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hey middle tn! im talking about my farm this saturday at vandy. come through and taste some homemade mozz! at Nashville, Tennessee

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2 days ago

week 4 of sheep is off to a good start

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2 days ago

ISO more badass books about making badass families

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2 days ago

i call this one "girl with buckets and pig". 📸 by friend and slow media maker @thelaborioushour

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3 days ago

fuck a presidents day. its the 20th anniversary of this national treasure! yall, im so serious. this song resonates with my soul on a deep level. -sara

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4 days ago

my co-farmer, co-dreamer and lovaaaaaahhhhh! Louis recently moved to TN from indiana. he makes so many things more possible.

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4 days ago

preached the good news of Detroit-born activist Ciara Ross this morning at UU church of Bowling Green and got to rep @nicolegarneau and the uprisings! at Bowling Green, Kentucky

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5 days ago

my cast of characters: hank and reba patsy oreo ms licorice milkman sugar and slick 1/3 of the men's bible study kimchi, the OG

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6 days ago

hey yall! its sara here- welcome to my takeover! i figure before we get very far, i would start at the beginning. i live in southern tn now but im from Louisiana. i used to think i was just from new orleans, but i have ancestors from all over- cane river, campti, pearl river, houma, slidell... to name a few. the folks in the picture are rosemary evelyn montrieul green, verlida mae bertrand mckendall and hermond mitchell mckendall. the first picture is a sign i took when i spent a weekend at L'eau Est La Vie Camp summer. it was hectic and stressfull but the time spent in the swamp had its magical moments. the damage to the place my people call home is devastating, but i know the resistance is stronger #fightforwhatyoulove

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9 days ago

Next up: Sara @brownmountaingirl in Lawrenceburg, TN!!! Sara writes: “I’m a minister, marooning/rooting/dreaming/healing on 2 acres alongside a few animals and the ancestors.” Follow along February 15-22, 2019! • THANK YOU to all who’ve signed up to support Country Queers on @patreon so far from: Berlin, Quebec, Nova Scotia, OR, WA, CA, AZ, CO, NE, SD, MN, WI, MI, VT, NY, PA, MD, WV, VA, KY, TN, NC, FL! Sign up at the $5/month level by 2/14 & we’ll send you some snail mail love! Link in bio. • And, we’re gonna do one takeover a month moving forward to focus on some of the behind the scenes work of launching the podcast & gallery exhibit this year. As always, DM if you’re interested in sharing your #countryqueer stories here. And unending appreciation to all the #countryqueers #ruralqueers & #smalltowngays who’ve shared their stories & wisdom with this project over the past six years! at Lawrenceburg, Tennessee

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4 more days to get this cute sticker in the mail when you sign up to support Country Queers on Patreon at $5/mo! Can’t send you cute ducks or delicious eggs, unfortunately, but there WILL be duck & other animal sounds in the upcoming podcast!!! And stories of rural queer life told & produced by those living it daily. Link in bio. Thank you!!!

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7 more days to get 🐌 ✉️ love when you sign up to support #countryqueers on @patreon ! Link in bio. • Plus you’ll get patron-only podcast episodes starting with a teaser in March! •• Thank you, thank you, thank you to all the new supporters so far!!!! ••• 💜✉️🖤🐌❤️✉️💕 at Whitesburg, Kentucky

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Deer ones! After 6 YEARS (!?!) of gathering stories of rural queer struggle, joy, & more across the U.S., 2019 is the year we’ll launch the Country Queers podcast (with a full website update) & a traveling gallery exhibit!!! 🌈 🦄 🌈 🦄 🌈 🦄 🌈 To support the next leg of this entirely volunteer-run & crowdfunded project AND to beat the winter blues, sign up as a patreon-supporter now through Feb. 14th (☠️💀☠️) and you’ll get this “Country Queers Can Survive & Thrive!” sticker in the mail. Signing up at the $5/month level will also get you extra patron-only podcast episodes including a teaser-episode in early March! @sgleaves is working on a BEAUTIFUL original theme song for the podcast & I’ve been listening back to the excellent interviews with @silashouse & @dorothyallisonwriter while gearing up for the launch. So excited to get these incredible stories out to the world, and hoping you’ll support us in getting there! • Link in bio. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Stay warm. 💜Rachel • #countryqueers #countryqueer #ruralqueers #smalltowngay #peopleshistory #queeroralhistory #podcast at Whitesburg, Kentucky

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1 month ago

Helen bought the Ranch, in 1975. From then until when she retired, Helen worked during the week in the city and then commuted up on the weekends to work the land. She was aided in that endeavor by a group of women, who together built infrastructure, raised animals and vegetables, and put on music festivals. This is @kellenkaiser (the baby in the last pic) posting for #countryqueers. at Hopland, California

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1 month ago

Helen was born in 1925, in San Francisco. After her father died, when she was 8, she stayed briefly on a sheep ranch in the Delta. That visit ignited something transformative in her city girl spirit. Many years later, she would become a rancher herself. These photos, from 1967/8, show her love of nature and general bad-assery were there even before she bought the Ranch in the 1970s... This has been @kellenkaiser posting for #countryqueers at Hopland, California

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