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@colbytrumps  LAV-8 "Colby" Heather's Choice "BEYONDBOWHUNTING" Reload Rub "Colby" Shield Mountain Outdoors "trumps1"

4 months ago

Amazing rotary! Beautiful video! . @Regran_ed from @matt_galland - | B R O N T O S A U R U S | That’s what I was expecting to see around the corner. To elude all signs of human life is freeing. Unless you need help. In that case it’s a pretty hopeless feeling. I succeeded on this day in finding the rarely, if ever, touched-by-people kind of a place. Please watch right before bed that you may dream of flying;) #wildernessculture #utah #colorado #utahisrad #werutah @gopro #hero7 - #regrann

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4 months ago

2006. 4.5 years old and the best fire fighting dog ever. He worked hard and dug line right beside us. Best fd mascot ever. Miss you kid.

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5 months ago

Rainy day range testing...

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6 months ago

Regrann from @pnuma_official - Archery season is here. We are celebrating by giving away an IconX Baselayer, and seven Merino Beanies. To enter for your chance to win: 1.) Share this post. 2.) Comment below and let us know where you'll be hunting! 🏹🦌 (We'll announce the winners on 09/16) #MoveInTheSpirit // #Pnuma - #regrann

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7 months ago

First tag filled for 2018. Cow called this guy and 2 of his buddies in to play. Really..they stopped and had some fun in a wallow on the way. After about a 30 min mud fest this guy ran the other two off and came to investigate. Yes he is solid with mud and yes it was a stinky mess. #DefeatYourDarkMountain #MoveInTheSpirit #smogamecalls #muzzymovement #carbonexpress #trulyaccurate #suresighted #huntbackcountry #reloadrub #heatherschoice #built2hunt #lav8lifestyle #elk #archery

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7 months ago

Tomorrow is the day... I'm not ready. I hope you are. Bust your butt to camp and make ready! This is what we do and who we are. I have this sweet care package( @smoelkcalls ) broke in and ready. Who's ready to go earn their fill?

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7 months ago

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