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22 hours ago

This week’s list starts with TODAY IS THE GENERAL ELECTION! 7am to 7pm ! Please text 3 of your friends and just ask them if they’ve voted! Watch parties are at 7:30 tonight in Springfield (both Crispy’s and Uptown Kitchen). — besides that, see y’all at a few of the events coming up this week! Places you’ll definitely catch me will be Thur - Juevos Rumberos, Sat - 904PopUp and Mon - The Pink Party! #cre8jax at Jacksonville, Florida

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2 days ago

My talent crush today goes to self-portrait artist @iamparacosm 😍😍😍 love the darker twist she has to her collection of work in contrast to a lot of recent pop-colored Artist features. Glad to have her talent / mind / eye in the city #cre8jax at Jacksonville, Florida

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6 days ago

Shoutout to everyone that came out to the Jax Podcaster’s Unite event at @spliffsgastropub last night, and huge shoutout to @badrblueup of @theshortboxjax for creating the event! As a podcast junkie myself, it’s dope seeing so many podcasts right here in Jacksonville! Any you think I should know about?? #cre8jax at Spliff's Gastropub

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8 days ago

My list for this week! If you’re a local podcaster, I highly suggest coming out to Spliff’s tonight! Always great information exchanged! — only event missing on the list is this Thursday at 8pm is the public preview of the new exhibit at @mocajax (Free). #cre8jax at Jacksonville, Florida

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9 days ago

HUGE thank you to my friends - old & new - who came out Saturday for our (me and @geexella ) Q&A with mayoral candidate, Anna Brosche at Bab’s Lab! The election is happening RIGHT NOW, with early voting going through the 17th, general election on the 19th (yes, you can vote regardless of part affiliation). ALL I ASK (to those voting) : TEXT 3 FRIENDS AND GET THEM TO VOTE! Please help vote Anna in, if you want someone who’s actually receptive of community member’s input (side eye, no green space for Landing)! #cre8jax huge thank you goes to @barbaracolaciello for allowing us to use her incredible space, and @space.42 for opening their parking lot to us! at BABS' LAB, CoRK Arts District North

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13 days ago

My talent crush today goes to @iamseih !! I first saw him at @colormekona a few months back and was obsessed! I highly suggest following up with him and seeing the work he’s putting out and catching a live performance in the near future. Kid has IT! The amount of talent we have in Jax is 🤯 #cre8jax at Jacksonville, Florida

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14 days ago

My talent crush today goes to : @esrevinu 😍. An interpretation of her subconscious done through these collages of her ink pen & marker on paper, work. I’m looking forward to watching her develop and see where this mixed medium work can lead to. I’m telling y’all, the youth in this city! — #cre8jax • see y’all at @dtjax Art Walk tonight. Don’t forget to stop by 618 W Forsyth street to check out the development of @pixelpancho ’s DOPE mural going up, brought to us by @artrepublicglobal ❤️ at Downtown Jacksonville Art Walk

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15 days ago

My weekly list of events I’m interested in is up! ** In red is an event me and @geexella put together, specifically for our generation and younger! If you’re unfamiliar with mayoral candidate Anna Brosche, or don’t know that a mayoral election is actually happening right now, this one is for YOU! We have an hour with her and you get to ask whatever question you want! Geexella will be moderating and being held at Bab’s Lab from 3-4pm on Saturday (Riverside in @corkartsdistrict ). I highly suggest coming and getting involved in picking a new mayor who’s vision of the urban core isn’t tainted by the people who line their pockets ( 👀 Curry). If you can’t make it but have a question, lmk and we’ll ask on your behalf! — see you all at @dtjax Art Walk tomorrow 🙃 #cre8jax at Downtown Jacksonville Art Walk

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16 days ago

Have y’all spotted the new mural going up by THE @pixelpancho in downtown?? I’m so excited for this addition being brought to us by @artrepublicglobal . Should be done in a few days. I highly suggest checking out his previous work because it’s 🔥🔥🔥🔥 #cre8jax — location : 618 W Forsyth at Downtown Jacksonville Art Walk

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18 days ago

VegFest is my faaaav food festival here - and the rain didn’t stop people from showing up. I meaaan vegan soul food, Ethiopian, Indian, Caribbean, etc. is worth a trip out as it’s the only time you have those choices in a concentrated area throughout the year (although I’m annoyed by this fake chicken stuck between my teeth😒). You have til 6 today to make it out to Riverside Park. #cre8jax at Riverside Park (Jacksonville)

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20 days ago

My talent crush today goes to painter @anamaigre ! I was introduced to her work a few months ago and looove her style. She’s from Jacksonville and currently studying in NYC. She comes back for the summer in a few weeks, so you’ll be seeing her around. 😍 #Cre8Jax at Downtown Jacksonville Art Walk

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22 days ago

Events I’m interested in thiiis week! From debates with future council members to planetarium concerts at @moshjax . There are a ton of events this week outside of my personal list, so no reason to be bored. Meet some new people! (Honorable mention to Rakim performing at @1904_musichall this Saturday as well). #cre8jax at Jacksonville, Florida

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22 days ago

My talent crush today goes tooo... @thatpoorgirlvintage ! Yup! A vintage shop on Beach (by Hamburger Marys). Ran by @toripoor and Home to some of my faaaavorite shoots over the past year. The store has been a hub for young creatives to go and create! Collaborate! Shoot / style / experiment + HAVE EVENTS. Just a welcoming environment and a dope way to connect with a lot of younger artists in the city. #cre8jax — photography by @svcks2bu for shots 1+4, by @tennyrudolph shot 2 at That Poor Girl Vintage

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24 days ago

Didn’t get to take too many pictures yesterday (blame the heat lol) but a few from @ourmelaninmarket after the parade - and randomly ended up at a sneaker shop at the Landing where @geexella was DJing. No idea it existed, but it’s a cool ducked off spot next to the Irish Pub. Y’all want more from The Melanin Market, harass @malcjax 😭 — See y’all at @zeuspizzajax in San Marco w @djwizkidd 2-6pm #cre8jax at A. Phillip Randolph Park

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28 days ago

Seems like everything I’m interested in is split between three days. (I post a reminder each day of what event is happening on Stories, btw!) If you have recommendations or an event coming up, DM me #Cre8Jax at Hemming Park

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