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4 days ago

Untitled, 2017 Archival Pigment Print 60 x 80 In. Edition of 2, plus A.P. DFNW_001

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8 days ago

I’m interested in pushing beyond the status quo of documentation and static mode of representation. Looking deeper than the surface layer of what one perceives and reveling the obscured interweaving and controlled chaos of the cosmic universe. Here, one finds the mysteries of form, color and texture that activate visual thinking to create new meanings. By not having the readily identifiable structure, and therefore open to ones interpretation and imagination, it lets us embark on an unexpected journey—allowing for deeper modes of seeing, feeling and transportation to another state of consciousness. By bending borders of perception and redefining visual representation, we can see beyond the naked eye....

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24 days ago

Back at the COOL SCHOOL

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2 months ago

Happy birthday Ryan Mahina Fuller!!!!!

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2 months ago

Daddy’s little princess

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2 months ago

Happy birthday brother @mattymatheson keep on shinning and being the light in the darkness. Love this photo and this sunburn is just priceless

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3 months ago

It’s a true honor to be a part of this colorful group of humans coming from so many different walks of life. True friendships and authenticity orchestrated by the one and only @pmtenore Here’s to keeping it real and authentic!!!! @rvca #rvcaloha

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4 months ago

Merry Christmas from Phoenix Kalani Fuller to all with love and light

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4 months ago

Merry Christmas from Ryan Mahina Fuller to all with love and light

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