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2 days ago

💯My 4 favorite pushups💯 Sharing is caring so here is my 4 favorite pushups you can try! TIGER BEND PUSHUPS👌 DIAMOND PUSHUPS💯 WIDE PUSHUPS👑 CLAP PUSHUPS💥 If you Reading down here, tell me 2 of your favorite push-ups in the comments🔥 - @apollosports #apollosports #pushups #streetworkout #calisthenics #fitness

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4 days ago

🙌🏼2 daily things you should be doing🙌🏼 This 2 exercises is something your body need and I think will get rid of people haveing shoulder pain or back pain and for those who want to improve there squats💯 SQUAT REST - dont know the real name but you should sit in this position for atleast 5 min total per day.🐒 - HANGING- stretch out you body and your shoulders, hang for 7 min total, just dead hang, during the day for atleast 30 days and you Will see big changes!👌 Keep this two in mind! @apollosports #apollosports #homeworkout #streetworkout #calisthenics #idoportal

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4 days ago

💥FULL BODY WORKOUT💥 End this friday with a good homeworkout! - 1. Jumping lunges, 10-20 reps 2. Pushups, 10-20 reps 3. Mountain climbers, 15-30 sec 4. Chair dips, 10-20 reps Repeat this 5 Times, No rest between exercises, but 2-3 min rest between rounds! GOOD LUCK! 💪🏻🔥 #streetworkout #homeworkout #calisthenics #workoutathome

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5 days ago

🚀CHEST WORKOUT🚀 I know you guys loved the last Chest workout, so here comes another one! - Slow then explosive PU, 5-8 reps - Side to Side PU, 8-12 reps - Wide PU, 8-12 reps - Spiderman PU, 6-12 reps - Hindu PU, 8-12 reps - Book PU, 8-10 reps Rest 1 min between the exercises and after all the exercises rest 3-5 min then try to complete 3-5 rounds! To get great results do this 2-3 time per week💪🏻

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7 days ago

🔅MORNING ROUTINE🔅 These are exercises you can try in the morning, great thing to make you wake up!👑 - do 10-15 reps of each exercise. - 2-3 rounds. turn notification on if you don't want to miss my content😲💪🏻 #morning #workout #homeworkout #streetworkout #Calisthenics

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7 days ago

‼️HOW TO DRAGONFLAG‼️ For those who want to learn this move, here are 7 progression exercises to get it👌 - Extend to Half layout - Negative Half layout - Negative straddle - Dragon with straddle legs - Half layout horizontal - Dragon with one leg - Negative dragon Good luck guys, if you have Any questions, send a DM! Help a friend who need to know this and tag him/her😍 Music: @bazanji919 #streetworkout #calisthenics #dragonflag #tutorial #training

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9 days ago

🔨 LEG WORKOUT🔨 Let’s get them burning! - 10-15 Deep Squats - 10-15 Jumping Lunges - 8-12 Jumping Squats - 14-20 Calf Raises - 20sec-1min Wall-sit Rest 30sec- 1 min between exercises and 3-5 min between rounds.‼️ Try to complete 3-5 rounds of these.. Ohh your legs will work hard! 🚀 - SAVE this workout for later so you can get back to it! -work hard and stay humble🌎 #calisthenics #streetworkout #legs #homeworkout #legworkout

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10 days ago

🙌🏼HOW TO CLEAN YOUR FLOOR🙌🏼 Do between 10-20 reps on each exercises and complete 4 rounds! Now you can clean your floor and workout at the same time😬🙌🏼 Be creative, you don’t need expensive equipments to workout!

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10 days ago

🔥CORE WORKOUT AT HOME🔥 This is something you can do at home and want to workout your core! - Hollow position 15-30 sec - V-sit Crunches 10 reps - Core Killer 5-10 reps / 5-10kg - V-sit hold 15-30 sec - Half burpees 10-15 reps - Plank 20-40 sec 5 rounds of these, no rest between exercise, only rest between rounds around 3-5 min! Kill the core! #core #calisthenics #homeworkout #streetworkout #coreworkout

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12 days ago

‼️HOME WORKOUT FULL BODY‼️ - 1. High knees 15-30 sec 2. Burpees, 6-12 reps 3. Close and Wide pushups, 6-12reps 4. Plank, 15-30 sec 5. Side plank, 15-30 sec each side Do 5 round of these, No rest between exercises, but 2-3 min rest between rounds! GET THAT WORKOUT! ‼️🙌🏼 #homeworkout #streetworkout #calisthenics #idoportal

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13 days ago

💪🏻BACK WORKOUT💪🏻 You guys have been asking for this! - 5-10 Tight grip pullups - 5-10 Regular grip pullups - 5-10 Wide grip pullups - 3 sec ISO hold - 5-10 Tight grip chinups - 5-10 Regular grip chinups - 5-10 Wide grip chinups - 3 sec ISO hold Do 2-5 rounds of these and rest 1-1,5 min between sets, 3-5 min between rounds👌 Do this 2-3 time per week for 2-3 months and I promise you that you will see change in your back and back strength!🔥 - For those who feel that 5 reps might be to hard to do every set, try 2-3 reps, it’s okey! Every one starts somewhere! #pullups #streetworkout #calisthenics #chinups

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