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@codyorlove  i luv you all so so so so so so much🥺 p.o box - 3610 st. charles, illinois, 60174🥰 youtube: cody orlove l go subscribe pleaseee❤️


19 hours ago

i got to be a cow all day today, and it was one of the best days of my life🤧🐮❤️ - “being a cow for a day” will be uploaded on youtube tomorrow😂

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2 days ago

less likes, more love ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤 - Society today is revolved around the Internet. Teenagers, and kids all over the world are on it. The problem is that everyone needs to learn how to love ourselves and each other not based on likes. people suffer from anxiety, and depression based off of how many likes they get, and they focus on that all day long. I suffer from that as well, but I’m learning as of right now to just be myself, and not try, and to not make it affect my mental health based on how many likes I get. all social media influencers go through this, my friends do, my family does, and many others. this is a post to tell that you shouldn’t care about that, like I said.. less likes, more love. I love you cows with all of my heart, and im so damn grateful for all of you. remember that🥺

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4 days ago

“Hold Up” Coming Soon.. 💔 - Keep in mind, Im not releasing the really good parts obviously, y’all get to hear that when it releases. So, this is a decent part of the song:) Also, The song was being written during all the drama, Zoes okay with it. She’s already heard it, and everything.

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5 days ago

a cow in his natural habitat 😂🐮

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7 days ago

to the best mom ever; Happy Mother’s Day! You’re the best mom I could ever ask for. Every time I need you, you’re there. Every day you tell me to keep going, and to keep working hard. You always tell me how proud you are of me, and it means the world to me to hear you say that. I do everything for you, for our family. I never could ask for a better mom. I owe you everything. You’re the light when I’m in the dark, you’re my happiness when I’m sad. You push me to keep going no matter what’s in my way. I could’ve never worked towards my dream without you. I remember the day I didn’t want to go to school, because I was too afraid of being bullied. And, I told you I was going to stop doing social media, because of how bad I was being bullied. I remember crying to you about it, and you told me no. You told me I have to be myself, and that it’s okay to be different. I could’ve stopped my dream that day, but you changed my mind, and I couldn’t thank you enough for it. You’re always the shoulder I can cry on. I never thought we’d have such a close relationship until I started to grow up, but everything had changed since I was 12/13. You changed my whole life, and I don’t think I could keep going without you. You’re my number 1. I work hard to make you happy. One day, I’ll be making you very proud, and I’ll be taking care of the family to relieve your stress, and anxiety. You’re my everything. Remember that. Happy Mother’s Day❤️ I love you mom😭

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9 days ago

friends❤️ - I’m literally posting this to solve drama between our fandoms, not to cause drama. please stop the hate. it’s so sad going to my comments, and seeing hate. I get it, I shouldn’t get back with someone who hurt me, which is why I am not. Im being friends to be mutual, nothing wrong with that. If anything were being mature about this now. please stop the hate, and show love instead.

10 days ago

flowers make me happy💛❤️

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13 days ago

soft boyyy 🥺❤️

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15 days ago

I’m not that good with girls, but atleast I’m good with puppy’s 🥺🐶

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18 days ago

be yourself 🤪💙 I’m writing this to tell you guys that it’s okay to be different, and not “normal” whatever that word means. always be yourself no matter how anyone treats you, or no matter what they say about you. you do you. nothing is wrong with that. I grew up going to high school, and not being myself, and trying to fit in. It never worked, but I learned myself that I shouldn’t care what others think about me. I should just do me. I dress the way i want to dress, I talk the way I want to talk, I’m silly, and weird, and if that doesn’t make me “normal” than so be it. Im happy being myself😊

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19 days ago

lil kid vibes 🤪

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23 days ago

It felt good to be a kid again:) 🥺☺️❤️

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