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@demon_mccree  Howdy names Jesse nice to meet you darling~ Gun slinger Purely rp account 🔞will have some nsfw🔞 Member blackwatch (All art not mine)

12 hours ago

*show off fangs* sharp right

49 2
3 days ago

*lets Genji hug me slowly start shacking tears up*

65 8
6 days ago

Genji awake sir what are you talking about?

129 1
8 days ago

Y-your lucky that I like you Hanzo

208 2
10 days ago

Hey stop it Sir this is getting annoying

64 0
10 days ago

*smokes my cigar smile* did you miss me, boss?

52 0
12 days ago

*laying on the floor smokes a cigarette doesn’t notice Reyes coming*

42 0
12 days ago

YOU LIER!!! YOU PROMISED ME!!! You promise....won’t leave anymore

180 6
14 days ago

*lays down on sombra lap let her fix my arm* thanks for fixing my arm

131 5
14 days ago

*chuckles dance along with her* not bad *smirks*

59 4
15 days ago

*cross my arm* just ignore him and he will probably go away

66 22
16 days ago

*catches Genji looks at Ana* Nice shot ma’ma

118 7
17 days ago

*pant and huff heavily tears come down* I-I’m a terrible person what I done those innocent they didn’t deserve it *hold on my arm*

220 9
19 days ago

*smirks take out a sharpie draw on him* ha ha pay back

49 4
19 days ago

*flirts* Howdy partner don’t arrest me I been a good boy~ *smirks mumbles* I hope this works

49 2
20 days ago

*smirks* you don’t scare me ass hole

46 5
21 days ago

*chuckle takes my hat off place her head* so ting and cute

60 8
22 days ago

*yawn show my fangs* what? *hair all messy*

47 9
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