edie's bouffant in slow motion is one of our favorite things. at Ballard

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1 month ago

Wisteria Lane is snowed in and the ladies absolutely refuse to leave the comfort of their house. at Ballard, Seattle

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2 months ago

The ladies are NOT impressed with the weather this week. at Ballard

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2 months ago

Pancake Breakfast before the snowstorm! at Ballard

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3 months ago

Susan has gone broody again and when I get her out of the nestbox she immediately runs for this water source instead of the nice clean water in the coop. at Seattle, Washington

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3 months ago

Have you had your worms today? It's Saturday, which is worm day and you should have some worms. at Ballard

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4 months ago

FRIYAY, Frhens! at Ballard

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