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#fridays are the best! Even a tough day at the office is not so bad on a Friday. Am I right? .strawberry veggie + protein bowl, with chia seeds and oats .sliced ham, veggies + greens salad with basil dressing .shared a bbq chicken salad and veggie tacos (stadium food. not that awesome) .greek yogurt parfait - blueberries, kiwi, peanut butter, half a fig, pepitas, sprinkle of flax seeds and a scoop of fiber How was your day? at Anaheim, California

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Sometimes I feel like surviving to Friday is a victory! When your week has been a challenge. When life is getting crazy. There’s something about knowing that you’re so close to getting a couple days off (this weekend, 3 days!). . There’s flex Friday stuff on all my fit groups. Seeing progress pics makes me happy! . Even better. Tonight is girls night at the #NKOTB concert! I can not wait! . What are you happy about today? at Redondo Beach, California

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#thankfulthursday turned out to also be yummy Thursday. My smoothie bowl for breakfast was somehow extra delicious. A random collection of veggies for lunch happened, followed by my fave snack bar. And then some yummy pasta and veggies came together perfectly for dinner. I love when that happens. .vanilla veggie + protein bowl, with chia and hemp seeds .leftover veggies + slaw with a spicy kale dressing and a deviled egg + 1 bite of a raisin bagel. .almond coconut KIND bar .roasted brussels, carrots and onion salad with basil dressing over kale and spinach. Butter parmesan “veggie” pasta with shredded chicken and a sprinkle of capers .greek yogurt parfait - nectarine, strawberries, almond butter, half a fig, pepitas, sprinkle of flax seeds and a scoop of fiber On a scale of 1-10, how yummy was your day? at Torrance, California

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What are you thankful for today? . I’m so #thankful for the opportunities I’ve had, for the amazing people around me and for the next big thing to come. I don’t know when that will happen or what it will be. But I’ve been praying for a change and I see and feel some little things happening that I’m really hoping will lead to big things! . Have a beautiful day! at Redondo Beach, California

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Hello Wednesday… you have been a ball of stress wrapped in yummy meals. YUP. So thankful for that silver lining. At least my meals gave me the energy to push through and make things happen! . #chocolate veggie + protein bowl, with chia and hemp seeds .leftover veggies over shredded cabbage with spicy yogurt dressing. Dried snap peas on the side. .banana Lara bar .a couple corn chips .turkey burgers on seedy sprouted bread (mustard, ketchup, guac, cheese, olives and red onions) + sesame ginger carrot and broccoli slaw .greek yogurt parfait - kiwi, raspberry, almond butter, goji berries, pepitas, and a scoop of fiber Did your meals fuel you through today? at Lomita, California

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When’s the last time you took a good, hard look at yourself and said, “you are #amazing!”? If it’s been a while, go do it! Just like we see the gloom and doom in our day, we see our faults so much more clearly than our blessings in ourselves. Today. Look in that mirror and give yourself a big compliment! at Torrance, California

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Tuesdays are for #tacos! Ok. Most Tuesdays. Today was one of those days. Thankful for leftover chicken, I roasted some veggies and made a bbq slaw for the tacos. Easy peasy! Not fast. But, easy. For lunch I tried a new to me pre-packed salad. Really liked it. But, tossed the bland potatoes, so probably not getting it again. I mean, if you’re gonna buy a packaged item, you need to like the whole thing, right? .strawberry veggie + protein bowl, with chia and hemp seeds .nicoise salad from @traderjoes / tossed the potatoes, used half the dressing / baby carrots on the side .apple slices and a few chips .2/3 of a sees candy .bbq slaw tacos with chicken + warm veggie cilantro salad .greek yogurt parfait - blueberries, banana, peanut butter, goji berries, pepitas, a smidge of green powder and a scoop of fiber Do you have a fave pre-packed lunch item? at Lomita, California

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Positive moments. We neeeeeed them. And somehow we avoid them. Choosing to focus on the negatives instead. But wwhhhhhhyyy? In this crazy world of ours there’s a crazy phenomenon that happens that somehow allows us to feel like we “bond more” when we whine. But in truth. Positivity is stronger. Creating moments of joy is stronger. Sending love and thanks last’s linger in your heart. Today, I challenge you to focus on your positives. Share yours below! ❤️ at Redondo Beach, California

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I’m all about the bowls today it seems. Even for dinner—I made a fun and delicious nourish bowl tonight… such a fantastic #meatlessmonday win! .vanilla veggie + protein bowl, with chia seeds and oats .red pepper soup with shredded veggie, halved tomatoes, water chestnuts and feta .chickpea + veggie nourish bowl topped with ranch and sriracha (pm me for the recipe) .greek yogurt parfait - raspberries, nectarine, almond butter, shredded coconut, raisins, pipitas and a scoop of fiber Do you like nourish bowls? at Torrance, California

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Why don’t we celebrate the little things more? Because we are so focused on that big win. The big story. The ultimate prize. Well. Poop. No way! You have to do all the little things to make the big things happen. So. Celebrate them. Make them Your focus. And do a little happy dance with each of them. Trust me. More happy along the way will keep you #motivated to keep going. Promise. What’s your latest mini win? at Manhattan Beach, California

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Treat meal at an #ericchurch concert. Snacks at Costco. Chocolate for breakfast. I mean. Could it get better? .chocolate veggie + protein bowl, with chia and pumpkin seeds .costco samples! .leftover cauliflower crust pizza + leftover eggplant bake .fried chicken, fresh made chips and pino noir .greek yogurt parfait - cherries, apple, almond butter, shredded coconut, and a scoop of fiber How was your Saturday night? at Staples Center

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Everyday. Show up for you everyday. Some will be aaammmmazing. Some will be challenging. Both are needed for you to make progress. Know that you will push through and meet your goals! A friend posted this image and I so so love how it shows the incremental changes that we only see when we take a step back. So. Take a step back and acknowledge how far you’ve come! ❤️ Tag a friend who needs this reminder! ❤️ at Torrance, California

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Lesson learned: No #Friday fit checks after taco night! Lol. Oops. 🌮🌮 see we really do get wiser as we get older. 😂 and then I had pizza for lunch and we had Thai for dinner tonight. I’m gonna need to de-salt starting Sunday! Sometimes it just happens like that. Lots of things going on. You know what? You make the best of each situation. You control the meals you can. You go with the glow where needed. It will all even out. .vanilla veggie + protein bowl, with chia and hemp seeds .veggie salad + cauliflower crust pizza .one bite of a sees candy .green juice + thai food delivered (a friends mom is a chef at the restaurant) - a little of all and some white rice .greek yogurt parfait - kiwi, banana, mixed nut butter, pecans, shredded coconut, date, pepitas, and a scoop of fiber How was your Friday? at Torrance, California

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My heart is so full. ❤️ Thank you all! I am blown away be the number of posts, notes, calls, texts and that my friends made time on a weeknight to have tacos with me. Seriously. I feel so amazingly blessed to be surrounded by an loving circle of family, friends and clients. Wishing you all a fantastic #friday! Ps. Lesson learned: No Friday fit checks after taco Thursday! Lol. Oops. 🌮🌮 see we really do get wiser as we get older. 😂 at Redondo Beach, California

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For my #birthday I treated myself to three faves: WholeFoods salad bar, fish tacos and a mini @susiecakes cupcake! I might pay for that one later, but dang it’s worth it. .chocolage veggie + protein bowl, with chia and hemp seeds .big veggie salad - greens, veggies, quinoa and sesame ginger dressing .a few flax crackers .one mahi mani taco, one lobster taco, side grilled veggie salad, a couple chips, heaping spoonful of guacamole and a few chips. .greek yogurt parfait - strawberries, blueberries, almond butter, walnuts, bran flakes, goji berries, pepitas, and a scoop of fiber What’s your go to on your birthday? at Torrance, California

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In my whole life, it’s never rained on my birthday. Is rain on your birthday lucky like it is on your wedding day? I sure hope so! 😀💦🎂 I am not a fan of the rain—totally prefer sunshine days. But if it’s gonna rain, I want to look at the bright side and search out the rainbows, imagine the blooms and feel the earth being refreshed. It’s kinda like my own fresh start to this next year of life. Who knows what it could bring! Are you a fan of the #rain? at Manhattan Beach, California

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Tummy troubles - out of nowhere - are no fun! Not sure why but, yikes! My tummy has been on the fritz this week. I definitely hope tomorrow is awesome - would hate to feel all gross on my bday. That said. Tonight I tried a brand new to me recipe and it was awesome! .strawberry veggie + protein bowl, with chia and hemp seeds .roasted veggies over arugula with avocado and tatziki sauce. acorn squash in mustard on the side. .chocoate RX bar .baked eggplant with kale and parmesan + leftover chicken and buttered toast .greek yogurt parfait - kiwi, blueberry, almond butter, goji berries, coconut shreds, pepitas, and a scoop of fiber What’s the last new recipe you tried? at Lomita, California

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Surround yourself with people who light your fire! 🔥 That’s the goal right? It sure is. In my VIP groups and when I’m coaching one on one, inspiration, love and a little kick in the booty are always on the agenda. I want to create an incredible support system that helps those around me. Who are you surrounding yourself with that are helping you reach your #goals? at Redondo Beach, California

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