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5 days ago

1989. A snapshot by Seth Shaw from the Alaska Range. El Cap was free climbed the summer before by Todd Skinner and Pail Piana. Climbing gyms were a couple of years old, having originated in Seattle. Magazines, books and slide shows were how we shared the experience of being in the mountains. Technology was in the nascent stage. A @sony Walkman with AM /FM was state of the art. We allowed ourselves two cassettes and perfected the art of coaxing electrons out of AA batteries. While climbing has grown in popularity - fueled by the advent of climbing gyms - the core values of trust, communication, support, inclusivity and respect still remain. Perhaps this is why climbing is gaining new adherents every day. Why not? It’s a fun way to spend time with family and friends. To celebrate and share why we climb @thenorthface is now three years into #wallsaremeantforclimbing. Gyms around the planet are there for your enjoyment. Find one on the 24th of August. If you are an old timer - plug into the energy. If this is your first foray into the vertical - welcome to the community. From birth to death we are in a never ending struggle with gravity. Might as well increase the difficulty and have fun in the process. #feedingtherat #finealpineadventure at Bozeman, Montana

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17 days ago

Climbing is one of the most primal activities humans engage in. It’s simple. It’s natural. And it brings people together. Proud to be part of @thenorthface and #wallsaremeantforclimbing initiative. Global Climbing Day is 24 August 2019. It’s a chance for novice and expert alike to have a fun day at participating gyms. Learn the ropes as you increase strength, flexibility, bone density and mental acuity. It’s a bundle of fun. Images from @memphisroxclimbing @kathmandusportclimbingcenter @khumbuclimbingcenter

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17 days ago

The 14th @portilloicefest took place over the first weekend in August. The event is hosted by @skiportillo. The local climbers have farmed ice on a huge glacial erratic. This season the team turned the snow making machine on the boulder, perhaps a first in ice farming. Top roping snow mushrooms is yet another branch in the tree of climbing. We took out the old cement columns of the avalanche munitions shed to open up a drytool problem, “El Polverin”. The good images are courtesy of @gonzalorobert - 1. Lago Inca by starlight 2. Night time dialing of the comp route 3. @maxdidier_ , overall winner of the competition 4. @mike_sanchez_adams on the sunny side (King of Stoke) 5. Climbing the funky ice mushrooms 6. @anaispuig course setter and tireless volunteer 7. @diego_vergara_lira overall event wizzard 📷⚓️ 8. @patrick_mooremountainfilms, @valebeld, @armando_montero_y and others at the awards ceremony 📷⚓️ 9. Don Juan the “maitre d” at the lodge. He has been working at the restaurant for 52 years. Chances are he has greeted and seated more World Cup and Olympic skiers than any other person. 📷⚓️ 10. Sunbreak 📷⚓️ Thanks to the Chilean community for your winter stoke. Looking forward to attending the event next year. @thenorthface_climb @petzl_official @andesgear @outdoorresearchchile @skiportillo @iloweanker

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20 days ago

Pardon the pause as you swipe through FOMO inducing images of wild places with friends and families living life. Yes - it’s what we celebrate and this medium (annoyance and or addiction?) does a pretty good job. If you’re familiar with my byline you’ll recognize the peace mandalas that are my way to recognize the loss that families, friends and community are left with after mass shootings. It’s a simple “thoughts and prayers” from a mountain climber. Gilroy, El Paso and Dayton are communities that have been victims of senseless violence. While a social media post isn’t going to change this unfortunate aspect of the United States, it is an opportunity to renew our dedication to non violence. Communication is the foundation of human development and potential. #weareallinthistogether #lovewins #benice 😌be good 🙏🏼 be kind 😊 be happy at Grapevine, Texas

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27 days ago

@tom_frost_documentary_film is organizing the first ever / first annual hill climb of the notoriously steep Old Priest Grade on Highway 120, Tuolumne County, California. The 24th of August will be one year since Tom and Jeff Lowe moved on. One Tom’s dreams was to have a bike race up this brutal road. He even had @englishcycles build a specific frame for this hill. Craig and Tom are filming and editing the @tom_frost_documentary_film and have gone through all the hoops to get the road closed on a Saturday morning. Yes - it will be a grind. Yet - if you ever thought about riding the grade with no cars this is your chance. The race starts at 6:30 AM and is a “sprint” for you masochists. Pancake breakfast to follow at Priest Station. @stevenanker #tomfrost @flatlanderfilms Sign up link in profile.

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Yeah!!! @nimsdai and team sent 8611 (K2) which is their 10th 8000m peak in 2019. Follow along with Nims @nimsdai Let’s send these guys positive energy! #💪🏽🇳🇵 @bremontwatches K2 image by team Nims. Everest base camp #bluesteel by @brittmumma

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“Going to the mountains is going home.” John Muir

1 month ago

@popemaddy has been a champion for the Story Mill Park in Bozeman, Montana. In partnership with the City of Bozeman and the @trustforpublicland she has created a wonderful park for all to enjoy. The 60 acre park includes a 40 acre nature preserve with a half mile of wetlands along the East Gallatin River. One can fish, observe birds and simply take time to reflect. The park has a fun children’s area, a sledding hill, a maze, a community garden, a great lawn and a dialed climbing boulder. What began in 2014 is now opening on the 20th of July. If you are in Bozeman, please join Maddy and her team for the grand opening. Public spaces build community. Relaxation rejuvenates. Listen to the peals of laughter as children play. We are better together.

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2 months ago

Mount Vinson at 4892m (16,050’) defines the Vinson Massif, a big plateau that is integral to the Sentinel Range of Antarctica. It’s the high point of the frozen & dry continent. In 1997 Anselme Baud and I were guiding the peak. After the fun we climbed the Western Ice Stream and skied back down. Anselme wrote the guide book for ski descents in Chamonix, France. I was humbled that he asked me to share this adventure. It coincided with his 50th birthday. I was 34 at the time. These images are from that happy day. This coming austral summer I will be joining @madisonmtng and @garrettmadison1 as a guide. Our journey departs 27 December 2019. We have space for four additional climbers. Fun will be had. Water will be melted. We will be cold. We will eat oatmeal. If we are lucky we’ll tag the summit. If this is your cup of tea please take a look at the webpage from @madisonmtng. #🇦🇶🏔 at Vinson Massif

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