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1 day ago

Connie’s Kitchen is on the 🇦🇹slopes this week⛷🏂. A dream weather week that started with some sunshine in the Swiss newspaper @tagesanzeiger on Saturday. For those interested in the culinary snippet, the food critic review read as follows. . 🇨🇭Version: Heinz bekommt eine aufs Dach! Es ist wohl die härteste Bewährungsprobe, die ein Tomatenketchup bestehen kann: Wenn es vor meinen Kindern auf den Tisch gestellt wird, zusammen mit Pommes frites oder sonst einer x-beliebigen Speise – denn Ketchup geht immer. Wieso nicht Heinz, lautet die Frage sofort. Und ich antworte, dass Connie’s Kitchen Ketchup mit Bio-Knospe ausgezeichnet ist. Dass es mit Datteln, Kürbis und Äpfeln gesüsst wird – statt mit Zucker. Und dass es keine Konservierungsmittel enthält. Doch dies interessiert die Kinder wenig, letztendlich entscheidet der Gaumen. Und? Dem Sohn schmeckts. Die Tochter ist aber nur mittelmässig begeistert – was wohl damit zu tun hat, dass sie sonst ja dem Bruder zustimmen müsste. . English Translation: Heinz takes one on the chin! It’s the toughest of tests for a tomato ketchup! Put it in front of my kids with fries or any other food (they put ketchup on everything). “Why not Heinz?” is their immediate question. And then I tell them, that Connie’s Kitchen Ketchup is certified organic (Bio-Knospe). That it’s sweetened with dates, pumpkin and apples – instead of sugar. And that it doesn’t contain any preservatives. But the kids aren’t too interested in that stuff. In the end it’s the taste buds that decide. And, the verdict? My son likes it! My daughter is a bit less enthusiastic, but that is probably because if she said she liked it, it would mean she was agreeing with her brother😉 at Gargellen, Vorarlberg, Austria

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9 days ago

For my catered healthy power-lunch yesterday, I revisited a reliable crowd pleaser. Harissa spiced Quinoa-Couscous-Raisin bowl with red cabbage, apples, feta and roasted nuts. Check out the recipe on my blog (link in bio). Photo credit to one of my satisfied customers @thal_fitfrenchy 👏 at Industriequartier-Kreis 5

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10 days ago

Forget the flowers and chocolate. Spread some ketchup ❤️ this Valentine’s day! Find a store near you in 🇨🇭 (link in bio) or order online @ www.connieskitchen.ch at Switzerland

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13 days ago

Connie’s Kitchen Buddha Bowl: I threw some roasted veggies (sweet potato, cauliflower & mushrooms) together with quinoa, rucola and cherry tomatoes. Sprinkle on some crunchy black sesame seeds & roasted almonds. And a creamy, zesty Tahini dressing (recipe below) brings everything together in a symphony of yumminess😍. What’s your favorite ingredient in this bowl?? . . Tahini Dressing: 3 Tbsp Tahini (Sesame paste), 5 Tbsp natural full fat or greek Yoghurt, 1 Tbsp warm water (add more if needed), 1 1/2 Tbsp Lemon Juice, Small garlic clove crushed, 2-3 pinches of sea salt. Optional: Grated zest of 1/4 organic lemon - 1 tsp date powder at Switzerland

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15 days ago

Fajitas💃🏻 My tip to mums and dads for a quick & easy family meal with some fun factor. My boys get a kick out of assembling their own culinary creations. And using up leftovers is an added bonus👍. On this occasion I used what I had on hand: puréed chickpeas (any puréed beans would do), avocado, peppers, tomatoes, leftover crispy fried tofu for the vegetarian version or leftover steak for the meat option. For convenience I used store-bought fajitas. The whole wheat tortilla version has the best ingredient line, but the smaller corn tacos have a great texture and size for younger kids. The boys topped it off with mama’s organic ketchup🍅. Buen provecho! at Stäfa, Switzerland

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19 days ago

One of the nicest parts of start-up life as a mum, is the opportunity to pass the entrepreneurial spirit (and a never-ending to-do list) onto young minds. Helping out with small jobs, the kids learn skills for the future. And when things don’t go as planned, you can show them that obstacles are a part of life, and an opportunity to retool an idea or a method. In these photos, Jack and his Icelandic buddy Jon have perfected our online Ketchup order system 💪🏻! at Stäfa, Switzerland

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22 days ago

Crafting flavorful food that brings people together makes me happy🤗. Within our families or at work, eating together makes us stronger as a team. . Check out the Connies Kitchen blog for the recipe of this week’s catered lunch: Chili Bean-Chickpea Stew served with fresh Guacamole, Sour cream & homemade Bread #EatTogether at On HQ

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26 days ago

Prior to start-up life in Switzerland, the boys, John and I went on a once in a lifetime ‘Weltreise’ for a year of exploring and family adventures. It was actually on our travels that the idea for a reimagined healthy Ketchup was born. In honor of Australia Day yesterday, the family revisited some of our fondest memories from down under. We loved every bit of our time there - from living in roof tents for 3 months, the wildlife, beautifully remote campsites, great foodie cities, and of course the wonderful Aussies. Happy 🇦🇺 Day! at Sydney Opera House

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27 days ago

Small country - big year! Our neighbour, Liechtenstein just celebrated its 300th birthday🎉. Well good people of Liechtenstein, 2019 is your lucky year🤗. Connie’s Kitchen is now shipping it’s yummy organic, no added sugar goodness to you🍅🌿. Party like it’s 1719🥂. . Order yours on www.connieskitchen.ch (link in bio) #tercentenary at Liechtenstein

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29 days ago

For my vegetarian 🌿catered lunch this week I served up this cold-weather-friendly, chunky stew that packs an awesome flavor punch👊! . Roasted Spicy Pumpkin with Crispy Chickpeas, Coriander and Dollops of Greek Yoghurt served with my Homemade Sourdough Bread. . The pumpkin delivers the slow burning carbs and plenty of fibre that keep your energy levels high and your belly content🤗. The yoghurt and chick peas up the protein🏋️‍♀️ and keep you fuller for longer💪🏻. . In the mad hustle of serving 50+ hungry souls, I didn’t get a 📸, so big thanks to @thal_fitfrenchy for capturing this and enjoying the stew! at Zürich, Switzerland

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1 month ago

I am a HUGE fan of the incredibly juicy @casadelmas.ch oranges and citrus fruits. They say good things come to those who wait, so Boris and the crew wait until the perfect ripeness to pick. These organic crates of ☀️☀️ are then shipped direct to households and collection points all over🇨🇭 . 🍊My Nutrition Tip🍊: Oranges are well known for their vitamin C content which is a powerful antioxidant. What you may not know is that they also contain health-promoting compounds known as flavanones which have anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antimicrobial properties. Flavanones are mostly found in the peel and inner white pulp of the orange, SO.. don’t peel your organic orange too well! Leave some of the white stuff, and grate some of that zest into your sauces, smoothies, and fav dishes for an extra health boost👍 at Casa del Mas

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1 month ago

A luscious day at the Mamalicious market yesterday! We met so many lovely mamas & papas, cool-cat kids, and local businesses on a mission to shake-up the status quo for good! We especially fell in love with two little sisters who kept returning to our stand for another taste while their mama shopped for clothes. They proclaimed that Connie’s Ketchup tasted even better each time they came back😉 👍. They used sustained pester power to ensure their mama left with a few bottles😍. at Heslihalle Küsnacht ZH

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1 month ago

Kürbis-Brot (Pumpkin Bread). Our co-founder Suze is just back from a family Christmas in ☀️Australia, and needed something hearty to ease back into the ❄️Swiss Winter. She turned to the @kidsamtisch App for family friendly recipe inspiration and got baking! Pumpkin is near to our hearts (we use it to help sweeten our Ketchup) so Suze thought she’d give this yummy veggie bread a try. Check out her blog post on www.connieskitchen.ch (link in bio) 📸 @kidsamtisch at Hagendorn, Zug, Switzerland

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1 month ago

This super-simple yet very tasty and nutritious Kale Omelette is quickly prepared and makes a great mid-week meal. It’s also a stealthy way to introduce leafy greens to youngsters in the house. My boys love it with our Ketchup🍅. The eggs and kale deliver plenty of protein, fiber, minerals and vitamins, like Vitamin K which helps in healing and to keep keep eyes healthy! Check out the recipe in our www.connieskitchen.ch blog (link in bio) at Canton of Zürich

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1 month ago

Our Ketchup will be strutting it’s good stuff at the @mamalicious_world market. It’s a meet up and one day market for young families that sells everything for baby, kid and mum to be. Saturday 19th Jan. in #küsnacht . Stop by and taste some goodness🍅🍏. Was ist der @mamaliciousmarket ? Ein Markt und Treffpunkt für junge Familien. Verkauft wird alles fürs Baby, Kind und die werdende Mama – und das zu unschlagbar günstigen Preisen! at Küsnacht / Heslibach

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1 month ago

Red Lentil, Curry & Coconut Stew. In the depths of a snowy winter week, I did my best to warm up 60 souls yesterday with this fresh & flavorful stew. Vegetarian comfort food packed with protein, fiber, slow burning carbohydrates and important minerals like iron which, all together, will help to keep your energy levels up in cold weather. Interesting Nutrition Tip: serving legumes (beans, chick peas, lentils) with lime or 🍋 helps with the absorption of iron. And it gives it a lovely citrusy flavor punch👊!. You’ll find the recipe on the www.connieskitchen.ch blog. 👇Click the link on my profile page. I’d ❤️ to hear your story if you give any of my recipes a go🙌🏼. Please tag me @connieskitchen.ch Thank You! at On HQ

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2 months ago

A very happy Dreikönigstag🇨🇭, 3 Kings’ Day, Women’s Little Christmas🇮🇪, or whatever the 6th January is called in your country🤗. In #Zürich, the snow was replaced by a cold rain, so the Connie’s Kitchen families reunited around the table, enjoying freshly baked #dreikönigskuchen and stories of Christmas adventures in Switzerland and Australia. Wishing everyone lots of luck and good health as you settle back into the routine tomorrow! at Stäfa, Switzerland

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2 months ago

Maybe it’s because I ate lots and lots of chocolate when I was carrying this guy, but he has a seriously sweet tooth! I’m always looking for snacks that are naturally sweet to satisfy that craving. And if you have an Austrian grandma with an apple tree and the time and patience to turn them into a sweet, crunchy, delicious snack - hey presto✨. A super snack worthy of super Mario😉. Calling all mums out there - I’m looking for more wholesome kids snack ideas for the New Year. All inspiration most welcome👏! at Stäfa, Switzerland

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