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14 days ago

“If I could go back & give myself advice, it would be to ALWAYS include playtime in my work! Make it light, remind yourself of why you love this. Never forget that we’re here for a tiny period. It’s our mission to make the most of it!” — artist Mel Cerri. #InternationalWomensDay

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14 days ago

“As women, we can’t wait around for someone to give us the future we want. We have to build it ourselves. We are strong! We are resilient! And we can achieve anything! Our future is now!” — artist @marlenesilveira #internationalwomensday

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2 months ago

A Coke is a Coke is a Coke. It’s the same for everyone. You can get one if you want it, no matter where you’re from. #TogetherIsBeautiful

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2 months ago

He drinks Coke and she drinks Coke, even though they disagree. And while the bottles look alike, you aren’t the same as me. #TogetherIsBeautiful

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2 months ago

We all have different hearts and hands. Heads holding various views. Don’t you see? Different is beautiful, and together is beautiful too. #TogetherIsBeautiful

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