6 days ago

@originalamericantreat it is a dream to know and celebrate you, you are my favorite words, you are a force, and a gift, and I love you like a monsoon — a million more years into forever and ever and secret locations beyond that shall we dance and and laugh and scream. See u @ ur 30th 🧜🏻‍♀️ at The Country Club

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15 days ago

Um @jolenesnight made me feel happy and cool it was romantic and manic and queer and look at my best friend and my boyfriend — I love

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2 months ago

this is freaking diabolical but one day I’ll be too old to post this kind of stuff so I’m going to post it now may delete later at Universal CityWalk

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3 months ago

Um... reality check? No thanks! at Disneyland

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4 months ago

our waitress mistakenly thought this was our engagement photo and so her response was to bring us a round of Moscow mules and bread rolls on the house and say, conspiratorially, “Tonight? Is gonna be a FUN night. It’s gonna be a CRAZY night.” — and honestly cheers to that bitch! 🥂 at Castaway Burbank

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5 months ago

I loved doing this thank you @starleekine / here is the 10 movies that inspired me thing in full because these images give me ASMR and I want them all in one place forever — 10.) Ever After, 9.) Beetlejuice, 8.) Harriet the Spy, 7.) Rachel Getting Married, 6.) Never Been Kissed, 5.) Frida, 4.) Romeo + Juliet, 3.) Best In Show, 2.) Girl, Interrupted, 1.) Save the Last Dance. AND for my final nomination, I nominate @jakewil!

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5 months ago

new nikes✅ bucket hat✅ bad attitude✅ cashmere turtle neck ✅ eyes closed desperate to be in a cute gay moment✅ insecure but silly enough to survive✅ obsessed with my mom✅ won two dollars at keno✅ writes poems in the notes app✅ at Joshua Tree National Park

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5 months ago

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6 months ago

My boyfriend made himself into a functioning elevator for Halloween and I am so exhausted

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6 months ago

I literally don’t know what seraph films is or where we are but I yes you guessed it spilled my margarita all over my leg moments after this photo was taken and I love my friend

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6 months ago

Amy Winehouse x Lizzie Borden

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6 months ago

txt me

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6 months ago

Me on Election Day 🗳// But listen the deadline to register to vote in CA is fully this Mon the 22nd, I lit already have my ballot and am so horny to vote for people who have backbones and values and will #resist at The Resistance

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7 months ago

Love my best friend

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7 months ago

“This kingdom; this amazing kingdom we have made. This monstrous kingdom; its castles are magic. They are beautiful. They are built on dreams and iron and greed. They are inorganic and cannot sustain. No kingdom lasts forever. Even this will end, and life and earth will reign again.” — Amy Jellicoe

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7 months ago

Happy Birthday Amy 🌹 we miss you so much🌙 oh how we miss you. Also omg I joined this Burbank based band please buy our t-shirts at Burbank, California

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