2 days ago

u drive me crazyyy

101k 3k
3 days ago

summer ‘19 💙

136k 3k
4 days ago

Which ZODY do you prefer? 😳❤️

509k 191k 15k
6 days ago

I couldn’t hold josh for the life of me😂

145k 2k
7 days ago

Excited to announce that ZODY will be dropping both of our songs this weekend FRIDAY NIGHT at MIDNIGHT! WHOS READY? 🥳 - I wanted to thank everyone for their support recently. It’s been a hard past few months, but we’re all gonna get through it. Just wanted to remind you all that I love you all with my heart. thank u for everything❤️

111k 3k
9 days ago

used to be fighting for your love.. now, we’re fighting over your hair 😂

178k 3k
10 days ago

never thought my life would be a living movie💙

136k 3k
12 days ago

on the road to find u

130k 2k
13 days ago

you’re my whole damn world

163k 3k
16 days ago

being left out, don’t mind me😍😂

202k 2k
18 days ago

Proud of you lexi. I gave her $10,000 to stop juuling. I’m always keeping an eye out for her, always looking out for her health. Keep going strong. Everyone show her some love. It’s hard to stop❤️ @alexaorlove - go to my youtube “cody orlove” to watch the video 🥺

142k 2k
19 days ago

feels like im screaming but no one’s hearing me

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