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4 days ago

These 2 🥰.

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5 days ago

Just pulled 2 thorns out of this girl’s cheek. She fell into a rose bush and got up laughing. 🌹😂 #wildchild

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6 days ago

This has by far been the hardest season for us and most days I feel like I’m on the verge of a breakdown or have already had one by 9am. I am tired and worn out and my body aches everyday. We are short fused and have no time spent alone with each other. We need time. Time to look in each others eyes without a cry or shout of a child breaking our focus. We need to love. It’s been so hard for me to live in this temporary waiting place but we just discussed the other night how we somehow have to embrace it. Embrace the closeness these 4 walls bring us, embrace the slowness of this town, embrace the chance to live in chaos and not stress about our home being neat. It’s hard to let go of all the things that were consistent and certain before but we are trying. It’s hard to embrace the unknowns. This move, this town, this new life is growing us. Some days I feel like we will never make it out of this valley but with strength not from ourselves I know we will. Love your person in every season. Love them when it hurts . Love them especially when its hard. Look into their eyes and SEE them. Hold them close and don’t let go. This is what we are striving for today and everyday. Happy Valentine’s Day folks. ♥️ #hallmarkholiday #myperson #everydayisloveday

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7 days ago

Livin everyday like it’s a vacay.

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8 days ago

Babe in my belly. Babe on my hip. ♥️ #22weeks

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8 days ago

I miss you humans SO MUCH. Knowing the convenience of y’all being just a text and phone call away from a park date is no longer an option makes me and June sad on the daily. You are my people. Don’t forget me. 😉🥴 #youcantmakeoldfriends

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10 days ago

“Today was great mom, thanks for my new helmet and bike seat. But I hope you know that’s not gonna stop me from screaming my head off tonight while you are trying to sleep. I’m Sorry that all my teeth are already in and you can’t even use that as an excuse as to why I want to deprive you of the so called 8 hours you are somehow supposed to get. Maybe you should try sleeping when I go to college. Or maybe you should pick up on the fact that a helmet and bike seat aren’t gonna buy your sanity, I’m the only one who can control your sanity... muahahahaha .” - sincerely, Andi

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14 days ago

Started our morning off with some fresh {foggy} air and praising Jesus for another day of life! This has been a super hard transition for us and in the midst of the hardship I forget very quickly how much we have to be thankful for and the pure fact that we have breath in our lungs. Thankful for another day with my girls in their jammies. ❤️ #JuneandAndi

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20 days ago

Slipped the key under the “Home Sweet Home” mat this morning and said one last goodbye to what is now someone else’s sweet home to build memories in. This move has been harder than I ever thought. 😢 #movingday #Pensacolabound #dontjudgethepacking

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20 days ago

We will miss having this park right up the street from us. 😢 at Dartmouth Park

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23 days ago

WE ARE MOVING TO PENSACOLA! 🏝 There are so many emotions that play into this move. I grew up in Pensacola and it has forever held the place as home in my heart, but after living in Orlando the past 7 years and now actually making the decision to move back to Pensacola I realize how much Orlando has also become home. Its where Matt and I played the game of hard to get, where we turned what was a previous bachelor pad into a cozy safe haven we called home, and where we brought home both of our baby girls. Its where many tears were shed, parties were thrown, secrets were told, fights were had and forgiveness was all the more.  While Orlando played big parts in our love story, Pensacola has also always been apart of it as well. Its where Matt proposed to me and where we got married. Orlando has been so great to us and we have met some of the most amazing people who we will continue to be friends with forever. As I write this the tears flood my eyes with the thought of leaving behind family and the friendships we have built here. Tho this move has been hard both physically and emotionally We are also very excited and sure of our next step in going to Pensacola. This is our last week in this home and I’m so sad to leave what we have built and made such a comforting place to always come home to but also excited for the adventure ahead!🏡

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24 days ago

So so thankful for this girl and her trickery that went into planning our reveal. She had me certain it was another girl that would be added to our gang but she got me real good. Have never been so surprised EVER! Love you @rebeccareadbutler! #igotmyboy #genderreveal

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30 days ago

We woke up and decided today is going to be a better day than yesterday.

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1 month ago

Holy Moly. 😍

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1 month ago

“What? Not everyone looks this good on their birthday?” {swipe} “sorry, not sorry” -June #thisisthree #3 #threenager

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