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Y’all lucky I can’t dance cause this would be my whole feed! Video after video of me killing it! S/o the homie @nicholasjmurphy his movement Monday’s are always 🔥🔥 Go follow!!! #oldandwashedup #mih⁣⠀ *⁣⠀ *⁣⠀ * ⁣⠀ #vibes #positivity #mindset #entrepreneur #vegan #veganism ⁣⠀ #buddhism #startup #joy #startuplife #mindset #meditation #leaders #leadership #marketing #desmoines #branding #business #zen #positivelife #positivevibes #positivity #entrepreneurlife #passion #happiness #karma at Life Time Athletic - Des Moines

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#Repost @ @get_reposter Here’s a few vegan foods to add to your menu to consume throughout your vegan journey try adding new foods to your favorite vegan/vegetarian meals..substitute potatoes beans etc for meat..when I craved meat products I made sure to stay away from pot lucks at work and places where I really enjoyed certain non vegan meals at restaurants..So I started to meal prep every Sunday for the week which is very important for the process..key factor is to discipline yourself and also not be afraid to tell your family, friends and coworkers no to not eating meat meals and eventually they will understand and most likely join you during the process I had a hard time saying no but I had to realize that my health is more important then just a quick meal that may affect me later in life so research research research 🔎 and take your time throughout your journey #vegan #plantbased #crueltyfree #ethicaleating #animallovers #eatlikeyougiveafuck #bethechange #environment #health #worldhunger #climatechange #youcantbeanenvironmentalistandeatmeat #compassion #kindness #peace at Des Moines, Iowa

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#Repost @fastandswole @get_reposter 💥Good Vs. Bad Pre workout💥 What's the difference between a good and a bad pre workout? - A good pre workout has a few distinct characteristics, while a bad pre workout is missing some ingredients and has misleading labeling. - This is what you want to look for in your pre workout, and what to AVOID! - AVOID Proprietary blends. Proprietary blends are a great way for a company to under dose ingredients and make a cheap product. A blend means that you have no idea how much of ingredient is contained in that blend. If a product has proprietary blends its best to avoid it at all costs, spend your money on something quality instead. - High caffeine content. Some pre workouts contain insane amounts of caffeine that can be potentially dangerous depending on your sensitivity. Never use a pre workout that doesn't clearly label the amount of caffeine it contains. I tend to stay fat below the 400mg of caffeine mark, without drinking anything else containing caffeine that day. What will be best for you will 100% depend on your sensitivity, tolerance, and preference. - Artificial coloring's and tons of ingredients you have never heard of. When you're reading the ingredient list and there are 20 different ingredients you've never heard of... run the other way. Companies love to add ingredients that have sparse scientific backing that sound good. Look for the proven ingredients that I list below to ensure you're getting your monies worth! - WHAT I LOOK FOR Transparent labeling. You want to choose a pre workout that labels every ingredient with the exact amount it contains, no blends allowed. This will allow you to actually judge the pre workout and see if it is properly dosed or not. - Clinically dosed ingredients. Many times a pre workout will contain tons of quality ingredients but severely under dose them all. They're hoping you know no better and just see the names and make a purchase without doing further research. - These are the ingredients that I look for in my pre workouts. - Caffiene The primary "energy boost" in pre workouts. Aim for any where between 150-250mg in your pre workout. - ⬇CONTINUED BELOW⬇

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