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@cutekatiebug  Healthy MIND, STRONG body 💫 Are you ready? 👉🏼 @corioactive ▪️BS Kines +NASN certified ▪️OxygenMag Coach ▪️1UpNutrition . ⬇️CORIO BIKINI CHALLENGE


5 days ago

YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU SET YOUR MIND TO. 👊🏼👊🏼 @coriofit - First step — BELIEVING IT. Remember that the moment you feel down and want to quit, you’re usually on the verge of a breakthrough. KEEP GOING. Keep grinding. Work endlessly towards your goal. Work so hard towards it that the universe eventually has no option but to give you EXACTLY what you ask of it. ASK FOR EVERYTHING. GO AFTER IT. LIVE IT & BREATHE IT UNTIL ITS YOURS. - #ThinkDifferent #fitspo #fitness #fitnessmotivation #gymmotivation at La Jolla, California

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Body is aching. Desire is low. Depleted, hungry. You feel tired and you feel weak. The last thing you want to do is get out of bed. - But you have a goal. You have a dream. You have a fire burning inside you, and you won’t let it die. - So you embrace the pain. You ignore the hunger. You get out of bed. And you train hard. Because you are a CHAMPION. And champions cannot be stopped. - KATIE20 for $$ off your @1upnutrition supps (current sale is 15% off site wide so my code saves an additional 20% off that!) - #motivation #fitnessmotivation #gymmotivation #strongnotskinny #femalefitnessmotivation at Fit Athletic

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8 days ago

Strong, not skinny. — Healthy MIND, STRONG body. 👊🏼 I’m not stick skinny. I’ll never have a thigh gap. I’m short and muscular, I gain weight easily. I have to work SO HARD to be lean enough to show defined lines. I’m strong as hell. And I LOVE MY BODY— curves, lumps, flesh, creases, thighs rubbing together and all. All bodies are beautiful ones if the MIND attached to them thinks so. ✨ #ThinkDifferent . @coriofit // @katiecorio . Photo by @tiffanyalanooriphoto - #strongwomen #strongnotskinny #fitnessmotivation #fitspo at Phoenix, Arizona

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10 days ago

STRONG MIND, STRONG BODY. 👊🏼 #ThinkDifferent - I can preach time and time again how much the mind & body are connected. But it always seems to surprise people when they have more mental clarity, more direction, more substantial purpose for their day to day lives once they start implementing physical fitness. And vice versa! When you are intentional about practicing mental fitness everyday, your body will start to respond positively as well. You’ll reach your physical fitness goals faster, you’ll have more natural energy, you’ll sleep better, you’ll even get sick less often and find yourself having less cravings for bad food. So as much as we all focus on the PHYSICAL part of being healthy & fit, it’s JUST AS IMPORTANT to focus on the mental part as well. I encourage you to make the same amount of effort in your mental fitness as you do with your physical fitness. Here are a few suggestions to get you started: • - meditate - create a quiet space for yourself for 15 mins a day without phone or distractions - draw a bubble bath with music & candles - lay down in dark quiet room - repeat positive affirmations towards different goals - stretch early in the morning before others are awake - spend time in nature - read a book • The list goes on forever. It’s so easy to focus on just the physical, because that’s what we SEE. It’s a tangible goal. It’s so easy to let the mental side of things slide, but then we’re left unbalanced, unhappy, and always striving for the future instead of being content with the present. I do it too! Let’s be better about it together. MIND & BODY, babies. We got this. 👊🏼 • Ps— I used to put out regular YouTube videos about cultivating a positive mentality, positive affirmations and meditation... would you like me to start those back up again? 😊️ let me know! • #mindandbody #fitnessmotivation #positivethinking #mindbodyconnection #fitspo at Del Mar Beach

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11 days ago

Bring on the WEEKEND WORKOUTS 😝🤘🏼 Here’s a EQUIPMENT FREE workout you can do outside: • FIRST CIRCUIT ▶️ Complete all exercises without rest, rest 1 min between rounds. 3 rounds total before moving to the second circuit.👇🏼 . 1️⃣ jump squats x 12 2️⃣ jumping lunges x 12 3️⃣ burpees x 5 4️⃣ football feet x 20 seconds ⏭ rest 1 min, repeat 3x • SECOND CIRCUIT ▶️ Complete all exercises without rest, rest 1 min between rounds. 3 rounds total before lying on the ground in your pool of sweat.👇🏼 . 1️⃣ mountain climbers x 12 each side 2️⃣ elbows to hands plank rotations x 10 each arm 3️⃣ ice skaters x 12 each side 4️⃣ sprints — 10 sprints for 10 seconds each (all out, as hard as you can sprint!) ⏭ Rest 1 min between rounds. Complete circuit 3x through, then collapse in sweat! It’s okay if you love/hate me 😙! • Remember to hydrate during your hot workouts this summer! My training is powered by @1upnutrition — highly recommend the sport amino in the island fusion flavor! Discount code: KATIE20 to save some cash. • If it’s beautiful outside where you are, I encourage you to get OUTDOORS for your workout this weekend! ☀️☀️ Soak up the sun and get creative. • #outdoorworkout #plyometrics #circuittraining #strongwomen #fitnessmotivation at Solana Beach, California

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14 days ago

If I can be anything... I choose STRONG 💪🏼👊🏼 tag the strongest woman you know. - My goal is to motivate and inspire you to live a healthier, happier life. To teach you ways you can #ThinkDifferent and train your MIND as well as your BODY. Being physically fit doesn’t mean much when your mind is garbage. Strong BODY, strong MIND. It’s a combo. Start cleaning out the inside and the rest will follow (with a little butt kicking & hard work 😜)— I want you to realize just how STRONG you actually are. - @coriofit @coriofitness @katiecorio - #strongwomen #fitnessmotivation #fitness #strongnotskinny #fitspo at Fit Athletic

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T-4.5 weeks until the BAHAMAS ☀️🏝🐠 I seriously need to buckle down and get this booty into the best shape possible for the @wbff_official stage 😁✨ it’s crunch time! - Wanted to remind y’all of my holiday sale... my site is 20% off with code USA20 — yes, that includes the BOOTY BIBLE, CBC 2.0... everything! Let’s do this together! 👊🏼 - www.KatieCorio.com/SHOP - Suit is @lali_and_layla_swimwear - #wbffbikini #wbffbahamas #bahamas #fitnessmotivation #fitnessmodel at The Bahamas

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16 days ago

The weekends not over yet! It’s finally time for kinis and sunshine everyday, my favorite time of year ☀️🌴👙 @coriofit - Wanted to remind y’all of the 2 holiday sales before they’re gone! Details ⤵️ - 1️⃣ 20% off sale on my website, all programs, ebooks and fitness journals! Code is USA20. This sale ends Wednesday! www.KatieCorio.com/SHOP • 2️⃣ @1upnutrition — 20% off site wide plus an ADDITIONAL 20% with my code KATIE20. That sale ends tonight at midnight! My fave supps I recommend you try are: ⚡️sport amino in island fusion flavor ⚡️make her lean max fat burner ⚡️daily cleanse ⚡️vegan BCAA’s in mango lime ⚡️coconut ice cream whey protein - Have a great Sunday guys! Xoxo 💋 - #bikinimodel #fitnessmodel #fitnessmotivation #fitspo #inspo at Del Mar, California

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18 days ago

We didn’t match on purpose but this usually happens to us 😂 @coriofit - It’s so important to find a partner that lives the same lifestyle as you. If one person is slacking, lead by example. Be encouraging and helpful— not nagging— and they’ll be likely to follow your lead. Health is wealth. When you invest in your health and make it a priority, you’re investing in your longevity, your ability to be present in your partner and your family’s life for as long as possible! - Tag your workout partner 😜👇🏼 I hope everyone had a safe and fun 4th! 🇺🇸 - #workoutpartner #gymcouple #gymcouplegoals #couplegoals #fitcouple at Fit Athletic

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21 days ago

“If you linger in thought, holding back your potential, you will remain mired in fear and frozen in action” — so I’m jumping through my fears like 🦸🏻‍♀️👊🏼 Fear is the number one thing that will hold you back. Fear doesn’t exist. Fear is merely a thought that passes through our brains in an instant. It’s a passing feeling, a concern of the future that isn’t here. Worrying about something that may or may not happen... pointless! Forget your fear and live your life headstrong. You have nothing to fear, except fear itself, for it CAN and WILL rob you of your limitless potential. So let me ask you... what are you so afraid of? #ThinkDifferent - I’m wearing the LUXE set from @corioactive ✨ - Shot by @tiffanyalanooriphoto - #fear #mindset #motivationalquotes #motivation at Del Mar, California

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23 days ago

Follow up on my “life update” YouTube video: Last week I sat down and prioritized. I said no to some commitments & postponed others. I lightened my load quite a bit. I’m learning the hard way that it’s OKAY to say no to some things, & to give myself GRACE in knowing that I’m not superwoman, & most of all, learning the importance of maintaining BALANCE in life. I get so enthused about my work that I tend to take on way too much at a time; I over-commit like crazy and end up feeling underwater. Thank you to all of YOU who showed so much support and gave great advice after I released that video! I hope my mistakes can be a positive example for you to learn from as well. That being said... I’m using MYSELF as motivation to crush the few commitments that I’ve got now. My show (which is only 6 weeks away ahhh!), and @corioactive being my main two focuses! I’m so ready to crush these last 6 weeks and I’m using myself as motivation. I see the light at the end of the tunnel and there’s no stopping me from running full force through it. 👊🏼 let’s go!! - I’ve been using my fave fat loss supps from @1upnutrition for this prep and loving them as usual. Sport amino and daily cleanse are my top faves at the moment. Use code KATIE20 to save some cash monayy when you get your supps! - #fitness #gym #motivation #fitnessmodel #fitnessinfluencer at Del Mar, California

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23 days ago

HOW TO OVERCOME A PLATEAU 👇🏼 - STEP 1️⃣ MIX IT UP— Your body will adapt to whatever workouts you put it thru. Change your workout split & do new exercises. Do new style of training. Amp up your intensity. Add more weight. Do more volume. Don’t just go thru the motions. My Corio Bikini Challenge 2.0 is a great place to start! - STEP 2️⃣ CARDIO— Are you doing enough? Switch it up. Add new styles and types. Try HIIT. Ensure you’re really WORKING during cardio & not just cruisin along. Wear a HR monitor if you can! Challenge yourself & get your HR to a certain number at each interval. After cardio you should be SWEATY & WIPED! - STEP 3️⃣ WATER— Are you drinking enough? Aim for 1 gallon a day! This is a major player in weight loss & consistent progress. Have a bottle with you at all times. Drink between each meal. You’ll see more consistent progress, get better sleep, feel more energized & your skin will clear up. - STEP 4️⃣CLEANSE— Add the @1UpNutrition DAILY CLEANSE supp to your am routine. Every time I hit plateaus, I add this & it gives me the edge I need to keep going. It flushes out gunk you have in your digestive tract for optimal absorption of nutrients! Code: KATIE20 - STEP 5️⃣FOOD— Clean it up. Cut out refined sugars & flours, processed foods & artificial sweeteners. Eat whole, nutritious foods. Stay away from all preservatives. - STEP 6️⃣SLEEP— Are you getting deep, restful sleep each night? Make sure you allow yourself enough hours of sleep each night. You can add a supplement like @1UpNutrition ‘s BEAUTY DREAM pm fat burner / sleep aid if you need help falling & staying asleep. It’ll also keep your metabolism burning through the night. Code: KATIE20 - STEP 7️⃣MINDSET— The power of the mind is not to be taken lightly. Are you stressed? Worried? Hard on yourself? Bad self image, low confidence? Negative towards your body & progress? I GUARANTEE this is affecting you. Your body will do what your mind tells it to. Make sure you’re in a healthy, positive spot mentally. - I hope these steps help you break through your plateaus. I’m here to help you succeed! Leave any questions below for me. 💛🙏🏼 #workoutmotivation #morningmotivation #fitness #fitnessmodel at Del Mar, California

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25 days ago

Good morning sunshine! 💛🕊 Let me guess... the very first thing you did today was open your bleary, sleepy eyes to check your phone— you opened this app and started scrolling. You justify this because it “helps wake you up”. I’m guilty as charged too! Let’s try this together: I challenge us to skip the instant morning phone-check tomorrow & try these wake up methods instead: - 1️⃣ stretching — start in bed, then when you’re ready, move to standing stretches & breathe deep with each stretch... hold each one for 15-30 seconds 2️⃣ water — 8 ounces, post-stretch, down the gullet. 3️⃣ music — put some happy, morning easy listening on while you start your morning... I usually opt for some island reggae! - I challenge us to not check social apps for 3 HOURS after we wake up tomorrow. Can you do it? 🤨☝🏼 Report back to me and let me know how it goes, I’ll do the same via stories! Have a great day! #ThinkDifferent - @coriofit @katiecorio @coriofitness @corioactive - 📷 @tiffanyalanooriphoto - #morningmotivation #fitness #fitspo #femalefitnessmotivation at Del Mar, California

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The CORIO BIKINI CHALLENGE 2.0 is poppin off! 🎉 It’s officially been 2 weeks since the release, and OVER 400 people have started! 🥳🤩 I’ve already been getting TRANSFORMATIONS & testimonies from people... so rewarding! I love watching you succeed. - JOIN US TODAY — you can start, stop & finish the program on your own time! It’s yours to keep forever. 💛✨ - Grab yours at www.KatieCorio.com/SHOP .... link is also in bio! Make sure to watch my stories where I post the feedback and transformations of people who are doing the program now! - See you in the program! 👙💛🌴 - @coriofit // @coriofitness // @katiecorio - Photo by @tiffanyalanooriphoto - #coriobikinichallenge #cutekatiebug #fitnessmotivation #fitspo #fitness at The Scott Resort & Spa

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28 days ago

Art was my first passion. It’s become my outlet and my escape. I’m hesitant to show my artwork, as it’s so personal and I usually don’t like to show it off, but I was called out by @amberdodzweit while recording a podcast for @turmerictequila to show more art on my socials! So here you go Amber! 😆 I’ll keep this page mostly health & fitness related, so if you’re interested in seeing more of my art, follow my personal page— @katiecorio 😊🎨👩🏻‍🎨 - Ps, I got prints made of two pieces, the New Mexican inspired one (first photo), and the black rose (last photo of these series). They’ll be available to purchase soon, follow @katiecorio for updates if interested. - #art #artistsoninstagram #artist #drawing #painting at Del Mar, California

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If someone were to ask “Who are you?”, what would you reply with? You might be quick to answer with your profession. Or your family role... or maybe even your favorite hobbies. Whatever answer comes quickest to you, probably says a lot about where your priorities lie and where you spend most of your energy. Does that answer define you? Or do you have more dimensions to what makes you fully YOU? It’s good to think about things like this because it deepens self awareness. It can help give you clarity on really KNOWING who you are and what you want in life. #FoodForThought - I consistently struggle with answering this question, it’s a hard one to answer. “Fitness expert, influencer, trainer” all come to mind in an instant. Then “YouTuber, business-owner, entrepreneur.” But those answers leave an immediate pang of weird emotion in me because they’re so vastly incomplete. There’s so much more depth to me than that, as I’m sure you’re the same. So next time I need to answer I will say “I’m an artist (@katiecorio if you want to see my art). I love animals, I’m obsessed with learning about sharks. I like reading about science and philosophy. I like having existential conversations with people who think differently than I do. I love pizza and wine and chocolate chip cookies and @tacobell (sponsor me!). I’m argumentative and observant. I LOVE positively influencing others and being healthy and active. I am very business minded. I’m a deep thinker and a deep feeler. I thrive on people’s energies. I love my family and my friends and being in nature.” What will you answer with? Trying to inspire you to #ThinkDifferent - Photo is by the amazing @tiffanyalanooriphoto ✨✨ - #fitspo #fitnessmotivation #fitnessmodel #fitnessinfluencer #fitness at Del Mar, California

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My current daily supps! My goal is to LOSE FAT right now, and these have been the supps I’ve been consistently taking everyday. - PSA: Did you know @1upnutrition has a FREE SAMPLE program? I linked it in my bio for you. Order the samples you want to try, totally FOR FREE. We understand it’s expensive and you don’t want to invest in something you’ve never tried before... so try it out first! 💛😊☀️ after you’ve found YOUR faves, my code KATIE20 will save you money on every order. Score! Deets from the pic: - 💦 SPORT AMINO - 1 scoop during my workout 🐠 OMEGA 3 - 2 pills in the morning 💪🏼 MAKE HER LEAN MAX - 1 pill in the morning + 1 pill in the afternoon (I do half doses so I can drink coffee and not feel overstimulated) 🙃 DAILY CLEANSE - 4 pills each morning at Del Mar, California

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Did you know that @1upnutrition has a FREE SAMPLE program? You can order samples of ANYTHING you want to try, totally for FREE. We understand supps are expensive and many people don’t want to invest without trying them first. So they started this program for y’all! 🥰 I will link it in my bio for the next few days as well as in my IG story as a swipe up. - Once you find out your fave products, you can use code KATIE20 to save money on your order ever time. - ❤️ @coriofit at Fit Athletic

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